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Franko’s Map of the California Delta

Franko’s Map of the California Delta Side 1 shows the area from Sacramento on the north to Tracy on the south, and from Stockton on the east to Pittsburg on the west.  It includes the approximately 500 square miles of below sea level islands between the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers.  Included are Ryer Island, Grand Island, Andrus Island, Tyler Island, Staten Island, Brannon Island, Bouldin Island, Sherman Island, Bradford Island, Webb Tract, Venice Island, Empire Tract, King Island, Tinge Tract, McDonald Island, Medford Island, Mandeville Island, Quimby Island, Bethel Island, Jersey Island, Holland Island, Bacon Island, Lower Jones Tract, Lower Roberts Island, Middle Roberts Island, Dreckler Tract, Union Island, Palm Tract, Woodward Island, Victoria Island, Coney Island, Fabian, and more - over 50 major islands in all, plus hundreds of tiny islets.  The rivers, canals and sloughs that meander around and between these islands and the surrounding land includes the Mokelumne, River, Middle River, Old River, Georgiana Slough, North Fork Mokelumne River, South Fork Mokelumne River, Hog Slough, Sycamore Slough, White Slough, Honker Cut, Fourteenmile Slough, Disappointment Slough, Columbia Cut, Whiskey Slough, Trapper Slough, Victoria Canal, North Canal, Grant Line Canal, Connection Slough, Holland Cut, Sand Mound Slough, Dutch Slough, Fisherman’s Cut, Sevenmile Slough, Lindsey Slough, Cashe Slough, Shag Slough, Lost Slough, and many more.  Close-up details of Bethel Island highlight the many marinas and landings there, and its proximity to Frank’s Tract.  An inset detail of Discovery Bay is also show, which shows the numerous bays of the exclusive boaters enclave found there.  There is also a detailed enlargement of the Walnut Grove are, including Locke and Meadows Anchorage.  Two landmark photos appear on the map: number one is Mt. Diablo, which is the Delta’s principle landmark for boaters, as well as the tower at Tower Park marina, which is also a landmark for boaters.  Information on the map include major roads and freeways, railway lines, overhead transmission lines, latitude and longitude lines, city names and boundaries, notable fishing areas and the types of fish regularly caught there, good anchorages, water depths according to NOAA, shoals to be aware of, navigational beacon locations, boat ramps, camping sites, recreational areas (such as windsurfing), bridge locations and their lengths and clearances, and all of the major resorts and marinas.  This map is laid out accurately according to USGS and NOAA data.

Franko’s Map of the California Delta Side 2 picks up where side 1 leaves off in that it details Sacramento and it’s waterways, plus the extensive waterways of Suisun Bay and beyond.  The Sacramento detail extends from Freeport to the south to the Sacramento Airport to the north, including the ARCO Arena, home of the Sacramento Kings.  It shows the city of Sacramento downtown, Discovery Park on the American River, the Sacramento River Deep Water Ship Canal, the Port of Sacramento, and the Sacramento River as it winds north to south.  The Suisun Bay detail not only features Suisun Bay, but it also details Honker Bay, Grizzly Bay and Grizzly Island, The Carquinez Straight, the corner of San Pablo Bay, the lower end of the Napa River, Mare Island, Benicia, Martinez, Vallejo.  Details of the sloughs just south of Suisun City show the extensive marshy area there, including the Suisun Slough, Montezuma Slough, and others.  Similar to side 1 of the map, these inset maps show the fishing areas, types of fish to be caught there, boat ramps, marinas, plus major roads and freeways.  Side two also has a California Delta Events calendar, a Delta Weather chart, featuring air and water temperature throughout the year, Tide Chart Corrections, Delta Area Yacht Clubs, Delta Area Houseboats, Delta Fishing Seasons, Delta Area Marinas, Resorts, Boat Launches & Fishing Piers, plus Franko’s exclusive Delta Area Fishing chart.  This fishing chart shows the fish typically inhabiting the Delta’s 1000 miles of waterways.  They include pictures and information about fishing.  Of note are the black basses, which include the largemouth bass and the smallmouth bass, striped bass, black crappie, American shad, bluegill, carp, steelhead (rainbow trout), king salmon, chinook salmon, sturgeon, channel catfish, and blue catfish.  The chart also features the common crawdad, and the threadfin shad baitfish.  The Delta Area Marinas and Resorts list is a table that shows where these facilities are located on the map grid, plus the amenities that they boast, including guest slips and docks, fuel docks, pumpouts, boat launches, restrooms, showers, restaurants and bars, stores, bait, chandleries, rentals, RV spots, camping, boats repairs, dry storage, and slips.  The phone numbers for each marina or resort is given.

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