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Franko's fish cards are stiff, laminated plastic, with a hole for a lanyard. Take it snorkeling or scuba diving with you! Size of Fish Cards: 5.5" x 8.5"

FM-FISHCOZ (Laminated $5.99)


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The first of a series of Caribbean Reef Creatures fish cards is this one of Cozumel.  On side one there are fish - lots and lots of colorful, tropical, Caribbean fish, plus invertebrates, sponges, and corals.  There are over 100 species shown.  There are big fish like the nurse shark, tiny fish like the blue chromis, and middle-size fish like the princess parrotfish.  There are fat ones like the blue parrotfish, skinny ones like the trumpetfish, sleek ones like the cero, box-shaped ones like the spotted trunkfish, round ones like the spotfin butterflyfish, wide ones like the eagle ray, and much more.  Then there are colorful sponges and corals.  The cutest one of all may be the seahorse.  The scariest thing on the card is probably the fire coral.  The list is almost like a top-100 of favorite critters in Cozumel waters.  Technically, all of these fish are depicted on side two of this fish card.  On side one the main feature is a mini-map of Cozumel, taken from Franko’s Map of Cozumel.  It shows the names and locations of Cozumel’s principle dive sites, plus a few more fish (there wasn’t enough room on the other side of the fish card for all of them!).

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