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Franko's fish cards are stiff, laminated plastic, with a hole for a lanyard. Take it snorkeling or scuba diving with you! Size of Fish Cards: 4" x 6"

FM-4X6FISHREDSEA (Laminated $3.99)


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Franko's Egyptian Red Sea Reef Creatures Guide shows nearly 100 species of fish on this 4"x6" waterproof card in an underwater coral reef setting. The fish card is hole-punched to hang from your dive gear or to be stored in a dive log.After years of reading about it, diving in the Red Sea is the experience of a lifetime. I never expected to find so much material for a Egyptian Red Sea Reef Creatures fish card, but the diversity and abundance of the wildlife is amazing. The warmth and clarity of the water guarantee an exceptional dive in an exotic location, and it's an amazing alternative to a typical tour of Egypt and Red Sea resorts.Bring your snorkel mask and your SCUBA qualification card, and get ready for one of the world's most unusual reef dives!
The list of fish and other coral reef creatures on this card includes:Sohl Tang (Red Sea Clown TangScrawled FilefishOrangestriped TriggerfishWhite Spotted Eagle RayWhitemargin UnicornfishBroomtail WrasseCoral GrouperGreat BarracudaJuvenile SpadefishCircular Spadefish (Batfish)Lyer (Lunar) Tail GrouperBumphead ParrotfishNapoleon (Humphead) WrassePeacock GrouperBluebarred ParrotfishRed Sea ParrotfishBrown Marbled GrouperBird WrasseBullethead ParrotfishCheckerboard WrasseShaoor EmperorRusty ParrotfishLongnose HawkfishForster's HawkfishJewel DamselMoon WrasseBlack Spotted SweetlipsWhite-Spotted PufferfishDay OctopusZebra PipefishStarry PufferfishTwo-Banded AnemonefishGlasseyeSea UrchinSabre SquirrelfishAnemoneGiant ClamHurgatha StarSea CucumberYellowtail SurgeonfishRed Sea Sailfin TangRedback ButterflyfishBlackback ButterflyfishRed Sea Raccoon ButterflyfishYellowfin SurgeonfishSergeant MajorRed Sea Chevron ButterflyfishBluecheek ButterflyfishChevron ButterflyfishThreadfin ButterflyfishEmperor AngelfishVagabond ButterflyfishLined ButterflyfishPeppered ButterflyfishLong-Nosed ButterflyfishBlacktail ButterflyfishSmall ParrotfishArabian (Asfur) AngelfishJuvenile Arabian (Asfur) AngelfishYellowbar (Halfmoon) AngelfishRing Tailed CardinalfishCornetfishBluegreen ChromisArabian Picasso TriggerfishOrange-Lined TriggerfishBlack-Masked PufferTitan TriggerfishRed Sea BannerfishBlue TriggerfishHumbug DacylusFlashlight FishRed Sea AnthiasSea HorseSea GoldieGreen Sea TurtleYellowstripe GoatfishCoral HawkfishGlass FishGiant Moray EelSuez FusilerSnowflake Moray EelGarden EelBlue Spotted RayJawfishDacylusFire DartfishLionfishHalf-and-Half ChromisLeopard FlounderClearfin Lionfish

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