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Franko’s Map of Channel Islands National Park & National Marine Sanctuary
Side 1 of Franko’s Map of Channel Islands shows the Santa Barbara-Ventura Coast with the five islands (San Miguel Island, Santa Rosa Island, Santa Cruz Island, Anacapa Island, and Santa Barbara Island) in fabulous green shaded relief to show their hills and valleys, as they sit in an ocean of descending blue contours.  Shaded relief accuracy is via USGS data, and ocean depth contours are from NOAA data.  A brief summary description of each island, with beautiful underwater wildlife photos are also shown on side 1, along with Franko’s Kelp Forest Creatures, depicting dozens of local undersea critters.  This map is sometimes referred to as the Channel Islands Dive Map, because it shows the locations of the Channel Islands National Park’s favorite, famous dive spots.  Channel Islands is a fabulous place.  The surrounding waters have marine wildlife seemingly rivaling an African safari in scale.  The islands are wonderful to hike, camp and explore.  Near shore each of the islands offer amazing and diverse places to scuba dive and snorkel.  The dive sites located and described on this map could keep the most avid scuba dive interested and occupied for life! 
Side 2 of Franko’s Map of Channel Islands shows each of the five Channel Islands in the National Park and National Marine Sanctuary individually.  San Miguel Island, just below Point Conception, is detailed with it’s trails, the famous caliche forest, sand dunes, Cuyler Harbor, Prince Island, and Point Bennett, the most concentrated Pinniped (seals and sea lions) rookery on earth.  11 favorite dive spots and the best anchorages are also shown.  Santa Rosa Island is detailed with its many winding trails.  Details including the Torrey Pines forest (the only other such forest in the world is in San Diego), Becher’s Bay, and several wrecks that surround the island are shown.  Over a dozen dive spots are located and described.  Tiny Santa Barbara Island is detailed, including its ecological reserve, sea lion rookery, trails, coves, a blowhole, and a museum.  Dive sites include several popular caves, and the famous Archway are located and described.  The largest of California’s Channel Islands, which is Santa Rosa Island, takes up the most space on the map as it spans from Scorpion Anchorage on the East to Fraser Point on the West.  It >s numerous good anchorages are shown, as are it’s favorite scuba diving spots.  Painted Cave, the world’s largest sea cave, is located on the northwest shore.  Part of Santa Cruz Island is National Park property, and part of it is run by the Nature Conservancy.  Anacapa Island, which actually consists of three islets, East, West and Middle Anacapa Islands, is shown with its popular landing site, Landing Cove, where tourists commonly land, climb 138 steps up the plateau top, and visit the lighthouse and Western gull rookery.  Arch Rock dominates the East end, and is a famous landmark.  Another tourist stop is Frenchy’s Cove, the only public landing spot on the island.  Ecological reserves, brown pelican fledgling area, and a natural area surround the island, keeping it pristine for visitors and divers to explore.  Side 2 also provides the visitor with information about the official concessionaires to the Channel Islands National Park, including Island Packers, Truth Aquatics, and Channel Islands Aviation.

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