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Franko’s Guide Map of Cancun and the Riviera Maya Franko’s Guide Map of Cancun and the Riviera Maya has all kinds of information covering everything there is to see and do in Cancun and the Riviera Maya.  Side One of Franko’s Guide Map of Cancun and the Riviera Maya focuses on Cancun’s hotel zone, downtown Cancun, and the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza.  Side Two of Franko’s Guide map of Cancun and the Riviera Maya focuses on the entire Riviera Maya, and has maps of Isla Mujeres, Playa del Carmen, Xcaret, Xel-Ha Park, and has information on the great scuba diving and snorkeling sites in Cancun and the Riviera Maya. Side One of Franko’s Guide Map of Cancun and the Riviera Maya has a map of Chichen Itza, with the following captions: CHICHEN ITZA  - This Mayan city-state dominated the Yucatan Peninsula during the Classic period (from 500 A.D. to 900 A.D.), during which time the Mayan civilization reached its zenith.  The most impressive building from this era is The Observatory (El Caracol).  Later, in the 10th century, the city was invaded and the invaders constructed another series of buildings, including the famous stepped pyramid known as El Castillo and a ball court.  By the mid-13th century, Chichen Itza was largely abandoned as the center of power shifted to Mayapan (100 km west of Chichen Itza).  To get to Chichen Itza, drive 128 miles (205 kilometers) west from Cancún on Highway 180.  The drive is two to two-and-a-half hours, and the main road is a toll road.  There are signs as you approach the main site of Chichen Itza that will guide you to the ruins. EL CARACOL - "The Snail" is an observatory with a stone spiral staircase inside and doors aligned to view the vernal equinox, the Moon's greatest northern and southern declinations, and other astronomical events sacred to Kukulkan, the feathered-serpent god of the wind and learning. EQUINOX SHADOWS OF KUKULKAN - On the Spring and Fall equinox, at sunrise and sunset, the corner of El Castillo casts a shadow in the shape of the plumed serpent Kukulkan along the side of the north staircase of the pyramid. The shadows of Kukulkan (aka: Quetzalcoatl) slither down the pyramid with the sun's movement. Side One of Franko’s Guide Map of Cancun and the Riviera Maya also has information on transportation in and around Cancun and the Riviera Maya, some of the things to see and do in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, and major attractions in downtown Cancun.  Captions are as follows: HOTEL ZONE BUSES - Public buses in Cancún are very inexpensive and run between the Hotel Zone and downtown from 6am until midnight.  Taxis are also available, but the cost is much higher.  There are designated bus stops all along the Hotel Zone, but you can also flag down drivers and if they can stop safely, they will.  However, buses from the Hotel Zone do not go into downtown but will drop you off at the main bus station at Avenidas Tulum and Uxmal, where you can catch a connection downtown.  DOWNTOWN BUSES - For a trip downtown, from the bus station at Avenidas Tulum and Uxmal, look for buses that say “El Centro”.  BUSES TO ISLA MUJERES FERRIES - To go north to Puerto Juárez or Punta Sam catch a Route 8 from the bus station .  BUSES TO MAJOR RUINS, ATTRACTIONS AND CITIES - The downtown bus station, located at Avenidas Tulum and Uxmal, is where you can purchase bus tickets to all of the major ruins, attractions, and cities.  This includes Xcaret, Xel-Ha, Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Chichén Itzá, Cobá, Valladolid, Mérida, and so on.  Buses to all leave approximately every 20 minutes.  These buses do not make stops all along the way.  To be dropped off at a specific spot along the way, take the Colectivo or Mini-Bus Line (see description below) instead. MINI-BUS LINE (COLECTIVO) - This transportation line runs up and down the Mayan Riviera. Other than the buses, this is the cheapest, best way to travel from Cancún to places south all the way to Tulum. For example, it costs approx. 100 pesos to go from Cancún to Playa del Carmen.  From the main bus terminals at Cancún, the airport, or Playa del Carmen, you can catch a van, but you can also simply walk out to the main highway from any resort, attraction, or beach and stand by the side of the highway and flag down a white mini-bus from any safe, visible spot.  The bus driver will flash his lights to ask if you need a ride.  You tell him where you are going when he stops and hops out to assist you into the mini-bus.  He'll pick up or drop off people anywhere along the way.  Watch for your stop and speak up when you are there.  Pay the driver when you exit his mini-bus. The driver always gets out to open the door for you. Because the Cancún to Tulum highway is the tourist zone the mini-bus service runs every 15 - 30 minutes all day. TAXI SERVICE - If you are willing to trade the much higher price of Taxi transportation for convenience and personal service, then taxis are the way to go.  You can get to and from any resort, the airport, any attraction, or city from Cancún to the Riviera Maya and beyond 24 hours a day.  Taxis range from small cars to Suburbans to mini-buses in size, so you can travel alone or with a group. PARASAILING - This exciting sport is available all along Cancún's beaches and allows participants stunning views of the Hotel Zone by being attached to a speedboat-pulled parachute. SUBMARINE TOUR - Atlantis Submarine tours offers an all-day tour from your Cancún hotel to the Cozumel Atlantis Submarine base station.  Atlantis is a genuine 48 passenger submarine that offers everyone a chance to experience one of the top dive destinations in the world.  Submerging to depths of 100 feet, you will get to see Cozumel's Chankanaab Reef and its myriad of marine life up close without getting wet! FISHING - Cancún is a top destination for sportfishing. The marinas and nearly all the hotels offer fishing tours  You can rent a private boat or go out with a group.  September through February is a good time of year to catch barracuda, grouper, jackfish and kingfish.  February through April you'll reel in kingfish, barracuda, shark, and blue marlin.  April through August you’ll hook blue marlin, sailfish, tuna, bonito and dorado.  Annual catch-and-release fishing tournaments are held here. BOATING - Pleasure boat cruises from Cancún to the Nichupte Lagoon, Isla Mujeres, Isla Contoy, and other destinations are available every day.  Tourists are taken across crystal-clear turquoise waters in modern motor yachts, catamarans, and even sloops.  Some tours include a snorkeling stop, continental breakfast, lunch, and a shopping tour.  Sunset and night cruises go to the beaches of Isla Mujeres or feature pirate or Caribbean shows and include Mexican buffet dinners. SNORKELING, SCUBA DIVING - The Maya Reef, which runs parallel to the coast along the Riviera Maya, is the second longest barrier reef in the world.  The Mexican Caribbean is famous for snorkeling and scuba diving.  Also, the Yucatan Peninsula is full of fresh and salt water holes called "cenotes", which create the world's greatest cave and cavern diving.  HELI TOUR - At El Embarcadero (Kilometer 4)  you can board a sleek helicopter for a breath-taking ride down and around the Hotel Zone for a new view and appreciation of Cancún's beauty.  Wow! PARQUE ECOLOGICO KABAH - This wonderful family spot is a public park with beautiful nature paths through the jungle, a crocodile pit, toucans, monkeys, a pond with turtles and ducks, and a Mayan house, and it is all free of charge. PLAZA LAS AMERICAS - This shopping center will take you away from Cancún and back to your home town mall, complete with Sears, JC Penny, Radio Shack, and Guess.  If you are hungry there's a McDonald's and a Burger King.  If you want to catch a movie then go to the 18-plex cinema. BULLFIGHTS AT LA PLAZA DE TOROS - In downtown Cancún there is a small bullring, La Plaza de Toros, where bullfights take place every Wednesday at 3:30pm.  Introduced to Mexico by the Spanish, bullfighting is now an integral part of Mexican culture. KI HUIC - One of Cancún's oldest and finest handcraft souvenir markets, where you can get just what you need to remember your Cancún vacation forever. Side One of Franko’s Guide Map of Cancun and the Riviera Maya also has information about all of the hotels in Cancun’s Hotel Zone, and information on attractions in and around the hotel zone, with the following captions: CANCÚN BEACHES - Visitors unanimously choose going to the beach as the number one activity when visiting Cancún and the Riviera Maya.  In Cancún there is a strip of sandy beach for 21 km along the Hotel Zone.  The public is welcome everywhere, although there are just a few convenient places to gain access, other than your hotel.  Public Beaches include Playa Linda on Paseo Kukulkán near the Nichupté Bridge. Two km below Playa Linda on Paseo Kukulkán is Playa Tortuga, where the water is calm, but gets deep quickly, making for excellent snorkeling.  A palapa snack bar is here for you.  Playa Chac Mool is south of the Convention Center past Punta Cancún. The water colors here are unbelievable.  The water near shore is shallow for a short 10+ meters, then it drops off into the deep.  The water may get rough at times.  Playa Delfines at the south end of the hotel zone is a favorite of locals, since this stretch has no hotels (yet).  Nichupte sunsets from the parking lot at Playa Delphines are spectacular.  A walk anywhere along Cancún's beach is the best free entertainment in the world. WET 'N WILD (PARQUE NIZUC) WATERPARK - Wet 'n Wild is THE Riviera Maya water park, covering 18 acres with 9 attractions, plus 800 feet (278 meters) of lovely white sand beach.  This is a family spot with a Wave Pool, a Lazy River, and a thrill ride called Kamikaze.  Park Nizuc is the home of Dolphinaris, where you can swim with and interact with dolphins and California sea lions.  To go along with this unforgettable experience, you might want to purchase a personal souvenir video. RUINAS EL REY - Inhabited from the 3rd to 16th centuries, El Rey (The King) are Mayan ruins with a large pyramid, and rock pathways.  A jeweled skeleton found here is thought to be a Mayan king. THE HILTON CANCÚN BEACH GOLF COURSE - Features gorgeous Bermuda manicured fairways, surrounded by a majestic mangrove jungle, full of wildlife next to a beautiful lagoon. AQUAWORLD - Mexico's top marina and tour center offers Cancún and Riviera Maya activities, attractions, and sightseeing from this location.  Aquaworld offers snorkeling, but is most known for scuba diving, including certification.  You can dive Isla Mujeres or the world-class reefs of Cozumel.  You may also book the fishing excursion of a lifetime.  See LAGUNA DE NICHUPTE - This tranquil 12 km (7.5 mile) by 5 km (3 mile) lagoon is fed by fresh underground water and connected to the ocean in two places.  It is the perfect place for renting a small boat, jetskiing, sailing and waterskiing.  This huge lake hosts numerous waterfowl, tons of fish, plus a few crocodiles. PLAZA KUKULKAN - The largest mall on Cancún's coast features stores and restaurants including Ruth's Cris Steak House, 2.02 International Restaurant, Roxanna's Pharmacy, and much more. PLAZA LA ISLA - Shopping plaza with Interactive Aquarium, La Madonna Italian Restaurant, Planet Hollywood, Ultrafemme Jewelry & Perfume, plus other shops, entertainment, and a Venice canal with gondola. INTERACTIVE AQUARIUM - Located at Km 12.5 in Plaza La Isla in the hotel zone, this aquarium, the first of its kind in Latin America, features many species of fish that live in the Caribbean Sea.  Its main attraction is a shark tank where you can have an interactive experience with various types of sharks.  There is also a fantastic dolphin swim program. PLAZA FLAMINGOS - Home to great seafood at Bubba Gump and Margaritaville, Pat O'Brien's, plus Outback Steakhouse, Ultrafemme jewelry & perfume, Roxanna's Pharmacy, and more. PLAZA FORUM BY THE SEA - This popular mall is easily found by the huge Hardrock Café Guitar out front.  It has great restaurants like Rainforest Café and Cambalache, and nightclubs that include Carlos 'N Charlie's, and Coco Bongo.  HOTEL ZONE BIKE PATH - Much of the 25 kilometers of the Hotel Zone main road is paralleled by an off-road paved pathway on the ocean side for bicycling, jogging and walking. THE CANCÚN GOLF CLUB - Cancún's oldest and most prestigious championship golf course is  par 72, with play along Nichupte Lagoon and the unbelievably beautiful shore of the Caribbean Sea. Plaza Mayafair  -This was Cancún's very first hotel zone mall and is recognized by its Mayan rainforest motif.  At night the mall has Mayan music and dance events for free. Plaza Caracol - Beautiful mall with over 200 classy stores for the finer things you want, or souvenirs of your stay in Cancún.  You can also find ice cream, fast food or great restaurants. Punta Cancún Party Center - Cancún's hottest nightlife is in this area, with nightclubs to party at all night long, and convenient malls to find a delicious restaurant.  This location is the middle of Cancún and is next to the Convention Center as well.  A photograph of Cancun that looks like it was taken from way up high in the air has the following  caption:  View from 110 meters high atop Torre Escenica at El Embarcadero. Here are the descriptions of Cancun’s hotels: Imperial Las Perlas - A half-dozen beautiful buildings grace Cancún's softest white sand beach, with tranquil water for swimming and water sports. Holiday Inn Cancún Arenas - All-inclusive resort features restaurant, poolside bar, fitness room, kid's club with game room, and movies. Club Verano Beat - Features big-sized rooms and colorful gardens.  This resort is one of Cancún's most family-friendly hotels. Blue Bay Getaway & Spa - This adults-only resort features a world-class spa, two spectacular pools, seven outdoor whirlpools, swim-up bars, and restaurants. Ocean Hotel - Excellent service with a marvelous view of across the turquoise bay to Isla Mujeres.  Try their Juice Therapy to replenish your body. Aquamarina Beach - Offers an all-inclusive plan, and fun for the whole family, with mini golf, ping pong, beach soccer, water volleyball, and more. Bellamar Condos - All the amenities of home with a kitchen, laundry, and cable TV.  Walking distance to nightclubs, shops, bars and restaurants.  Barcelo Costa Cancún  Four-star beachfront all-inclusive hotel surrounded by tropical gardens and a huge pool area. Oasis Palm Beach  Huge all-inclusive resort on Cancún's calmest beach.  Superb bars and restaurants. Club Internacional - Five-star resort that features sports, games, handicrafts, and complimentary sailing lessons and free use of sailboats. Casa Maya - Hotel and marina where you can fill your day with water sports. The Caribbean Princess – Deluxe accommodations with the added bonus of superb entertainment programs. Elan Resort & Spa - 5-star resort located on a private peninsula. View Mediterrando - Mexican-style rooms, pools, and gardens, plus volleyball. Suites Bellamar - All the comforts of home including a kitchen, plus a sunset view. Sunset Lagoon & Marina - Exclusive Marina with water sports, scuba shop and nautical services. Grand Royal Lagoon - Incredible beach club with personalized attention, and clean, comfortable rooms. Imperial Laguna - An intimate complex of three buildings surrounding a courtyard pool. Suites Sina - Boasts 33 comfortable suites and a friendly staff. Holiday Inn Express - For business or leisure travelers with views all around. Laguna Suites Golf & Spa - Great golf course views and lagoon sunsets. Green 16 - Golf course apartments rented by the day, week or month. Ocean Club - Spring break spot just a 5 minute walk to the taxis or 10 minute walk to the main road buses. Riu Caribe - Features 506 spectacular, luxurious oceanview guestrooms, and an array of restaurants, bars and wonderful facilities. Maya Caribe - Budget beachfront hotel located close to discoteques, restaurants, marinas, and the Cancún Golf Club. Dos Playas - Budget beachfront hotel located right at the corner of the Cancún golf club, and close to all of Cancún's fun. Presidente Intercontinental - Five-star luxury, premiere restaurants, a beautiful beach, even massages on the beach! Ambience Villas - With the largest suites in Cancún, this site is ideal for families and for long stays. Oasis Viva - All-inclusive hotel with five restaurants, a spa with Temezcal sauna, gymnasium, children's pool, and more. Fiesta Americana Villas Cancún - European-plan resort with La Palapa restaurant, fitness center and a kids' club.  Riu Palace Las Americas - 372 deluxe suites, magnificent architecture, and an exceptional level of luxury and comfort. Riu Cancún - Features 560 guestrooms, a sports bar, nightclub, and theater with Riu's famous theme shows. Best Western Clipper Club  Small 4-star hotel with Mediterranean-style buildings. Dreams Cancún Resort - Features Swim with Dolphins and the Explorer's Club for kids.  Surrounded on three sides by the beauty of the Caribbean Sea — the best view spot in Cancún. Hyatt Regency - 295 fabulous rooms, each with a private balcony.  Features the Al Fresco Spa. NH Krystal - Great location, and has a spa, sauna, and gym. Carisa Y Palma - Moderately priced condos on a lovely, calm beach. Miramar Mission - Beautiful lagoon and Caribbean views in one of the most central locations.  This deluxe hotel has three restaurants, a marina, the Batacha nightclub and a humongous jacuzzi. Sunset Royal - All-inclusive resort exchanges benefits with sister hotel, the Sunset Lagoon, just a couple of kilometers up the road toward Downtown on the lagoon side. Le Blanc - This adults-only hotel lives up to its billing as the "All Incredible" resort. Hyatt Cancún Caribe - 500 meters of fine sand beach fronts one of Cancún's finest resorts.  Diners love the renowned Cajun & Creole restaurant, the Blue Bayou. Gran Caribe Real - 479 super 5-star suites await happy Cancún honeymooners and families.  Views of the Caribbean and Playa Linda. Flamingo Cancún Hotel - 260 rooms, kids club, fitness center, great restaurants.  Avalon Bacarra - 'Boutique' resort with pool, massage center, and 27 guestrooms/suites. Avalon Grand - All-inclusive four-star resort close to restaurants, shopping, and nightclubs. Melia Turquesa - Features Rande Gerber Lounge, Maxim Pool Bar, and The Level, a private lounge. Park Royal Piramides - Sports program for adults and kids, gym, spa, and sauna. Sheraton - Tennis courts, mini golf, basketball court, fitness center, and outdoor pool. Fiesta Americana Grand Aqua - Located right next to the fabulous La Isla Shopping Mall. Occidental Grand Cancún - All-inclusive resort hotel is convenient to the Cancún Convention Center, Plaza La Isla, the Interactive Aquarium, Plaza Kukulkan and the beach. Villas Marlin - Offers amazing Caribbean views, and is at a handy location for shopping at Kukulkan Plaza, the largest mall on Cancún's coast.  It also has three pools, groceries & tennis. Barcelo Tucancún Beach - Four-star all-inclusive resort is right in the heart of Mexico's hottest nightlife. Casa Turquesa - 33 suites make for a quiet environment to relax and pamper yourself. The Royal Sands - The Royal Marina offers complimentary sailing lessons, and the resort offers fun programs for your kids too. The Ritz-Carlton - This luxurious hotel features the Culinary Center, the Kayanta Spa, an oceanfront whirlpool, fitness center, and beauty salon.  Ask about the Turtle Camp program.   Crown Paradise Club Resort - Family resort with plenty to keep kids busy including a water park with a pirate ship and 8 water slides, mini golf, nightly entertainment, and more. Le Meridien Resort & Spa - Features the famous Spa del Mar as well as inhalation rooms, saunas, jacuzzis, cold plunge pools, Swiss showers, and a whirlpool tucked beneath a waterfall. Cancún Palace - 601 beautiful guestrooms with private balconies.  Recreational facilities include a spa, an outdoor pool, tennis court, and fitness center. JW Marriott - Features 448 opulent guestrooms, each appointed with a 32" flat-panel LCD television, wireless internet, and private balcony.  Has an A+ spa.  Marriott Casamagna - Features 452 spacious guestrooms, each appointed with a 32" flat-panel LCD television, wireless internet and private balcony. Gran Melia Cancún - Five magnificent Mayan-inspired pyramids host 678 elegant rooms.  The resort features an exclusive 9-hole golf course, and a state-of-the-art spa. Fiesta Americana Condensa - High quality hotel with large contemporary Mexican-style rooms with private balcony, lounges, pool, and gardens. Grand Oasis Resort - The lobby is characterized by hanging plants and an exotic garden.  Also features a spa, land and water sports, a fabulous swimming pool, and golf. Omni Cancún Hotel & Villas - Six-star resort with 351 guest rooms, suites, and villas, featuring a full-service spa and three cascading pools with ocean views. The Royal Mayan - Located in the center of Cancún's finest beach, and right next to the San Miguelito Mayan ruins.  Features five-star amenities. The Royal Caribbean - Five-star resort with elegantly furnished villas, Royal Yacht Club Marina, large swimming pools, a children's pool, and a full service sports center. The Royal Islander - Located on the highest point of Cancún island.  Fully equipped and tastefully decorated villas have everything.  Guests can enjoy the amenities of the neighboring Royal Caribbean and Royal Mayan as well as Club Internacional and The Royal Sands.  Great Parnassus Cancún - Five-star resort for families and couples.  It has 5 pools, 5 jacuzzis, "Treasure Island" water park, "Rain Forest" mini-golf, fitness center, kids clubs, and a movie theatre. Hilton Cancún Beach - The only property in Cancún with its own championship golf course.  Features Wellness Spa, 700 yards of beach, and many land and water sports. El Pueblito Beach - The fine sands of Playa Delphines that extend in front of this property are used by sea turtles to nest.  The hotel has a replica of the Dolores Church, where Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla proclaimed the beginning of the Mexico's independence on the 16th of September 1810. Crown Paradise Club - Family-friendly hotel where kids stay free and parents golf for free at Pok Ta Pok.  Honeymooners get sparkling wine and a room upgrade. GR Solaris Cancún - Visitors enjoy staying and playing at one of three Solaris all-inclusive resort hotels, with live entertainment, family activities and great buffets. Grand Oasis Playa - All-inclusive resort with 388 rooms, decorated in Mexican decor.  Includes a spa, water sports, fitness center, and their famous "Infinity Pool". Condominios Solymar - These comfy condos have two swimming pools (including a kids pool), and are within walking distance of a golf course and Mayan ruins. Condominios Brisas - Luxurious condos located on Cancún's most pristine stretch of white sandy beach, with a stunning view up and down the coast. Royal Solaris & Club Solaris - Members enjoy the largest Cancún all-inclusive resort with 500 rooms in two towers.  Solaris features four swimming pools, a theater with live shows, mini golf, a mini water park, a laguna marina, and a quiet south Hotel Zone location. Condominios Cancún Plaza - This condo-hotel is situated on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and has a fabulous pool and pool bar, plus two restaurants. Hotetur Beach Paradise - All-inclusive resort with scuba lessons in a pool, followed by open ocean dives, a kids club, nightly live entertainment, and a nice honeymoon package.  The Bel Air Collection - You can relax and recharge your mind, body and spirit here, because everything at this fantastic beach hotel is dedicated to your well being. El Manglar - Exclusive lagoon front hotel may be Cancún's quietest spot. Sun Palace - This all-inclusive couples-only hotel, is perfect for honeymooners.  Enjoy all kinds of land and watersports, including parasailing in the breeze above turquoise waters. Villa Nizuk - 30 lovely rental villas with a fabulous view to Punta Cancún. Lahia - Fabulous, luxurious oceanfront condos you can own. The Westin Resort & Spa - Each guest room features a stunning Caribbean Sea or lagoon view.  The resort features the Heavenly Spa, and four outdoor pools. Club Med - This family resort features modern Mexican culture.  Your kids will have a fabulous time at Mini Club Med and Club Med Passworld. The left side of Side Two of Franko’s Guide Map of Cancun and the Riviera Maya shows the coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and the island of Cozumel, comprising the area known as the Riviera Maya and more.  There are many captions describing places along the coast, including descriptions of resorts along the coast.  These resorts are outside of Cancun’s hotel zone and not detailed on Side One.  Descriptions are as follows: ISLA HOLBOX - Just 1,200 people populate this 21.6 square mile island, which is popular to visit for whale shark viewing for divers and snorkelers.  The island is accessed by ferry from the mainland town of Chiquila.  Aerosaab Airlines flies tours from Cancún and has built a small airstrip to accommodate its five-seater Cessna aircraft. ISLA CONTOY - This island became a National Park in 1998.  Supervised eco-tourism and regulated commercial fishing is allowed on and near the island.  Only a few tour companies have permission to bring a maximum of 200 daily visitors to Isla Contoy.  Visitors need to apply for permission to visit the island at the Park offices in Isla Mujeres or Cancún.  Four species of sea turtle including green, hawksbill, loggerhead, and Ridley's-Kemp find a safe haven for nesting on the beaches of the island.  ISLA BLANCA - This remote strip of land is reached in your rental car via a skinny sand road due north of Cancún.  At the end of the road (if you don't get stuck in the sand) there is a public beach.  Along the way a beach club called El Refugio Del Pirata Morgan invites your business to stay for the day (or a night), where you can play on the secluded beach, rent kayaks,go snorkeling, or just relax in the sun.Isla Blanca is known for the best fly and light tackle fishing around.  Just visit www.tarpongcancun. com for more info. EL MECO - 13th to 16th Century Mayan ruins dedicated to Chak, the god of rain and lightning.  The pyramid is the tallest archaeological structure around with a view of Laguna Chakmochuk. CROCOCUN CROCODILE FARM & ZOO - Come and see animals native to the Riviera Maya, including crocodiles, monkeys, boas, deer, parrots, coatimundis, and more.  Located just 31 km south of Cancún on the east side of the main highway, just north of Puerto Morelos. PUERTO MORELOS - Miles of fabulous beach are enjoyed by folks who like the easy going style of Puerto Morelos, the northernmost end of the Riviera Maya.  The water is calm, the snorkeling is great and the sun tanning is world class. THE RIVIERA MAYA extends along the coastline of Mexico's  Yucatan Peninsula from Puerto Morelos in the north to just south of Tulum, and includes the island of Cozumel.  Fabulous weather, long stretches of white sandy beach, clear turquoise waters, and numerous resorts have made it a world famous vacation destination.  The Riviera Maya also includes Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras, Akumal, the Mayan ruins at Tulum, and the fantastic Xcaret and Xel-Ha parks.  Parelleling the coast is the Maya Barrier Reef, the second longest reef in the world.  This and the underground caverns called cenotes make the Riviera Maya a must-visit for the world's scuba divers.  The beauty and magic of the Riviera Maya can't be described - it has to be seen to be believed. PLAYA DEL CARMEN  This city is rapidly growing, and now has ballooned to over 100,000 people.  Playa del Carmen features numerous hotels and resorts, restaurants, and nightclubs, and is home to the dock where a passenger ferry takes tourists to Cozumel. XCARET - This wonderful nature park is a favorite place to visit in the Riviera Maya.  See Xcaret map to the right. COZUMEL - Isla de Cozumel is known to avid divers as one of the top dive destinations, with clear waters, towering underwater pinnacles, and delightful coral gardens.  The island is also one of the world's most busy cruise ship destinations.  Thus, Cozumel has exceptional shops, restaurants, a superb museum, and great lodging.  For details of this island paradise, and all of its world-class dive sites and attractions,see Franko's Map of Cozumel. PUERTO AVENTURAS - 600 acres of jungle & beaches surrounds a golf course and marina, with restaurants, a dive shop (for cenotes or open water), and boutiques.  Big game fishing adventures also depart from this marina. XPU-HA CENOTES - Adjacent to Xpu-Ha beaches and resorts area are five cenotes:  Chikin Ha Cenote is atour-only scuba dive, Kantun Chi Cenote Park has a cave for snorkeling or kayaking, Jardin del Eden Cenote is superb for cavern divers, Cristalino Maya Cenote is a swimming hole, as is Azul Cenote. Akumal ("Place of The Turtle") was part of a huge coconut grove when discovered by a New York Times expedition in 1925.   Diving began here in 1958.  XEL-HA ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITE - Mayan ruins here date beyond 1400 years ago.  This is a key extension of the Maya city of Coba, and was not fully abandoned until the 19th century. XEL-HA LAGUNA & NATURE PARK  This natural lagoon is one of the Riviera Maya's best attractions. See details in the Xel-Ha map to the right. AKTUN CHEN - Nature park with wildlife and a cenote with an astounding walk-in cavern. HIDDEN WORLDS CENOTES PARK - Home to some of the most stunningly beautiful cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula.  Attractions include the SkyCycle, zip lines and rapelling, and incredible snorkeling and cave diving.  CENOTE DIVING - The world's best cave diving is concentrated in the area between Akumal and Tulum.  Fresh water slowly drains through porous limestone to the sea through the largest cave systems on earth.  Descriptions of the favorite 10 cenote dives appears in the upper right corner of this map, and a general description of the cenote and cave system make-up is to the left.    TULUM RUINS - Mayan ruins at this seaside defensive site date from 564AD to 1450AD.  See Tulum Archaeological Site details to the right. EXCELLENCE PLAYA MUJERES - Luxury adults-only all-inclusive resort on two miles of beach, with a marina, world-class spa, and a golf course. Moon Palace Sunrise and Moon Palace Nizuk - This resort complex boasts 2,031 rooms, 10 restaurants, and the biggest pool in Cancún. Azul Beach Hotel - Intimate all-inclusive 'boutique' resort with 98 rooms, restaurant, bar, pool, and more. Desire Resort & Spa - All-inclusive couples-only resort featuring a wide variety of activities, entertainment, land and water sports. Paradisus Riviera Cancún - Five-star all-inclusive resort with three pools, clubhouse, spa, fitness center, children's clubs, and more. Excellence Riviera Cancún - All-inclusive adults-only luxury resort featuring 6 pools, 8 restaurants, 10 bars, and a world-class spa. Hacienda Morelos Hotel - Small 30-room hotel with pool, restaurant, bar, and a great location on a white sandy beach. El Dorado Royale - Elegant beachfront adults-only resort featuring 9 restaurants, 12 bars, and a world-class spa. Hotel Grand Mayan - Beautiful beach with family snorkeling and a dive shop, plus an immense pool,  and the Brio Spa. Iberostar Paraiso Lindo Hotel - Five hotels, a shopping center, spa, 2 discotheques, convention center, and a golf course. Maroma Beach Resort - Quaint hotel with the famous Kinan Spa. Catalonia Playa Maroma Hotel - All-inclusive hotel complete with restaurants, spa, discotheque, pools, and fitness center. Secrets Maroma Beach - Adults-only luxury with gourmet cuisine, spa, and many amenities and entertainment options. H10 Hacienda Maya - All-inclusive with a spa, ocean-front pools, water sports, diving center, and nightly shows. Fairmont Mayakoba - Sprawling five-diamond luxury resort with a spa, golf, restaurants, and numerous pools. Hotel Capitan Laffite - Private and secluded all-inclusive resort with a dive shop, kayaking, horseback riding, and restaurants. Occidental Grand Xcaret - Activity-filled all-inclusie gives complimentary day pass per stay to Xcaret Park. Aventura Spa Palace - Luxurious adults-only resort with a botanical garden, fine dining, water sports, and more. Catalonia Riviera Maya - All-inclusive hotel with five swimming pools, tennis, shops, gym, and a children’s club. Barcelo Maya Beach Resort - All-inclusive resort with gym, discotheque, children's club, and much more. Xpu-Ha Palace Resort - Luxurious resort with good food, a spa, an expansive pool, and a kids club. Club Maeva Xpu-Ha - Family resort with animals for you and your kids to feed. Colonial Palladium Grand Resort & Spa - 5-star all-inclusive resort. Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya - All-inclusive 5-star luxury family resort. Akumal Beach Resort - All-inclusive resort on a beautiful beach. Grand Oasis Riviera Maya - All-inclusive with mini golf, and shows. Freedom Paradise Resort - 3-star all-inclusive on a long beach. Azul Blue Hotel - All-inclusive resort featuring private beach, spa, as well as numerous activities and facilities. Also on the left side of Franko’s Guide Map of Cancun and the Riviera Maya is a map of Isla Mujeres, with the following descriptions: ISLA MUJERES - 7 kilometers long and 650 meters wide, and a population of 13,000.  Transportation on Isla Mujeres consists primarily of taxis, golf carts and scooters.  There is a Mayan temple at the south tip of the island, however in 1988 Hurricane Gilbert caused extensive damage.  Isla Mujeres is popular with day trippers, who visit the famous Hidalgo Street, with its shops and restaurants, and the famous beach called Playa del Norte (aka Coco Beach).  Hacienda Mundaca  After retiring from pirating and slave trading in 1858, Fermin Mundaca dedicated years plus his entire pirate's fortune to build home and garden for his beloved "La Triguena" (The Brunette), who was only 21.  However, she ran off with a man her own age.  Mundaca died alone in Merida insane.  You can visit his gardens and a small zoo, plus see his empty grave, including a skull and crossbones marker which Mundaca carved for himself. Lighthouse - The southern end of Isla Mujeres is the high spot in Quintana Roo at 140' (42m).  For a tip the lighthouse operator might allow you up for an incredible view. Mayan Temple - Dedicated to Ixchel, the Mayan Goddess of Fertility, these beautiful ruins have been worn by hurricanes. El Garrafon - The famous reef is perfect for snorkeling.  Walk to the lighthouse, Mayan ruins, and sculpture park.  Try their Zipline flight or Bungee jumping. Tikin Xic - (Pronounce Teekeen Sheek) At Playa Lancheros you can get Tikin Xic, a wonderfully prepared fish. Sea Turtle Farm - Sea turtle eggs are collected, incubated and hatched, then the little turtles are released into the sea by children.  Dolphin Discovery - Interact with amazing dolphins face-to-face.  A 20-minute boat ride over the world's most beautiful turquoise waters from Cancún's Playa Langosta gets you there.  Visit Side Two of Franko’s Map of Cancun and the Riviera Maya also has a depiction of a cross-section of a Cenote, the underground caverns found along the Riviera Maya, many of which are scuba diveable. Side Two of Franko’s Map of Cancun and the Riviera Maya has maps of Tulum Archaeological Site, Xel-Ha Park, and Xcaret Park.  Each map has descriptions, which are as follows: For Tulum Archaeological Site: TULUM - Mayan ruins at this seaside defensive site date from 564AD to 1450AD.  It was abandoned in the 16th Century, but the local Mayans continued to come to burn incense and pray until the late 20th century when too many tourists drove them away. For Xel-Ha Park: XEL-HA - This natural lagoon is one of the Riviera Maya's best attractions.  You can float down a freshwater river into a turquoise lagoon, where you can snorkel amongst tropical fishes.  The lagoon is surrounded by a jungle full of trails and caves.  All-day admission includes excellent buffets (the food is exceptional!), snorkeling gear, bicycles, walking paths, marvelous Riviera Maya scenery and history, and all the fun you could want.  Swimming with dolphins is an unforgettable experience, but it costs extra. CHILDREN'S PLAYGROUND - Children enjoy hours of fun with a wading pool, and a playground area complete with swings, slides, rope maze, rope ladders, and a wooden playhouse. ROPE BRIDGE - People laugh as they try to traverse a rope bridge across the blue river water.  No one seems to be disappointed when they fall in. CLIFF OF COURAGE - Accessible both from the water and from the footpath.  There are two places to jump from 5 meters high.  After one exhilarating leap into the refreshing river, you might want to do more. START OF TUBING RIVER – Most visitors to Xel-Ha Park walk the jungle path to this point, where you get a single or tandem clear float tube to cruise down the river, laughing and splashing all the way. ROPE SWING - Youthful people swing out over a cenote tributary and then drop (or flop) into the cool cliffside water. JUNGLE CANOPY VIEW - A short path leads to a suspended platform where you can get a bird's eye view of birds and the jungle from the tree tops. FLOATING BRIDGE - Built to connect the main service area to jungle paths, this bridge is fun to walk across.  Watch for fish and rays under the bridge. SNORKELING - Enjoy getting wet and seeing the local sea life right in front of you.  Under the bridge a number of very large fish hang out.  Since fresh water is flowing into the sea, the layer of fresh water may blur your view, but if you can submerge a few feet, the clarity is great.  SEA TREK TOUR - Take a half-hour walk along the seabed, wearing a technologically advanced helmet and enjoy the fascinating underwater world.  No previous training is required. SNUBA TOUR - A combination of snorkel and scuba equipment allow you to breathe underwater easily and experience the myriad of sea life in Xel Ha.  All you need is snorkeling experience. BUFFET RESTAURANTS - Included in the price of admission, you will enjoy amazing and delicious buffets.  You can have a great lunch and dinner at Xel-Ha, if you time your visit right. DOLPHIN SWIM - Two programs are available, one for 30 min. and the other for 60.  You can get to know these wonderful creatures through contact, games, and other activities. KAYAK - Enjoy the fun and exercise on a sit-on-top kayak on this beautiful lake. BICYCLING - Grab a cruiser-style bike and ride on paths through the Riviera Maya jungle. GREEN IGUANA - The Mayan Riviera and the resorts of Cancún are crawling with beautiful green iguanas.  They live on flowers, fruits, and leaves.  In the past local Mayans found the iguana was quite delicious, but since it tastes like chicken, most people today just buy chicken.  Iguanas are timid creatures, however a few big specimens approach visitors in hopes of a fruit treat. For Xcaret Park: XCARET - This wonderful park easily has enough to keep you busy all day, or for two days.  Water  activities include snorkeling tours, snuba diving, Sea Trek, and exploring underground rivers.  You will also enjoy an aquarium, deer, jaguars, numerous extraordinary shows, swimming with dolphins, an 80-meter tower, and much more as shown on this aerial map.  Also features Xpa, Xcaret's Spa. ORCHIDS & MUSHROOMS - Learn about the cultivation process of the Pleurotus mushroom, an edible and very tasty mushroom.  There are 89 species of exquisite, local orchids in this amazing greenhouse. AVIARY - Filled with hundreds of bird species, some of which are in danger of extinction. MAYAN VILLAGE - At this replica of a Mayan village, you see how Mayans citizens lived on the outskirts of the magnificent temple grounds in their ancient world. JAGUAR ISLAND - Telescopes are provided for viewing these magnificent animals. BUTTERFLY PAVILLION - The first butterfly nursery in Mexico, and one of the largest in the world.  Visitors are enchanted by the beautiful insects flitting all around. UNDERGROUND RIVERS - Xcaret boasts two underground rivers where you can float along with snorkel gear for as much as one kilometer with six exits, with the last exit being at the sea.  Visitors discover ancient sink-holes, caves, rock formations, and fossils, lit intermittently with sunbeams from overhead cave entrances. SNUBA TOURS - Learn to breathe underwater tethered to a scuba tank that is on a boat.  Expert guides take you twenty feet deep to view the underwater life.  Make a reservation when you arrive at Xcaret. DELPHINIUS XCARET DOLPHIN SWIM - Swim with dolphins in paradise.  There are programs for kids too.  On March 28, 2008 baby dolphin "Sayab" was born - the 21st consecutive successful birth at this facility.  It's a girl! SEA TREK TOURS - All you need is your swimsuit, as you wear a helmet that lets you breathe underwater.  Your hair doesn't even get wet. SEA TURTLES - Turtles are hatched here, tagged, and released after one year. AQUARIUM - See what scuba divers see in this picture-perfect Mexican Caribbean aquarium. XCARET SCUBA DIVE - Experienced, novice or non-divers can experience the local reefs.  Diving equipment provided. DELPHINIUS RIVIERA MAYA DOLPHIN SWIM (outside the park - no park admission) SPIDER MONKEY ISLAND - Watch these athletic, funny primates while they act and behave as if they are in the wild. MAYAN RUINS - Xcaret was a Mayan settlement in the late (1400's) Post Classic period and a dozen structures have been excavated. PARADISE RIVERBOAT - This short excursion takes you on Paradise River and Jungle Trails where you'll see howling monkeys, deer, macaws, and iguanas. TLACHCO THEATRE - Come to Xcaret Spectacular Night at the endof the day for a pre-Hispanic ball game and Mayan songs and performances by 300 artists.  This is the finest folklore, culture, music and regional dance show in Mexico.  You will love it. SCENIC TOWER - The 72-passenger rotating tower gives you a breathtaking view of this wonderful paradise called Xcaret from 80 meters above. Occidental Grand Xcaret Resort - This all-inclusive resort is indeed "GRAND", with every amenity, a lovely, calm beach, and a location convenient to the Riviera Maya.  To top it off you will receive a complimentary pass to Xcaret.  Also featured on Side Two of Franko’s Map of Cancun and the Riviera Maya is a map of Playa Del Carmen and Playacar.  This map has the following captions: Grand Coco Bay – Perfectly located all-inclusive resort with a wedding chapel. Hotel Shangri-la Caribe - Tropical garden paradise in a family-owned hotel on a perfect beach. Las Palapas Resort - Beach bungalows and tropical garden palapas with all amenities including scuba diving. Mamitas Beach Club and Kool by Playa Tucan - These are Playa del Carmen's most popular beach clubs. The Royal Hotel - Fabulous adults-only resort known for excellent hospitality and luxury. Gran Porto Real - Exquisite 5-star hacienda-style resort with views all the way to Cozumel. Nightclub Zone - Along Calle 12 from the beach to 10th Avenue. 5th Avenue (Avenida 5 Norte) - Also called La Quinta, this is the main tourist street, along which many great restaurants and hotels are located, plus unlimited shopping for all kinds of Riviera Maya souvenirs.  The street is closed to vehicle traffic from Calle 32 in the north, to Calle 1 Sur in the south. Playacar Palace - All-inclusive resort is just steps from Playa del Carmen. Xaman-Ha - Privately owned condos with perfect location next to Playa del Carmen. Fisherman's Village - Small beachside condo resort just a 10-minute walk to Playa del Carmen, with the amenities of a Riviera Maya megaresort. Reef Club - A series of small villas surrounded by beautiful tropical flowers and palms on a white sand beach. Riu Palace Riviera Maya - Luxurious all-inclusive resort with activities for families, including kids' pool and playground. Club Viva Azteca - Has a sun terrace, jacuzzi, two tennis courts, a gym with sauna, and even a special area for kids. Allegro Playacar - Fabulous family-friendly resort, with many activities for children of all ages. Royal Hideaway - Luxury adults-only resort famous for spa treatments. Riu Playacar - Entertainment includes  Riu's famous theme shows, plus restaurants, and facilities at sister properties within the Riu complex.  Club Viva Maya - Archery, bicycling, dancing,  eco-tours, fishing, fitness, golf, horses, kayaking, live shows, scuba, snorkeling, swimming pool, and tennis. Riu Palace - Restaurants, bars, watersports, spa and beauty treatments, two main pools, children's pool, fitness room, and two tennis courts. Riu Yucatan - Features many entertainment options, sports activities, a spa, gym, and free introductory scuba lessons. Iberostar Tucan/Quetzal - All-inclusive resort comprised of two hotels with a tropical forest between them. Sandos Gala Playacar - Highlights include indoor theater, adults-only private pool, and free water sports. And last but not least, Side Two of Franko’s Map of Cancun and the Riviera Maya has all of the descriptions of the scuba diving and snorkeling sites in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, which are as follows: FAVORITE CENOTE DIVE SITES: CENOTE CARWASH - Located along Coba road, this crescent-shaped lagoon has two wooden platforms that extend into the water, making for easy entry and exit.  This fabulous cenote has a huge cavern entrance, crystal water, the "Room of Tears", and delicate soda-straw formations.  However, a high level of skill is required to penetrate beyond the sunny entrance. CENOTE DOS OJOS - This is the second largest underground cave system in the world.  "Dos Ojos" means "two eyes" and refers to a pair of neighboring cenotes which connect to each other and to an enormous shared cavern. Exploration of Dos Ojos began in 1986 and it has still barely been explored.  Mere words cannot describe the magnificent formations, flowstone, stalactites, stalagmites, and columns that you will find. CENOTE ESQUELETO (TEMPLE OF DOOM) - Discovered in 1986, many thousands of feet of passageways have been mapped.  The walls and floor are white.  You can swim along a guideline that leads to a T-junction.  If you go right, you will enter the Colliseum Room, if you go left you will enter a huge cavern called "The Fang".  Caution:  Don't park and dive here unless you can arrange for someone to watch your vehicle while you are down. EL GRANDE CENOTE - Accessed via a 20' (6m) rickety wooden ladder and platform to a lily pad-covered dive entrance, this is a collapsed cavern, with the center filled in.  Dive around the perimeter amongst huge columns, stalactites, stalagmites, flowstone, and other interesting formations. MUNDO ESCONDIDO CENOTE - This site is rather difficult to get to, and once you're there, you have to lower yourself and your equipment down a 20' (6m) well shaft.  If you can do it you will be rewarded with clear water and incredible limestone formations, just discovered in 1987. NOHOCH NAH CHICH CENOTE - Discovered in 1987, this is the world's largest cave system with 40 miles (64 km) of cave passages explored to date.  The name is Mayan for Giant Bird Cage.  The caves have gigantic hallways, and a lifetime of exploration possibilities.  You and your equipment will have as much as an hour trek through the jungle to get here, but if you do it you will enjoy one of the world's most unique and interesting dive sites. CENOTE HO-TUL - Accessed by a difficult hike through the jungle, this site is great for photography due to the thousands of columns ranging from humongous to soda straw-size.  Many miles of passageways have been explored and it is all fascinating. CENOTE PONDEROSA - Accessed via a tough 13' (4m) drop to the water, this cenote connects to several others, and is famous for a 300' (90m) cavern called "The Pool Hall".  You will find five different freshwater tropical fishes here.  Located on private property, so expect to pay a fee. CENOTE VACA HA - This fabulous cenote has not been as extensively explored as many others, and only a few thousand feet of passageways have been mapped, but there are beautiful columns and clear water, making this a very rewarding dive.  CENOTE TAJ MAHAL - Easily accessed via cement walkway and platform from the parking area.  The highlight is a beautiful room with a huge airspace where three holes allow beams of daylight to penetrate the cavern.  First discovered in 1995.  You don't want to miss this one.  FAVORITE RIVIERA MAYA DIVE SITES: PUNTA MAROMA  To 100' (30m) Swim to a shallow reef for beginners or snorkelers, or boat dive outer reefs for experienced divers. MOOKCHE - Shallow and sheltered, this easily accessed site has fantastic snorkeling amongst the numerous coral heads. CHIMENEA  66'-100' (20m-30m)  This is an extremely interesting spur and groove reef with numerous swimthroughs.  Bring a torch. XCARET - The lagoon is great for beginners.  Xcaret reef is close to shore and very beautiful, but seldom dived except by park visitors. MATANCEROS  10'-33' (3m-10m)  Quite possibly the best dive site along the Riviera Maya, Matanceros is fantastic for both scuba divers and snorkelers, thanks to the wreck of an 18th Century Spanish galleon.  The ship's cargo is on display at the Maritime Museum in Puerto Aventuras. AK 100 FEET  80'-100' (25m-30m)  A deep dive characterized by strong currents and coral heads spaced apart with sand chutes between. TORTUGA CANYONS  30'-42' (9m-13m)  Similar to AK 100 Feet, with many pelagic fishes.  An occasional bull shark will get your attention. GROUPER CANYONS  62'-140' (19m-42m)  This deep dive has a mini wall in three sections, which start at 60' (18m), 110' (42m), and 140' (42m).  This is also a spur and groove reef.  Explore the gullies to find rare species such as the spotted drum and harlequin pipefish. SAILFISH REEF  62'-92' (19m-28m)  Interesting coral formations, and many bright colored sponges and sea fans.  There is a good chance of seeing pelagic species at this site.  TWO COCOS  60'-130' (18m-40m)  Divers investigate a mini wall with two separate coral blocks that host numerous sponges, corals, and fishes.  MIKE'S MAZE  60'-130' (18m-40m)  This reef has large coral heads separated by sand chutes.  A huge variety of fishes are found at this site. CANYONLANDS  69'-110' (21m-33m)  Divers explore many canyons cutting through the reef, creating passageways and gullies. PARADISE DEEP  80'-140' (25m-42m)  This popular reef features excellent coral growth and brightly colored sponges for divers to photograph.   FAVORITE CANCÚN DIVE SITES: CHINTALES  6'-20' (2m-6m)  This hurricane-damaged reef is regenerating with elkhorn coral, encrusting gorgonians, and purple sea fans.  Since it is visited daily by the Nautilus tourist submarine, divers and snorkelers should look out. EL BAJITO  3'-17' (1m-5m)  The current sweeps around Punta Cancun, so divers either drift along in the deeper water or stay shallow on the inside to enjoy the myriad of fishes with the snorkelers. CUEVEÑOS  17'-30' (5m-9m)  Accessed from shore, this site is great for scuba or snorkeling.  A large undercut reef resembles caves and is popular with nocturnal divers who like to see the resident green moray eel, plus octopus and reef squid. THREE LOST DIVERS  40'-55' (12m-17m)  Beware of strong currents and open ocean surface swells at this exposed dive site - it is named for three divers who one day were swept by a strong current from one of the reefs to the south and found this reef by accident.  The reef is narrow and over half a mile (600m) long, but in a good current you might cover it in minutes. PUNTA NEGRA  45'-55' (14m-17m)  This flat seabed has a long mini-wall full of marine life to intrigue divers. CUEVAS DE AFUERA  40'-66' (12m-20m)  Long thin strip of reef features hundreds of meters with mountainous star coral, sea fans and sponges. EL TUNEL  45'-55' (14m-17m)  Currents make a nice drift dive over this narrow, low reef with small tunnels and swim-throughs.    SAN TORBIDO  40'-55' (12m-17m)  This reef extends perpendicular from shore and has an undercut mini wall with colorful sponges. EL GRAMPIN  45'-55' (14m-17m)  Moderate currents feed this low-lying reef nurturing numerous seafans, staghorn corals, and brain corals. LA HERRADURA  20'-55' (6m-17m)  This is a natural fish nursery and is best for diving Nov. - Apr.  when there are photogenic juvenile fishes.  SAN MIGUEL  45'-66' (14m-20m)  This reef runs parallel to shore and has beautiful large brain corals hosting delicate Christmas tree worms. ARISTOS  50'-71' (15m-22m)  This ancient reef has beautiful corals and sponges, but is particularly notable for a great nocturnal dive.  PUNTA NIZUC  75'-100' (23m-30m)  Currents can be strong on this large donut-shaped patch reef.  Sea whips, sea fans, and arrow crabs are on the reef while grouper and barracuda cruise by.  Bull sharks occasionally are seen patrolling the deep.  NIZUC REEF  40'-60' (12m-18m)  Many colorful sponges, snapper, grunt, gobies, and blennies await you here.  There is excellent coral growth.  The shallow waters inside this reef make for a good place to snorkel.

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