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Franko's Guide Map of Hawaii, The Big Island
Franko's Guide Map of Hawaii, The Big Island, With Things to See and Do is exactly as the name implies - a guide and a map of the island all in one! The beautiful 3D island, with green shaded relief of Hawaii's massive volcanoes sloping down into Hawaii's turquoise waters, which is characteristic of Franko's Maps. The descending hues of ocean blues around the island provide space for description of everything you need to know to get the most out of a trip (or a lifetime) on the Big Island of Hawaii. There is no paid advertising on this map, but it still tells you where to go, what to do, and who can help you by providing a service or adventure.
The map has been in the works for a very long time, and it is the fourth in a series of Franko guide maps for the Hawaiian Islands. Franko's Guide Map of Hawaii adds to the ever-growing list of Franko products for the Hawaiian islands. The Big Island of Hawaii now has Franko's Dive Map of Hawaii in both the folded form (printed on durable, waterproof synthetic paper), and the flat laminated form (perfect for a countertop or wall); Franko's Hawaii Fish Card, which features a mini-map of the Big Island, plus over 80 of Hawaii's beautiful and exciting reef creatures; and now Franko's Guide Map of Hawaii, which features the island on side one and then close-ups of Volcanoes National Park, Hilo Town, Kailua-Kona Town, and the Kohala to Kona Coast detail. The Dive Map, which features the same basic map, is in its fifth edition by the time the Guide Map has at last been finished and produced in July, 2006. Therefore, the details and techniques of this Hawaii map are quite advanced, even on the premier edition. Having traveled extensively and experienced so much that Hawaii has to offer, Franko and friends have compiled over 9000 words for this one map! In fact, it suffices as a guide book! I like to tell people that if they study this map (especially a laminated map on the dining room table), it will somehow magically cause them to go there. Many people have tried this, and it works! So, you should study every word that is on this map. Learn all about the Big Island and you will invariably find yourself making some kind of plans to get there. It is just too attractive!
I've compiled the wording of all of the captions for things to see and do on Hawaii, The Big Island below. Of course, there is nothing like seeing the picture so you can better understand the wording, so it is recommended that you skip over these paragraphs and just get one of the maps in your hands and then read it. However, if the magnificent Big Island is calling out to you right now to read and learn all that you can, then be my guest and read on. I've come to know Hawaii quite well, and so these details are rather good, if I do say so myself. I hope you enjoy them too, and most of all, enjoy Hawaii, The Big Island. There is no substitute for just going there. So go! GO!
SIDE ONE of Franko's Guide Map of Hawaii
Side one of Franko's Guide Map of Hawaii shows entire island in beautiful shades of Hawaiian green, as it sits in the middle of the vast North Pacific Ocean. The island looks like an emerald piercing through the ocean blues, which descend with depth, out to 18,000+ feet deep around the island. The Big Island's giant volcanoes, some still bursting with lava is so high that snow often caps the tallest peaks, Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa. The island is so big and so diverse, and this guide map of Hawaii helps you to understand that magnitude. Franko's descriptions appear in captions all around the island, capturing the essence of what Hawaii is all about. The many things to see and do on the Big Island are described in detail, and are highlighted with pictures and icons to give you a feel of what the real Hawaii is all about. One of my favorite details is on the green map itself. You can look at the map and see the volcanic lava flows that have occurred over the last 200 years. When you drive around the island with this map in your hands, you can look to see just when that huge lava flow you are driving past came in molten form down the slopes of the Hawaii's volcanoes. This map has the main roads and highways all around the Island of Hawaii, so you won't get lost or confused. For closer details when you are in Kailua-Kona, Hilo, the Kona Coast or Volcanoes National Park, you will need to refer to side 2 of Franko's Guide Map of Hawaii. But meanwhile, the following paragraphs are taken from the map. These are the words of the sites that are shown on the map itself:
HAWAII VOLCANOES NATIONAL PARK Encompassing 333,000 acres from sea level to the 13,679-foot summit of Mauna Loa, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park has the world's largest and most active volcanoes. Kilauea is an erupting volcano with glowing molten lava flowing to the sea, where steam has exploded out of the crashing waves continuously since 1983. The grayish shading on side 1 of this map shows the extent of lava flows from Mauna Loa and Kiluaea over the last 200 years, and the yellow and orange shadings on the Kilauea detail on side 2 indicate the eruptions of just the last few years. You can drive through the park and get a glimpse of the fresh, black lava fields, fuming steam, scenic crater vistas, and short hikes. However, it really takes days to explore the park well. Seeing a real lava flow may be a hike of several hours, safe conditions permitting. The shortest, easiest and safest exploration begins at the Kilauea Visitor Center at Park Headquarters. Then tour the Volcano Art Center & Museum, the Hawaiian Volcano Observatrory, the Jaggar Museum, and the world famous Volcano House. Refer to details of Kilauea Volcano with its trails and sights on side 2 of this map.
BLACK SANDS BEACH Next to the fine volcanic sand at Black Sands Beach (Punalu'u Beach Park), there are tall, graceful coconut palms, a freshwater estuary, and hawksbill turtles grazing on the algae along the offshore rocks. This protected habitat for the hawksbill turtles is also a snorkeling and scuba diving spot full of colorful corals and reef fish. Surfing is good on summer's south swells, but the current can be very strong. Don't join the food chain!
MAUNA LOA TRAIL Extremely challenging 7.5-mile hike from the lookout to a cabin at Red Hill, 10,035 feet high, and then 12 miles more to the primitive Mauna Loa summit cabin, where the sub-arctic climate can make you freeze, and snowy whiteouts happen all year. The round trip is a 4-day ordeal with registration at the visitor center required.The trail begins where Mauna Loa Road ends. (808) 985-6000.
POHO'IKI BAY For all divers, from beginner to advanced, as well as for snorkelers, this is the best shore dive on this side of the Big Island. It boasts an incredible variety offish and invertebrates, plus both green and hawksbill sea turtles. It is also a favorite surf spot for the locals, especially when summer south swells kick up.
LAVA TREES In 1790 a lava flow rolled through the forest here leaving some strange tree molds.
ONIZUKA CENTER FOR INTERNATIONAL ASTRONOMY Mid-level observatory and Visitor Information Station is located at El. 9200' (2803m)
SKI HAWAII By organizing rides to the summit, Big Island skiers and snowboardersenjoy four to six feet of "pineapple powder" sporadically from Dec. to May. The view isunbelievable!
LAUPAHOEHOE POINT BEACH PARK A 1946 tidal wave took the lives of 20 kids and 4 teachers here. It is now a beautiful memorial park.
OBSERVATORIES 11 nations have super telescopes to peer into space on Mauna Kea. The world's largest is the Keck Telescope. Also at the 13,796 ft. (4205 m) summit is the “Cairn of Rocks” footpath from which you have a 360 degree view. At 13,200 ft. you may hike 1/2 mile off the road to Lake Waiau, one of the world's highest lakes. The altitude makes Mauna Kea's summit approximately 42 degrees F (23C) cooler than sea level. It freezes at night, and often snows. This area is remote, rugged and dangerous for novice hikers. For a tour call Mauna Kea Summit Adventures. (808) 322-2366
THE HAMAKUA COAST The sugar industry history here dates from the late 1880's. For a Hilo to Hamakua Heritage Coast Drive Guide, call (808) 966-5416
WAIPI'O VALLEY Was once a valley of Hawaiian kings. The mouth of the valley is a black sand bay. The valley sweeps 6 miles inland between near-vertical cliffs. Enjoy the incredible view of this lush, sacred valley from the Waipio Valley Lookout at the end of a road beginning in Honoka'a. Once the home of thousands, now only a few dozen inhabitants tend their gardens, fish the bay and live in the old Hawaiian way. You can hike in, or call the Waipio Valley Shuttle at (808) 775-7121 for a 4-wheel drive tour, take the Waipio Valley Wagon Tour (808) 775-0958, a mule-drawn surrey, or ride horseback to Waipio waterfalls with Waipi'o Ridge Stables, LLC. (808) 775-1007.
WAIMANU VALLEY'S MULIWAI TRAIL This is a backpacking adventure into a huge, hidden valley, which could be mistaken for Eden, were it not for the mosquitoes. If it is raining, forget it, because of flash flooding. Permission and campsites are managed by the Division of Forestry and Wildlife. (808) 974-4221
KOHALA MOUNTAIN SAFARI The same Hawi company that does the Flumin' Da Ditch tours will also take you on a trip into remote, wild Kohala in a Hummer. (808) 889-6922
FLUMIN' DA DITCH North Kohala has irrigation ditches from the sugar cane industry days upon which you can take a tame float on an inflatable kayak. (808) 889-6922
POLOLU VALLEY LOOKOUT Jaw-dropping, spectacular viewpoint at the end of the road past Hawi.
BIRD WATCHING Although Hawaii is the endangered bird capital of the world there are extraordinary birding opportunities on The Big Island, including Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and Mauna Kea's Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge, the first such refuge for forest bird management, plus the Hilo Ponds by the airport.
KOHALA COFFEE MILL & TROPICAL DREAMS ICE CREAM First rate ice cream (like Tahitian vanilla), 100% Kona coffee, plus macadamia-nut tortes, lilikoi bars, Hawaiian honey and Hawaiian gifts are for sale. It is all good! In Hawi, off Hwy. 270.
ATV TOURS Take a ride to some of Hawaii's out-of-the-way places, from mountains to sea. For North Kohala tours contact either Kuku'i ATV and Adventures at (808) 775-1701, or ATV Outfitters Kohala at (808) 889-6000. Cowboys of Hawaii at Parker Ranch will take you out onto the range on motorized ATVs, or on hooved ATVs. (808) 885-6755
PARKER RANCH Once the world's largest cattle ranch, is where the paniolo (cowboy) tradition began in 1809. Enjoy the Parker Ranch Museum and Visitor Center, ATV and equestrian tours, plus big game hunting excursions on the open range of the vast Parker Ranch. (808)885-7311
PU'UKOHOLA HEIAU This sacred temple was built by King Kamehameha I in 1791, after a priest predicted the king would unify the islands. The phophecy was finally fulfilled in 1810. Pu'ukohola means "whale hill". This is a National Historic Site with a visitors center. (808) 882-7218
HAPUNA BEACH Locals and tourists alike regard this as the best beach on the Big Island. It offers great swimming, superb bodyboarding when the surf is up,and spectacular sunsets. Hapuna Beach State Recreation Area has parking and facilities.
MAUNA LOA'S MOST SPECTACULAR ERUPTION The 1950 eruption of Mauna Loa'sSouthwest Rift blasted lava out of a 12-mile long fissure all at once. The lava roared tothe sea in just 4 hours. This is the most powerful eruption ever witnessed on Hawaii. Mauna Loa has been erupting and building for over 700,000 years, and it reached the ocean surface 400,000 years ago. It is by far the world's biggest mountain, rising 32,000 feet from the sea floor.
MILOLI'I BAY Great diving to 65' depth (20m). Tide pools to explore, plus wharf or sand and rubble beach entry for great snorkeling over shallow pahoehoe lava. Small coral outcropping are full of tropical fishes in this Marine Life Conservation District. Caution: Boat traffic, currents and surf.
BIG GAME FISHING The largest charter boat fishing fleet in Hawaii is located in Kailua-Kona at Honokohau Harbor. Hawaii's massive volcanoes block the northeasttradewinds to provide year-round fishing in calm blue seas with deep ocean waterslocated close to the shoreline. Fishing begins just moments after leaving the harbor.Kona is the one place in the world where novice to expert anglers are most likely tocatch the fish of a lifetime. Exclusive or share boat charters are available for half-day to full-day trips. The following charter boat operators will provide a safe high quality fishing experience:Capt. Pete Hoogs or Capt. Teddy Hoogs on the 38-foot "Pamela" (808) 936-4970Capt. Kevin Nakamaru on the 37-foot "Northern Lights" (808) 960-1549Capt. Scott Fuller on the 50-foot "Tara" (808) 960-5000Capt. Tim Hicks on the 39-foot "Illusions" (808) 960-7371Capt. Gene Vanderhock on the 39 foot "Sea Genie II" (808) 325-5355Capt. Jeff Fay on the 37-foot "Humdinger" (808) 936-3034Capt. Marlin Parker on the 43-foot "Marlin Magic",or the 54-foot "Marlin Magic II" (808) 960-1713Note: You may be calling the skipper at sea on a cell phone. If the boat is hooked uphe will call you back.
BIG GAME HUNTING The Big Island has some of the best big game hunting groundsin the world. To hunt for Hawaiian boar, goats and sheep or for the 14 game birdsfound on the 175,000 acre Parker Ranch from sea level to 8000 feet, contact PatrickFisher of Parker Ranch Hunt Club at cell (808) 960-4148. For world record class Konaturkey, pheasant or quail, plus goat, pig or sheep, contact big game hunter Eugene Yapat South Point Safari (808) 322-3201. A certificate of completion of a Hunter SafetyCourse, and a Hawaii hunting license is required. Dogs, vehicles and firearms are provided.
HAWAII DIVING There are famous dive sites with boat moorings, as well as beautifulshore entries for scuba and snorkeling all along the Kona, Kohala and Kawaihae Coasts. The leeward side of the Big Island has great diving all year. Hawaii has fabulous, colorful rocky reefs full of corals and over 400 species of fish. Over 100 of these species are endemic to the Hawaiian Islands, and some occur only in Big Island waters. The visibility is usually excellent, and the water is generally warm enough all year for only a light wetsuit. There are many dive operators to take you diving. One of the best scuba diving experiences in the world is night diving to see manta rays on the Kona Coast. There is also good diving on the Hilo, or windward side of Hawaii. There a diver can find dozens of green sea turtles and a myriad of fish in relatively untouched reefs. Highlights of the Big Island's extraordinary dive sites are shown on this map. However, details of all of the Big Island's great diving and snorkeling locations can be found on Franko's Dive Map of Hawaii.
SNORKELING / SAILING TRIPS Most visitors to Hawaii do not leave the island before seeing the underwater world. Aa great example would be taking a snorkeling trip to the Marine Life Preserve at Kealakekua Bay. Mornings are usually better as the trade winds pick up all day. Tour operators and dive shops take snorkeling groups to the bay and other spots via catamaran, zodiac, and power boats. See a dive shop or activity center to sign up.
GUIDED NATURE ADVENTURES Hawaii Forest & Trail has eight different Nature Adventures to remote and pristine natural areas. They include Kohala mule trail rides, Mauna Kea summit & star watching, Kilauea volcano hikes, birdwatching, and spectacular waterfall hikes. (800) 464-1993 or (808) 331-8505 Hawaiian Walkways has guided hiking tours to amazing places that include Waipi'o waterfalls, Kilauea Volcano, Saddle Road and their Kona Cloud Forest Botanical Walk. (808) 775-0372
OCEAN KAYAKING Almost anyone can get into an ocean kayak and enjoy a paddle on The Big Island's leeward side. Kayaks can be rented at Kailua or Kealakekua, or in front of the King Kamehameha Kona Beach Hotel. A beautiful eight-mile intermediate paddle goes from Honokohau Harbor to Kekaha Kai Beach Park. Hilo Bay is also a great place to paddle. Serious paddlers enjoy the challenge of the Hamakua Coast on the windward side of Hawaii.
WINDSURFING Anaehoomalu Bay (“A-Bay”) on the Kohala Coast has a trade wind which curls around the island and blows you toward shore, rather than taking you out to sea. This is ideal for learning to windsurf. Ocean Sports at the Marriott Waikoloa Beach Hotel will get you started. (808) 885-5555 Experienced windsurfers can go to Hilo Bay and Puako.
WHALE WATCHING In Hawaii, the best whale watching is from December through April, when the migrating humpback whales spend their time frolicking and rearing calves in Hawaiian waters. However, from Kona you can go whale watching at any time with Captain Dan McSweeny's Year-Round Whale Watching Adventures. Captain Dan finds pilot, sperm, false killer, melon-headed, pygmy killer, and beaked whales, plus spinner dolphins. Departures from Honokohau Harbor. (808) 322-0028
BIG ISLAND MOUNTAIN BIKING According to the Big Island Mountain Biking Association in Hilo (, Hawaii has world-class mountain biking, and that alone is worth a trip to the Big Island. Several bike shops rent bikes. Good rides include:Volcanoes Ride only on paved roads within the National Park. No offroading allowed!Kilohana Trail Begins between mile markers 44 and 45 on the Saddle Road and ascends 6.6 miles to a lookout point at 7446 feet, where the view is endless.Kulani Trails Eucalyptus and fern grove at the Waiakea Arboretum south of Hilo.Mana Road From the Mauna Kea access road, you can ride around Mauna Kea and down to Waimea, on 45 miles of mostly downhill dirt road.Old Puna Trail (Beach Road) Ride 5 miles along 1830's coastal Beach Road from Kaloli Point to Haena Beach. Nene's nest at Haena, and Monk Seals sometimes haul out.Pine Trees Just south of the Kona Airport.Walua Road 3-mile paved trail south of Kailua-Kona with ocean views.
HORSEBACK RIDING and PANIOLO ADVENTURES TOURS The Big Island has a long equestrian history with its vast ranchland. The horses live in paradise! Visitors can enjoy being cowboys and ride with the Paniolos in the Waimea countryside at:Parker Ranch, The Cowboys of Hawaii will give you a ride back in time on the largest ranch in Hawaii (808) 885-7311Paniolo Adventures (808) 889-5354, Ride the rolling green patures of North Kohala.Kahua Ranch (808) 882-4646, An evening of paniolo “talk story” and barbeque dinner, music, dancing, roping, stargazing and more, plus ATV tours.Kohala Na'alapa Stables (808) 889-0022, Ride Kahua Ranch land in fabulous North Kohala..Waipio Na'alapa Trail Rides Two hours of gorgeous tropical valley scenery with guides well versed in Hawaiian history. (808) 775-0419DaHana Ranch (808) 885-0057 Open range rides on American quarterhorses. Four rides daily, seven days per week.King's Trail Rides, Tack & Gift Shop 4-hour trips, with an hour of snorkeling in Kealakekua Bay at the Captain Cook Monument. (808) 323-2388
BIG ISLAND HIKING Hiking opportunities, as well as CAMPING on Hawaii are numerous. For Hawaii Volcanoes National Park contact (808) 985-6000, and refer to the Kilauea Detail on side 2 of this map. For information on Pu'uhonua O Honaunau National Historic Park, contact (808) 328-2288. For permits & information from the State Division of Forestry and Wildlife, call (808) 947-4221. Or call the Sierra Club at (808) 959-0452.
BIG ISLAND GOLF COURSES AVAILABLE FOR VISITORS TO PLAYWITH TEE TIME NUMBERS:Big Island Country Club Mamalahoa Hwy., Kailua-Kona (808) 325-5044Discovery Harbour Golf & Country Club Naalehu (808) 929-7353Francis H. Brown Golf Courses Mauna Lani Resort, Kohala Coast (808) 885-6655North Course & South CourseHamakua Golf Course (9 holes) Honokoa (808) 775-7244Hapuna Golf Course Mauna Kea Resort, Kohala Coast (808) 880-3000Hilo Municipal Golf Course Haihai St., Hilo (808) 959-9601Kona Country Club Kailua-Kona (808) 322-2595Ocean Course & Mountain CourseMakalei Hawaii Country Club Hawaii Belt Dr., Kailua-Kona (808) 325-6625Mauna Kea Golf Course Mauna Kea Beach Dr., Kohala Coast (808) 880-5400Naniloa Country Club (9 holes) Hilo (808) 935-3000Seamountain Golf Course Punaluu (808) 928-6222Volcano Golf & Country Club Volcanoes National Park (808) 967-7331Waikoloa Resort Courses Waikoloa Resort, WaikoloaBeach Course (808) 886-6060 King's Course (808) 886-4647Waimea Country Club Kamuela (808) 885-8053Waikoloa Village Golf Club Melia St., Waikoloa (808) 883-9621
SIDE TWO of Franko's Guide Map of Hawaii
Side two of Franko's Map of Hawaii, the Big Island shows close-ups of Kona & Kohala Coast, including a zoom-in on Pu'uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park (otherwise known as “City of Refuge”); Kailua-Kona to Keauhou, plus Kailua Kona Town; the Hilo Area plus downtown Hilo; and Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Starting with the left side of the map and working around the details, the following words appear on the face of Franko's Guide Map of Hawaii.
KONA & KOHALA COASTAs can be seen on side one of Franko's Map of Hawaii, the Big Island, the western coast of the Big Island is called the Kona Coast, and the Kohala Coast is to the north of the Kona Coast. Many things to see and do are detailed along these coasts one side two.
TWILIGHT AT KALAHUIPUA'A At 5:30pm on every Saturday before the full moon at the Mauna Lani Resort, the family-style Hawaiian culture of a previous era is celebrated with song, dance and “talk story”. (808) 885-6622
ANCIENT HAWAIIAN FISH PONDS Polynesian aquaculturists built shoreline ponds to harvest fish. Excellent examples are at the Marriott Waikoloa Hotel.
DOLPHIN ENCOUNTER Dolphins are everywhere in Hawaiian waters. An up-close encounter can be enjoyed at Dolphin Quest (808) 886-2875, a marine research and education center at the Hilton Waikoloa Village.
KOHALA COAST PETROGLYPHS Hawaii's petroglyphs are messages from antiquity. They appear at 135 sites on six islands, but most are on the Big Island. The 233-acrePuako Petroglyph Archaeological District, above the Mauna Lani Resort, has the largest concentration of these stone etchings. Along the 1.5-mile Malama Trail you'll find 3000 designs, including dogs, turtles, chickens, families, paddlers, marchers and dancers. The King's Shop at the Waikoloa Beach Resort, gives a free petroglyphs tour. (808) 886-8811 At the Kona Village Resort visitors, including those in wheelchairs, can explore the Kaupulehu Petroglyphs, and have a guided tour to the finest images in Hawaii. (808) 325-5555. Please, do not touch!
KOHALA COAST GRAFFITI (shown with photograph) Visitors use sun-bleached whitecoral to create messages that reflect the "Aloha Spirit" on the black lava along the roadside north of the airport.
CIRCLE ISLAND TOUR All-day guided tours in luxury motorcoaches and mini buses are available in both English and Japanese. Contact Jack's Tours (808) 961-6666.
OCEAN SPORTS ADVENTURES Catamaran tours, snorkeling adventures, whale watching, kayak excursions, scuba dive trips and sunset sails are available. Contact a local activity center or any ocean sports center or dive shop for reservations.
ATLANTIS SUBMARINE TOUR (shown with photograph) View coral reefs and marine life aboard a real submarine that descends to a depth of 100 feet (30m) right in Kailua Bay. For reservations call (808) 329-6626.
ELLISON S. ONIZUKA SPACE CENTER This museum at Kona International Airport is named for the Hawaii-born astronaut who perished with 6 others aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger in 1984.
NATURAL ENERGY LAB The Hawaii Ocean Science & Technology Center utilizes OceanThermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) to generate electricity and fresh water from the sea. Franko worked on the original OTEC project here in 1980.
MANTA RAYS NIGHT DIVE This is one of the best diving experiences in the world. Kona Coast divers shine bright underwater flashlights, which attract plankton which in turn attracts giant manta rays, weighing up to half-a-ton with a 14' wing span. However, they are gentle and graceful, and a thrill to watch. Contact a scuba shop or activity center to find out if the manta rays are around.
KOLOKO-HONOKOHAU PARK This National Historical Park has ancient shelters, heiaus, petroglyphs, a fishpond, burial grounds and a spring-fed pool, and covers 1200 acres. (808) 329-6881
HULIHE'E PALACE The Daughters of Hawaii invite you to a historical Hawaiian palace. This former summer retreat for island royalty is now is home to the personal possessions of Hawaiian monarchs. It was built in 1838 and remodeled in the 1890's by King Kalakaua.
KAILUA-KONA LUAUS:Island Breeze Luau A popular Big Island luau is on the historical Ahu Ena Heiau grounds at Kamakahonu Bay. The "Royal Court" arrives by canoe. Performances include a Fireknife Dance. (808) 326-4969
Kona Village Luau The ceremony begins with the unearthing of the pig after cooking all day in the heated rocks of an underground imu. The Polynesian buffet and a cultural revue are in the Hale Ho'okipa Place - a Polynesian village. (808) 325-5555.
Drums Of Polynesia Fast-paced musical journey through Polynesia and her islands. Includes lei greetings, Imu ceremony, and a huge Polynesian buffet in an oceanfront location, where the sunsets are amazing. (800) 919-8333
MAGIC SANDS Kona's best bodyboarding is at White Sands Beach, the site of the annual Magic Sands Bodysurfing Contest. Find good surfing at "The Banyan" just north of the beach, where the ancient Hawaiians surfed.
BIG GAME FISHING Internationally known as the “Marlin Capital of the World”, the Kona Coast has big game fishing at its finest. Here you can catch Pacific blue, black and striped marlin, tuna, mahimahi, sailfish, swordfish, ono (wahoo), ulua (giant trevally), barracuda and kahala (amberjack). Anglers sometimes catch “granders”, a marlin that weighs over 1000 pounds! On Kailua-Kona's Waterfront Row there is a fisherman's “Wall of Fame” with photos honoring anglers who've hauled in some of the largest fish in the world.
KONA COFFEE Hawaii is the only state in the U.S.A. that commercially grows coffee. Coffee lovers claim that there is nothing quite like freshly roasted 100% Kona Coffee. Tour the Kona Coffee Belt along Hwy. 180 and Hwy. 11 between Holualoa and Honaunau. Coffee makes a wonderful souvenir from your Big Island visit.
KEALAKEKUA BAY UNDERWATER PARK This is one of the favorite spots to visit on the Island of Hawaii. Kealakekua Bay is a common site for boatlaods of tourists to swim and snorkel in pristine waters. Kayakers enter the bay at the Old Wharf on the south side and paddle to the Captain Cook Monument at the north end of the bay. There they park their kayaks and hike, swim and snorkel. This monument commemorates the site where Capt. Cook was killed by Hawaiians in 1779. The entire bay provides good snorkeling for visitors of all ages.
PLACE OF REFUGE Historically, Pu'uhonua o Honaunau was a place of refuge for defeated warriors or people accused of breaking a Kapu (Hawaiian law). It is one of The Big Island's favorite visitor sites. It is a wonderful spot for a picnic and to reflect on Hawaii's history. When visiting, please do so with respect, because this extraordinary site is sacred.
HONAUNAU BAY Right next to Place of Refuge is Hawaii's most diverse, accessible, and excellent shore dive site. The array of fish is just astounding! Snorkelers and scuba divers enter the water on a convenient lava rock feature called "Two Step". Dolphins are common in the morning, and turtles are there all of the time.
This map on side two of Franko's Map of Hawaii, the Big Island shows a close-up of the area between Kailua Kona and Keauhou, and another inset shows a close-up of Kailua-Kona Town.
KAILUA-KONA TOWN This is not only the major tourist center for the Big Island, with the Kona Airport just up the highway, but it is also the major cruise ship destination. People love Kailua-Kona because it is blessed with warm and dry weather, thanks to towering volcanoes holding back the moisture-laden tradewinds. Kailua-Kona has great shopping, wonderful luaus, restaurants, world-class resorts, hotels, plus Hawaiian history and culture. Numerous tours and activities are based here, and the town is a good point from which to explore and experience Hawaii, The Big Island.
This map on side two of Franko's Map of Hawaii, the Big Island shows a close-up of the area around the city of Hilo, and another inset shows a close-up of downtown Hilo.
HILO Hawaii's second largest city is said to be "The Soul of the Big Island." Hilo is a major cruiseship port of entry, and boasts an international airport. There are great hotels, shopping and restaurants on Banyan Drive fronting Hilo Bay. Tall mountains and tradewinds create lush, green tropical rainforest weather, also making Hilo the rainiest city in the United States. Hilo's paradise has historically been interrupted by natural disasters including tsunamis, volcanic earthquakes, and near-miss lava flows.
ONOMEA SCENIC DRIVE Four miles of the “old road” shows you lovely Onomea Bay, and some of Hawaii's most lush valleys.
HAWAII TROPICAL BOTANICAL GARDEN If you've visited Eden you would have an idea of how beautiful this garden is. Between the crashing surf and the thundering waterfalls, these 40 acres have the world's largest collection of tropical plants.
LELEIWI BEACH Hilo's best shore dive has six lava arches, large coral heads, green sea turtles and dolphins. Good for snorkeling or scuba.
MAUNA LOA MACADAMIA NUT ORCHARD & FACTORY Visitor Center - Home of the original Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts. Free admission and samples.
PANAEWA RAINFOREST ZOO The only outdoor rainforest zoo in the U.S.A., featuring rainforest creatures from around the world.
IMILOA ASTRONOMY CENTER OF HAWAII Extraordinary,modern new planetarium for visitors and locals to enjoy one of The Big Island's greatest assets - a look at our Universe. Hawaii boasts the world's greatest astronomical observatories. This center brings the view and a wealth of knowledge right to you.
LYMAN MISSION HOUSE & MUSEUM Missionaries from New England came in 1832 and built this house in 1839. It is the oldest wooden house on the Big Island. Upstairs is the Island Heritage Gallery. Next door is the Earth Heritage Gallery with its mineralcollection. The Lyman Museum is located at 276 Halai St. (808) 935-5021
RAINBOW FALLS This 80 ft. (24m) falls spills into a natural pool surrounded with wild ginger. Morning sunshine makes beautiful rainbows in the mist. Legend is that Hina, the mother of Maui, lives in the cave behind the falls. Upstream is BOILING POTS, whichare bubbling rapids as the river races toward the falls.
AKAKA FALLS One of Hawaii's most scenic waterfalls is seen via an easy paved path through the rain forest and down to an observation point. The view of the 442 ft. (135m) Akaka Falls is gorgeous, especially after a heavy rain. Nearby Kahuna Falls cascades 400' (124m), but it is a more difficult walk with many stair steps.
BANYAN DRIVE Huge banyans thrive in Hilo's rain. Planted in the 1930's by celebrities, such as Amelia Earhart & Babe Ruth.
LILIUOKALANI GARDENS The largest formal Japanese garden outside of Tokyo has bonsai, carp ponds, and pagodas. Coconut Island has a palm that measures recent tsunamis.
NAHA STONE 14 year-old King Kamehameha moved this 2.5-ton stone, and later fulfilled the destiny of he who moved the stone as the one to conquer andunite the Hawaiian Islands.
PACIFIC TSUNAMI MUSEUM Experience Hawaiian hospitality as docents take you thru exhibits with dramatic pictures, videos and amazing survivor accounts of Hawaii's devastating tsunamis. 130 Kamehameha Ave. (808) 935-0926
HILO FARMERS MARKET This is the best farmers market in Hawaii, right downtown on Wed. and Sat. only!
This map on side two of Franko's Map of Hawaii, the Big Island shows a close-up of Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The artwork on this detail is rather stunning! Not only is there green shaded relief showing the downslope of the volcano as it extends to the ocean, but the undersea itself has blue shaded relief, indicating the lava shelf and undersea cliffs as they actually are. The most recent few years of lava flows are shown in ever hotter colors (reds, yellows and oranges) accurately showing the flow of lava down the flank of Kilauea from the Pu'u O'o vent, which has spewed out lava continuously since 1983. This extraordinary detail of Kilauea as depicted by yours truly (Franko) is a work of scientific art. Having personally explored Kilauea Volcano at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and having gathered every kind of information about Kilauea, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and so forth, I can attest that this is easily the coolest representation I've ever seen of this park, and maybe any National Park. I love it! Thank goodness for super cool computer technology to help me “paint” my maps! Last February I and my wife ventured to the very end of Chain of Craters Road. After a considerable hike at sunset, from a distance we were able to watch the lava flow down the huge slope, glowing brilliantly in the dark. Wow! Before dark the huge steam plume could be seen billowing into the humid atmosphere. Across the sky at cloud level a long plume of volcanic smog, or “VOG” extended from Pu'u O'o across the lava fields toward the sea. In had heard that this plume represented some 2000 tons of sulfur dioxide and other noxious gasses every single day. Now I understood what the distant colorful sky that I have sometimes seen while on the island of Oahu must have been. I thoughtI was in L.A. smog, but instead it was Kilauea VOG! This map detail is a summary of what is in and around Volcanoes National Park, particularly around the Kilauea Caldera. The details are as follows:
HAWAII VOLCANOES NATIONAL PARK, HOME OF PELE Since ancient times Kilauea has been revered as the home of Pele, the sacred fire goddess who is the living deity ofHawaii's volcanoes. Pele controls the limitless powers of creation with her molten strength and unearthly beauty. Since 1983 Pele has continuously created new land, pouring lava from Kilauea's Pu'u O'o vent, which has formed more than one square mile of new land along the shore. Visitors often witness lava flowing down toward the sea from the vantage at the end of Chain Of Craters Road. At times the view is close, at other times it is from afar. The view just after sunset may be spectacular as the lava glows brilliantly. Steam explodes from the sea where the molten lava hits the crashing waves. In the Kilauea Caldera steam rises and sometimes sputters out of hundreds of vents in a still-cooling lava field. The sights and sounds are awesome.
HAWAIIAN AIR POLLUTION Volcanic Smog, or "VOG", is formed by gasses spewing out of Kilauea's Pu'u O'o vent. 2000 tons of sulfur dioxide and other noxious fumes rise into the atmosphere every day. Hawaii's trade winds diminish the effect, but the absence of typical trades sometimes makes VOG a health hazard, even on the lovely Kona Coast. The steam plume rising at the sea cliffs where lava pours into the ocean is also laden with hazardous gasses, referred to as "LAZE". When ever the winds take the VOG or LAZE over vegetated areas the rains become acidic and damage plants.
PRE-1983 SHORELINE Hawaii's new land is prone to catastrophic collapse down the sea cliff and into the ocean depths. Observe all warning signs. Lives have been lost!
LAVA FLOW Kilauea's dynamic lava flow has covered thousands of acres of lush landscape and neighborhoods, and has added over 1000 acres of new land to the Big Island since 1983. For eruption information call (808) 985-6000 or see http:\\
CAMPING The Park has first-come-first-served, free drive-in campgrounds at Namakani Paio and Kulanaokuaiki. Primitive hike-in campgrounds are shown on the map. Water must be carried with you or treated.
KA'U DESERT This area appears to be a desert even though it receives substantial rainfall. However, fuming gasses from Kilauea Caldera cause the rain to become acidic and thus lethal to plant life.
HALEMA'UMA'U TRAIL Moderate 3.5-mile hike from the Visitor Center, 500 feet down into the Kilauea Crater, and across to the other-worldly Halema'uma'u Overlook. The Overlook is more easily approached from the parking turnout on Crater Rim Drive.
DEVASTATION TRAIL 1/2 mile path where the forest was destroyed by the volcano in 1959. The earth is scorched and the trees are torched.
THURSTON (NAHAKU) LAVA TUBE Short hike through a lava tube in the middle of a lush fern forest. It is usually cool and damp here.
KILAUEA IKI TRAIL Moderate 4-mile trail from the Kilauea Volcano Visitor Center, down through fern forests into the fuming Kilauea Iki Crater, and then across thecrater floor, where a 1959 eruption blasted lava 1900 feet into the air for 36 days.
VOLCANO VILLAGE In the cool rainforest near the park entry is an artists' colony with numerous bed-and-breakfast cottages, including the famous Volcano House. Reservations: (808) 967-7321
AKATSUKA ORCHID GARDENS Has one of the largest orchid collections in Hawaii. Free self-guided tours reveal rare orchids as well as common species from around the world. New orchid varieties are created with cross pollination. Agriculturally inspected orchid plants and flowers can be shipped home. (808) 967-8234
MAUNA LOA LOOKOUT Spectacular view and picnic at 6662' (2031m) elevation
SCENIC DRIVES WITHIN HAWAII VOLCANOES NATIONAL PARKCircle Rim Drive - 11 mi (17.6 km) loop with 400' (122m) elev. change.Hilina Pali Overlook - 18 mi (29 km) round trip with 1400' (427m) elev. change.Summit to Sea - 40 mi (65 km) round trip with 3700' (1127m) elev. change on Chain ofCraters Road.Mauna Loa Road - 27 mi (43 km) round trip climbs 2600' (792m) up volcano.
Franko's Guide Map of Kauai
Franko's Guide Map of Kauai, With Things to See and Do is a guide and a map of the island of Kauai. Side one features the entire island of Kauai. Side two features many close-ups of places in Kauai. The guide map contains loads of information telling you what there is to see and do all over Kauai.
Side one shows the entire island of Kauai. The beautiful 3D island is characteristic of Franko's Maps. The written descriptions will guide you in your visit to Kauai.
SNORKELING Almost everyone who comes to Kauai goes snorkeling. The North Shore's best is in the Tunnels to Ke'e Beach area, the South Shore is best either at Po'ipu or Lawai, and the Na Pali side is good anywhere your tour may take you. The East Side faces the tradewinds and is therefore not as good. Na Pali tours sometimes take in a stop at Ni'ihau and Lehua, where snorkelers plunge into remote and pristine waters.
SCUBA DIVING Kauai is a world-class dive destination, and thus there is a need for a separate map - Franko's Dive Map of Kauai, which is devoted to describing the island's numerous dive sites. The North Shore and South Shore have fabulous diving, but the best adventure may be to the channel between the islet of Lehua and Ni'ihau.
HAWAII MOVIE TOURS See where the movies and television shows were filmed on Kauai, supplemented by video clips of the location shots in an air conditioned 16-passenger van (800) 628-8432 or (808) 822-1192.
TOUR KAUAI FROM A HELICOPTER Watching the Kauai scenery from above is so beautiful that it is a spiritual experience. You will see spectacular canyons, razor cliffs, green mountains, waterfalls pouring down the face of Wai'ale'ale, the fluted cliffs of the Na Pali Coast, and the descending hues of ocean blues meeting with golden beaches. This is some of the most amazing scenery you will ever see. Every tour, every day is different as Kauai's dynamic weather is the ultimate deciding factor in your tour route. There are too few words in any language to describe Kauai's beauty from above. Flights depart from Lihue's heliport as well as from the Princeville airport. Numerous operators offer well-publicized tours.
BIKING The Poipu area has wide, flat roads and dirt-cane roads, especially around Mahaulepu. You can ride the cane road to Makawehi Bluff and Ha'ula Beach. On the east shore there are cane roads to ride between Kealia Beach and Anahola, north of Kapa'a. Some folks take a 12-mile downhill ride from Waimea Canyon to the Pacific Ocean early in the morning from a tour operator, such as Outfitters Kauai (808) 742-9667. From Hanalei experienced riders take their rental bikes out to Ke'e Beach and back. Experienced mountain bikers head up the Powowerline Trail.
HORSEBACK RIDING Only in Kauai can you ride a horse across the wide-open pastures of a working ranch under volcanic peaks and rein up near a waterfall pool. Stables for horseback riding are: CJM Country Stables, 2 miles beyond the Hyatt Regency Kauai, (808) 742-6096; on the North Shore, the Princeville Ranch Stables off Highway 56 just after the Princeville Airport (808) 826-6777; and at Silver Falls Ranch near Kilauea (808) 828-6718.
HIKING: For information on Kauai's hiking trails call the State Division of Parks (808) 274-3446, the State Division of Forestry and Wildlife (808) 274-3077, or Kauai County Parks and Recreation (808) 241-6670. Be sure to check out the weather as rivers and streams can quickly overflow, causing flash flooding. If you're hiking, avoid dry streambeds, which flood quickly and wash out to sea. Check the weather forecast at (808) 245-6001. The Sierra Club at (808) 246-8748 offers several hikes every month, varying from an easy family moonlit beach hike to a moderate hike in the mountains, or an 8-mile-plus trek for serious hikers only.
LEARN TO SURF! Small classes and professional instructions. For Poipu's ideal beginner waves call Margo Oberg's Surfing School at (808) 332-8119, or Nukamoi Surf Co. (808) 742-8119, or Kauai Surf School (808) 742-8019. In Kapa'a call Play Dirty (808) 823-9113, or Learn to Surf (808) 826-7612. On the North Shore call Hanalei Surf School at (808) 826-9286. Kauai also has its share of great surf spots for experienced surfers and bodyboarders.
SPORT FISHING Kauai offers superb sport fishing with half and full-day private and share charters, mostly out of Nawiliwili Small Boat Harbor. Call Wild Bill at (808) 822-5965, Lahela (808) 245-36-44, Capt. Don (808) 639-3012, True Blue (808) 246-6333, Breakaway (808) 635,9456, or Hawaiian Style, out of Kapa'a at (808) 635-7335.
ATV TOURS Visit some of Kauai's remote back country on private access roads to hidden valleys, ranches, hunting grounds, water falls, cane haul roads, and swimming holes. Call Kipu Ranch Adventure (808) 246-9288, Kauai Backcountry Adventure (808) 245-2506, Gay Robinson Tours (808) 335-2824 or Kauai ATV (808) 742-2734.
ANAHOLA STREAM Great views of "King Kong Mountain" (Anahola Mountain is familiar from the 1978 movie) are enjoyed by kayakers as they fish or birdwatch while paddlingup this peaceful stream.
NA AINA KAI BOTANICAL GARDENS Magical 240 acres of gardens, sprinkled with 70+ life-size whimsical bronze statues. Kids love the gecko hedge maze, a tropical jungle gym, a treehouse in a rubber tree, and a 16-foot tall Jack and the Beanstalk Giant with a 33-foot wading pool below.
BIRDING Kauai provides some of Hawaii's last sanctuaries for endangered native birds and oceanic birds. Koke'e State Park, a 4,345-acre wilderness forest at the end ofHighway 550, is home to many of Hawaii's endangered native birds. The Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge, is a 200-acre headland habitat that juts above the surf andincludes cliffs, two rocky wave-lashed bays, and a tiny islet that serves as a jumping-off spot for seabirds at the northernmost point of Kauai. Hanalei Valley is home toHawaii's endangered Koloa duck, plus gallinule, coot, and stilt. The Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge also provides safe habitat for migratory shorebirds and waterfowl. It is not open to the public, but the interpretive Hanalei Valley Lookout along Highway 56 serves as an impressive vantage point.
NA PALI COAST There are four ways to see the Na Pali Coast, which is amongst the world's most spectacular and rugged coastlines:First is an arduous but unforgetable hike on the Kalalau Trail (see details on side 2 of map);Second is via a relaxing boat cruise out of Port Allen, Hanalei, or Waimea;Third is by helicopter, for one of the best rides of your life; andFourth is via a very demanding kayak tour, in which you will become very acquainted with the fabulous scenery. Words are inadequate to describe the beauty of the Na Pali Coast.
NA PALI COAST STATE PARK Established in 1984, Na Pali Coast State Park includes a 22-mile coastline of beaches, valleys, waterfalls, and 4,000 foot-high cliffs that wrap around the northwestern shore of Kauai between Ke'e Beach and Polihale State Park. Volcanic in origin, carved by wind and sea, the cliffs ("na pali" in Hawaiian), which heaved out of the ocean floor 5 million years ago, stand as constant reminders of majesty and endurance. There are five major valleys: Hanakapi'ai, Kalalau, Honopu,Awa'awapuhi, and Nu'alolo. An ancient footpath, the Kalalau Trail, winds through this remote and spectacular 6,500-acre park, ultimately leading to Kalalau Valley.
KALALAU LOOKOUT Beyond Koke'e State Park, almost to the end of Hwy 550, is a viewpoint that is 4,000 feet above sea level. This is one of the most breathtaking and spectacular views in the world. Lush and fluted knife-edged cliffs rise above Kalalau Valley from the beautiful sea along the Na Pali Coast. This is a great spot to listen to the silence and enjoy a picnic.
AWA'AWAPUHI TRAIL This challenging 6 1/2-mile round-trip trail leads to a million-dollar view. Go early before the clouds roll in. The trailhead is left of the parking lot, at mile marker 17 between the museum and Kalalau Lookout. The trail drops 1,600 feet through native forests to a thin precipice at the very edge of the Na Pali cliffs for adramatic view of the tropical valleys and blue Pacific 1/2 mile below. The hike back up to the trailhead is all uphill.
CAMPING ON KAUAI:State Park Campgrounds (808) 274-3444:Polihale State ParkMiloli'i State ParkKalalau State ParkHanakoaHanakapi'aiCounty Park Campgrounds (808) 241-6660:Ha'ena Beach Co. ParkHanalei (Black Pot Beach) Co. ParkAnini Beach Co. ParkHanama'ulu Beach Co. ParkNiumalu Beach Co. Park
KOKE'E STATE PARK This wonderful 4,345 acre rain forest park, at 3,600 ft.+ elevation, is full of native plants (mokihana berry, ohia lehua tree, and iliau) and imports (Australia's eucalyptus and California's coastal redwood), along with pigs, goats, and deer. The rain forest and breathtaking views of the Na Pali coastline and Waimea Canyon will make the drive worthwhile. This is the place for hiking amongst the 45 miles of maintained trails, which are some of the best hikes in Hawaii. See side 2 for a zoom-in view of Koke'e State Park and its trails.
KOKE'E NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM Visit well-designed displays of the flora, fauna, natural history, and artifacts of Hawaii and the Koke'e area. Open 10am to 4pm daily. (808) 325-9975 Official trail maps of all the park's trails are for sale at the museum store.
BEYOND POLIHALE This is the official beginning of the Na Pali Coast State Park and beaches beyond Polihale are accessible only by boat. Tourists often stop to snorkel, see the beaches, and explore ancient Hawaiian stone structures found in these State Parks.
THE ULTIMATE SUNSET The westernmost beach in Kauai is at Polihale State Park, the perfect place to watch the sun sink into the Pacific. Queen's Pond at Polihale has restrooms, showers, picnic tables, pavilions and camp sites, plus is a safe swim spot. Barking Sands is named for the noise the sand makes sliding underfoot.
NA PALI COAST CRUISE Sailing along the steep and majestic Na Pali Coast is a stunning experience whether it is done via a modern catamaran, motorized inflatable raft, cabin cruiser, or sail boat. The adventure is typically undertaken out of PortAllen on the south end of Kauai, Hanalei Bay on Kauai's North Shore, or from Waimea. As you cruise you will likely see spinner dolphins showing off, and you'll snorkel amongsta rich variety of tropical fishes in secluded crystal waters. Your tour boat will also find secluded beaches and canyons where ancient Hawaiians once thrived. You can pull up towaterfalls cascading into the blue acean, peer into sea caves, and look up, up, up at the towering, eroded cliffs that ascend nearly vertically into the clouds. You will never forget an amazing cruise along the breathtaking Na Pali Coast. Numerous operators offer well-publicized tours.
WAIMEA CANYON Described by Mark Twain as "The Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” it is one mile wide, 3,567 feet deep, and about 12 miles long. One of Hawaii's most impressive natural wonders, the canyon was created by water forces flowing down off of meeting Wai'ale'ale, the wettest place on earth. Canyon views are available from several well-marked lookouts along Waimea Canyon Drive (Hwy 550) from Waimea town. The alternative route of Koke'e Road (Hwy 552) begins in Kekaha. Waimea Caynyon, Koke'e, and Kalalau Lookout are "must see" destinations for any visitor to Kauai.
MENEHUNE DITCH According to legend this ancient irrigation ditch was built in just one night by the Menehune to bring water from the Waimea River to the taro patches in Waimea village. Go 1.3 mi. up Menehune Rd. in Waimea (just before the 23-mile marker) to see an impressive section of this ancient ditch.
CAPT. COOK LANDING SITE A roadside monument at Hofgaard Park in Waimea commemorates the the landing, which actually took place at Lucy Wright Beach Park. The offshore at Capt. Cook's landing site is also a good kayak spot, especially if you are into birdwatching or fishing.
WEST KAUAI TECHNOLOGY & VISITOR'S CENTER This museum explores Hawaiian technology in navigation, irrigation, and agriculture from ancient times to present. (808) 338-1332.
RUSSIAN FORT ELIZABETH STATE HISTORICAL PARK In 1815 a Russian doctor and agent for the Russian Fur Company of Alaska built this fort in attempt to gain control of Hawaii for Russia. It was named for the wife of Russia's Czar Alexander I. However, Hawaii's King Kamehameha II managed to toss the Russians off the island just thereafter. A self-guided walking tour guide is available at the Waimea Public Library at Kaumualii Highway (808) 338-6848.
GAY & ROBINSON SUGAR PLANTATION Founded in 1889, visit Kauai's only remaining and most successful sugar plantation. The Visitor Center has a museum and offers tours of their field and factory operations. Learn about the history of the plantation, sugar processing in Hawaii, and Kauai's astounding irrigation system (808) 335-2824. Ask about the Robinson Family Adventures, especially the Mountain Pool ATV Tour!
SOUTH SHORE SCUBA DIVING More than a dozen fabulous dive spots are between Po'ipu and Salt Pond. They include General Store, Turtle Bluffs, Beach House, Fast Lanes, Koloa Landing, Sheraton Caverns, Brennecke's Ledge, and Po'ipu Beach Park. These and all of Kauai's great diving are detailed in Franko's Dive Map of Kauai.
HANAPEPE TOWN Enjoy a walk along the main street of Hanapepe town, alsoknown as "Kauai's Biggest Little Town." Walk on Kauai's longest suspension bridge,kayak on the Hanapepe River, see historic buildings and discover the art capital ofKauai. Enjoy Hanapepe Art Night on Fridays from 6pm to 9pm. Free town mapsavailable in most Hanapepe stores and galleries.
SALT POND BEACH PARK Hawaiians have made salt in this lava rock barrier salt pond since the 1700's. Facilities include picnic tables and camping. This is a favorite beach among local families.
PORT ALLEN From this port many of Kauai Na Pali Coast tours disembark. Turn makai (seaward) from the main highway at Waialo Rd. right at the Ele'ele shopping center (you'll see a McDonald's there).
HANAPEPE VALLEY LOOKOUT Be sure to pull over to enjoy the view of the Hanapepe Valley at the Hwy. 50 roadside lookout just before reaching Hanapepe.
KAUAI COFFEE COMPANY Visit Hawaii's largest coffee grower, a 3,400-acre estateon Hwy 540. Free coffee tasting, a great gift shop, and the Kauai Coffee Museum (808) 335-0813.
REAL DIRT SHIRTS FACTORY OUTLET Visit the factory and buy a shirt dyed withgenuine red volcanic soil from Kauai. On Hwy. 50 across the street from the Fire Station in Kalaheo.
KAYAK TOURS Kauai's rivers, bays, and ocean offer kayaking from novice to expert. Outfitters Kauai has a Hanalei River paddle, an epic Na Pali Coast 16-mile tour, or a mellow day up the Wailua River through calm jungle waters (808) 742-9667. Other operators include: Kayak Hanalei, (808) 826-1881; Ali'i Kayak Tours (808) 241-7700; Island Adventure (808) 246-6333; Waialua Kayak Adventure (808) 822-5795, and Paradise Kayaks (808) 822-0016.
MAKAWEHI BLUFF to HA'ULA BEACH Just beyond the Hyatt Regency is a hike past Shipwreck Beach to Makawehi Bluff, where you'll go over sand dunes, past coves frequented by green sea turtles and Hawaiian monk seals, through a coastal pine (ironwood) forest, and past World War II bunkers to the very top, for a view of the Ha'upu Ridge, Maha'ulepu Beach, and Pu'u Huni Huni, the last volcano to erupt on Kauai (500,000 years ago). Is is also accessible via bumpy cane haul roads beyond the end of Po'ipu Road. You can also walk to Kawailoa Bay, a crescent of sand called Gillen's Beach, and on to Ha'ula Beach, with its deeply undercut coralline (petrified coral).
WATCHING FOR WHALES Mahaulepu Beach is one of the best places to spot the visiting humpback whales as they cruise by or splash and play from December through April. Beach parking at end of unpaved road.
GOLF COURSESPrinceville Resort:The Makai Course (808) 826-3580The Prince Course (808) 826 5000Kauai Lagoons: (800) 634-6400 (Lihue)Mokihana Golf Course (808) 241-6000Kiele Course (808) 241-6000Puakea: (866) 773-5554 or (808) 245-8756 (Lihue)Poipu Bay: (808) 742-9489 (at Poipu)Kiahuna Golf Club: (808) 742-9595 (Poipu)Wailua Municipal Golf Course: (808) 241-6666 (Wailua)Kukuiolono Golf Course: 9 holes (808) 332-9151 (at Kalaheo)
Side two of Franko's Guide Map of Kauai shows close-ups of Kauai's North Shore, East Shore, South Shore, and the Na Pali Coast & Koke'e Hiking. Also featured is a map showing Kauai and the island of Ni'ihau, with information about Ni'ihau.
TUNNELS REEF Beginner scuba dive site to 65' deep. Excellent snorkeling and diving in summer, surfing in winter. Underwater features many lava tubes and tunnels, full of tropical fish and turtles.
HA'ENA BEACH PARK Camping on grass above the beach. Access to Tunnels and Ke'e Beach.
KE'E BEACH Excellent snorkeling within protective reef, but CAUTION!, a strongand dangerous current sweeps alongshore on the outside of the reef.
HANALEI PIER When it was built in 1910, this was the major shipping port for local farmers. Today's rebuilt pier is used for fishing, swimming, diving, and contemplating the rainbows on days when bands of rain showers zip by in the trade winds. At the base of the pier lies Black Pot Beach, named after the families who spent their summers camping here and always had something cooking in a “black pot” on the shore.
HANALEI BAY This gorgeous, classic crescent-shaped bay includes four sectionsof beach: Black Pot Beach; Hanalei Pavilion Park, which includes the pier; Wai'oli BeachPark; and Waikoko Beach.
LUMAHA'I BEACH This is the famous romantic "Nurses Beach” from the movie "SouthPacific", Kauai's most recognized and photographed beach scene. However, swimming here in high surf conditions is extremely dangerous.
LIMAHULI GARDEN Part of the National Tropical Botanical Garden. Ocean view and self-guided tour.
VISIT NA PALI COST FROM HANALEI For a powered catamaran ride from theHanalei River,contact Na Pali Coast Hanalei at (808) 826-6114, or sail with Capt. Bob'sNa Pali Sea Tours (808) 626-5585.
HANALEI VALLEY LOOKOUT Magical view of Hanalei Valley, taro farms, river, bridge,waterfalls, and majestic mountains.
HANALEI BRIDGE 1912, truss steel, one-lane bridge is on the National Registry of Historic Landmarks. Expect to stop for oncoming traffic.
WAI'OLI MISSION HOME Built in 1834 for some of Hawaii's first missionaries. Open to visitors.
ANINI BEACH Shallow, beginner snorkeling inside of a large barrier reef. Perfect spot for windsurfers and kitesurfers to fly across the flat waters. Rentals availableon site. Park facilities, camping, and picnics. Good place for children. Caution: Not advisable to swim or dive during winter's heavy surf.
HANALEI RIVER Jungle river cruise for paddlers. Go from Hanalei Bay to the wildlife refuge and taro farms. This river can get very full after a good rain up on Wai'ale'ale.
KILAUEA LIGHTHOUSE This site is a protected home for nesting and resting seabirds and Hawaii's state bird, the Nene. The refuge is one of Kauai's best-known attractions.
GUAVA KAI PLANTATION Delicious, free guava juice, yummy souvenirs and gifts, plus a walk around the country's largest guava plantation. Visit the orchards to see how guavas are processed. (808) 828-6121.
THE SLEEPING GIANT TRAIL Hardy hike up Nonou Mountain to a fabulous view. 1,000 feet gain in altitude on a clearly marked trail (stay on the trail!). Picnic table and shelter at top. Bring water and a camera.
KAPA'A STREAM Big beautiful valley for paddling with great birdwatching and fishing.
HAWAIIAN LUAU Kauai has a commercial luau with entertainment every day of theweek except Saturday. Gaylord's Luau at Kilohana near Lihue is on Tuesday and Thursday (808) 245-9593. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday visitors can enjoy Smith's Luau and Internat'l Pageant at Wailua Marina State Park at 5pm. (808) 821-6895. On Thursday and Sunday at 5:45pm there is Drums of Paradise Luau at the Hyatt Regency Kauai (808) 240-6456 in Poipu. The Paina O Hanalei Luau is held Monday and Thursday eve at the Princeville Hotel (808) 826-2788. Finally, the Kauai Aloha Luau is held on Tuesday at the Aloha Beach Resort and Sunday at the Raddisson Kauai Beach Resort (808) 335-5828. Always call in advance for reservations.
KAUAI CHILDREN'S DISCOVERY MUSEUM Take the kids to this magical place filled with things to do, from playing with Hawaiian musical instruments to participating in virtual reality television, to hiding out in a “magic tree house”. There are Keiki Camps (Children Camps), where you can leave the kids all day and they will take them on local outings while you do adult things. Located at Kauai Village. (808) 823-8222
WAIPOULI BEACH WALK PATH Walkers and joggers enjoy the windward side of Kauaialong this long oceanfront path of the Coconut Coast. However, the waters here are considered dangerous.
HULA SHOW Free hula shows every Wednesday at The Coconut Marketplace at 5pm. The hour-long performances of both kahiko (ancient) and auwana (modern) hula, plus darling keiki (children) who perform. Don't forget your camera!
WAILUA RIVER KAYAK AND HIKE Paddle a rented kayak to Fern Grotto and thenhike to Wailua Falls.
WAILUA RIVER WATERSKIING Contact Kauai Water Ski and Surf Company at (808) 822-3574.
SMITH'S TROPICAL PARADISE Wailua River boat tours to Fern Grotto and a great lu'au and cultural pageant in Smith's lush tropical garden on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings. (808) 821-6895
PLAYGROUND FOR KIDS The Kamalani Playground in Lydgate State Park is the most amazing place for kids, with a maze of jungle gyms, an array of slides, and plenty of caves. Kids can spend hours exploring and playing.
LYDGATE STATE PARK This wonderful family beach and park has a huge pavillion, lots of trees, grassy fields for ball games, and the beach has a nice swimming and snorkeling area protected from waves by a rock structure.
WAILUA RIVER STATE PARKThis river is fed by 5,148-foot Mount Waiale'ale, the rainiest spot on earth. Seven ancient Hawaiian Heiau's (temples) once stood along the river. To see these ancient sites you can boat or kayak up the river or drive Kuamo'o Road (Hwy. 580), which goes past the historical sites to Opaekaa Falls and Keahua Arboretum, a State Division of Forestry project to reforest the watershed with native plants.
KAMOKILA HAWAIIAN VILLAGE Enter a driveway near the Opaeka'a Falls Lookout on Kaumo'o Rd. (Hwy. 580) to visit a recreated Hawaiian Village on the Wailua River. There are canoe rides, hiking, swimming and cultural activities. (808) 338-1332
FERN GROTTO The best way to see this attraction is via the Wailua River on either Smith's Motor Boats (808) 821-6895, or Waialeale Boat Tours (808) 822-4908 on their 90-minute, 2 _-mile, motorized 150-passenger boat to a natural cave amphitheater filled with ferns.
TUBING Float down old irrigation flumes and ditches from the former sugar cane plantations in this easy water sport. Contact Kauai Backcountry Adventures at (808) 245-2506. They'll outfit you with a giant tube, gloves and headlamp for the long tunnels. Relax on the water and let the gentle gravity-fed flow carry you through forests, into tunnels and finally to a mountain swimming hole and picnic lunch.
AHUKINI LANDING Visit deserted Ahukini Landing, Kauai's original deep water port at Hanamalu Bay. From here you can see an unusual view of the island, including several of Kauai's major mountains. Seldom visited by tourists. Turn right after leaving the airport and go past the heliports.
HELIPORT This is the most common departure location for Kauai's popular helicopter tours. Just go Makai (seaward) on Ahukini Rd. (Hwy. 570). Stay left and avoid the airport circle.
KAUAI MUSEUM Although this Greco-Roman building seems small it has lots of artifacts and information. The museum traces Kauai's history from the beginning of time through Capt. James Cook's “discovering” Kauai in 1778, plus the monarchy period, the plantation era, and the present. Great museum gift shop. (808) 245-6931
KILOHANA Glimpse Kauai's past at this Tudor mansion plantation home of the Wilcox family. The restored 1935 building is now home to Gaylord's Restaurant and interesting shops and galleries. Exotic gardens have 100-year-old cottages. Located just outside of Lihue on Hwy. 50 heading west.
GROVE FARM HOMESTEAD MUSEUM For a step back in history to around 1860, this sugar plantation home gives you a peek at life during this era. Located at 4050 Nawiliwili Rd. (2 miles up Hwy. 58), Lihue. (808) 245-3202
KALAPAKI BEACH Busy beach for locals, who also hang out at Nawiliwili Beach Park on the west side of the breakwall, for the Marriott guests, and for the cruise ship visitors who come in for just a few hours to catch some Kauai sunshine. Surfing on the west side of the bay.
NININI BEACH This beach is not visited much because it is out of the way. A beach access sign and parking lot is on the road across from the Kiele Golf Course. A small path leads to the beach.
SHAVE ICE Experience Kauai's local treat, similar to a snow cone, but the secret is in the fine “shaved ice” which is put into a paper cone and topped with a tropical-flavored syrup (try something exotic).
NAWILIWILI HARBOR This is the cruise ship destination for Kauai. Visitors disembark to enjoy good restaurants, great shopping, and Kalapaki Beach at the Anchor Cove Shopping Center, all within walking distance. While you are shopping buy a copy of Franko's Map of The Hawaiian Islands. This fabulous map of Franko's favorite places shows details of all of the cruise ship destinations in the State of Hawaii, including Kauai, Oahu, Maui and Hawaii, The Big Island.
MENEHUNE FISH POND According to legend, among Kauai's earliest settlers were theMenehune, a race of small people who worked at night and performed superhuman feats.Located at Niumalu above Nawiliwili Harbor, the Menehune Fish Pond is said to have been built in just 1 night, with two rows of thousands of Menehune passing stones hand to hand. Kayakers paddle up Hule'ia Stream into the Hule'ia Nat'l Wildlife Refuge to see it up close.
ALLERTON GARDEN & McBRYDE GARDEN of the THE NATIONAL TROPICAL BOTANICAL GARDEN This is a fantastic collection of rare and endangered plants, plus extraordinary tropical fruit trees, and hundreds of varieties of flowers on the 186-acre Lawai Gardens. Next door is the 1860s royal home of Queen Emma, with formal gardens, fountains, streams, waterfalls, and European statuary. The Visitor Center is across the street from Spouting Horn, (808) 742-2623.
OLD KOLOA TOWN Visit the Koloa History Center located in the Koloa Town Mall tosee artifacts from the early plantation days of Kauai's first successful sugar plantation,built here in 1835. Pick up a 14 site Koloa Heritage Trail Map for highlights of theculture and history of the Koloa District.
SPOUTING HORN Big waves funnel through a lava tube and blast out, creating a huge whale-spout with a distinct moaning sound. Hawaiian legend is that this moan is "Mo'o", a huge people-eating female lizard, who was chased into the hole by "Liko", a fisherman who speared Mo'o in the mouth to save himself. The moaning is Mo'o's cry.
KOLOPA BEACH Swimming, snorkeling and surfing. Lots of turtles hang out in front of Kuhio Shores.
KOLOA LANDING Excellent, easy shore dive access for beginners in depths to 55'. Great advanced snorkeling. Tame fish and moray eels looking to be fed. This is acommon scuba intro dive site for classes with facilities.
SOUTH SHORE DIVING There are many superb diving and snorkeling sites on Kauai's South Shore. Refer to Franko's Dive Map of Kauai for complete details. Available at any dive shop on the island.
BRENNECKES BEACH Bodysurfing and boogie boarding.
PO'IPU BEACH PARK Kauai's best beach, and one of the world's best kid's beaches. Sunning, picnicking, playing, or snorkeling. Usually calm and clear, but exposed to south swells.
SHERATON CAVERNS Top boat scuba site around Kauai. Dive 30' - 65' depth on three lava tubes and a wall with coral formations. It is almost always calm and clear.
THE KALALAU TRAIL: The only land access to the unbelievably beautiful Na Pali Coast is the challenging, 11-mile-long Kalalau Trail. From Ke'e Beach to Hanakapi'ai Beach is 2 miles, and is a good day hike. An additional 2 miles of hiking leads up the valley to the 120' Hanakapi'ai Falls, which plunges out of the Pali and into a large pool. 5 miles further along is Hanakoa Valley Park, and 4 miles beyond that is the Kalalau Valley. From there hikers trek into the Kalalau Valley via a 2-mile trail, but it is not possible to climb up and out of the valley. Overnight camping is allowed only by permit. Hefty fines for infractions. Call DLNR State Div. of Parks at (808) 274-3444 for info. Be prepared! You must pack out whatever you pack in. Adventurous kayakers paddle from Ke'e Beach to Kalalau Beach. Backpackers enjoy primitive camping at the sites shown.This is a seasonal route, usually hiked in the summer. Winter waves are often huge, making the beaches and waters extremely dangerous. Hikers should bring water, as wild goats and pigs foul the streams.
KALALAU LOOKOUT This is one of the most breathtaking and spectacular views in the entire Pacific. Lush and fluted knife-edged cliffs rise above Kalalau Valley from the sea along the Na Pali Coast. Note: Climbing up or down the cliffs (pali) between Koke'e State Park and the Kalalau Valley is absolutely impossible due to vertical, loose pali.
ALAKAI SWAMP TRAIL Experience Hawaii's rare birds and plants along a boardwalk trail above the swampy muck. This 7-mile round trip hike has stupendous views, but the clouds usually roll in with rain every afternoon. The trail head is off Mohihi Road near the Alakai Picnic Area.
KOKE'E LODGE 12 inexpensive cabins and a terrific restaurant for breakfast and lunch.Try the cornbread and the Portuguese bean soup! The gift shop has a great selection ofcards and Real Dirt Shirts, made with Kauai's rich volcanic red dirt. (808) 335-6061
HIKE TO WAIPO'O FALLS Long hike to a two-tiered, 800-foot falls that thunders into a natural pool. Gorgeous beyond words. Trailhead is 1/4 mi. past the Pu'u Hina Hina lookout.
FRESHWATER FISHING The Pu'u Lua Reservoir has rainbow trout and is stocked by the state. However, trout fishing season is just 16 days of early August and weekends thru September. Kauai also has freshwater fishing from reservoirs filled with bass. A Freshwater Fishing License is obtained from the Division of Aquatic Resources, (808) 241-3400, or at a fishing supply store.
NI'IHAU VISIT See "The Forbidden Island" with the Robinson family aboard their 7-passenger helicopter. You'll see isolated beaches where you can snorkel, beach comb, and search for rare Ni'ihau shells. Private hunting tours for wild boar and hybrid sheep are available. Call (808) 335-3500. Hawaiian languange and culture are practiced here and thus contact with residents is avoided.
NI'IHAU “The Forbidden Island” is a privately owned island, with a working cattle and sheep ranch where few visitors are allowed. In 1864, after an unusually wet winter, the landscape was verdant green when Eliza Sinclair, a Scottish widow, bought the island from King Kamehameha IV for $10,000. The next year, normal weather returned, and the green pastures withered into sparse semi-desert vegetation. Today, Sinclair's great-great-grandson runs the ranch and protects the privacy of 200 native Hawaiian residents, who live without modern conveniences.
Franko's Guide Map of Maui
This is THE Things to See and Do Map of Maui. With over 150 captions of the sights, scenes and must-do's of Maui, Franko's Guide Map of Maui is practically a book. Millions of people love Maui and consider it their favorite vacation spot, and this special map of Maui shows you why. Maui is truly magnificent. Franko shows you favorite snorkeling spots, where to windsurf, what beaches to visit, what scenic drives to take, and all kinds of superb information to educate you about Maui. In fact, Franko's Guide Map of Maui is so full of information that the locals also use it, to learn all about their favorite island paradise.
Side one of Franko's Guide Map of Maui shows Maui in perfect and beautiful shaded relief as if you are looking at it from far above. The slopes of Haleakala and the steep valleys of the West Maui Mountains stand out against the green lowlands and coast. Look close enough and you will note that where there are sandy beaches, the color of sand appears along the shoreline. Maui's favorite snorkeling, surfing, bodyboarding, scuba diving, ocean kayaking, windsurfing, big game sportfishing, whale watching, helicopter tours, bicycling, horseback riding, hiking, driving, golfing, museums, Hawaii State Parks, National Parks and numerous places to visit and explore are located and described. You will not run out of things to do on Maui! There are close-up details of the Lahaina to Kapalua area, the Kahului and Airport details, and the Ma'alaea to Makena details are saved for side two of Franko's Guide Map of Maui, but this side of the map has dozens and dozens of things to see and do. Side one of Franko's Guide Map of Maui includes the following captions:
OLOWALU is Maui's top shore dive snorkeling site, and it is also visited daily by many Lana'i snorkeling excursions as a second dive spot to view tropical fishes as well as green sea turtles, and occasional spinner dolphins. Scuba further from beach via a channel in the reef. OLOWALU surfing is a nice beach break with lefts and rights in south swells, but it is crowded with locals.
CORAL GARDENS Scuba dive to 35' (11m) depth via boat 1/2 Mi (0.8 Km) north of Pali Tunnel. Popular snorkeling site on south end beyond beach. It is a rich coral reef with a wide variety of tropical fish, moray eels and green sea turtles. This serves as a Molokini tour boat alternate dive site when windy.
HONOKOHAU BAY This bay is sometimes dived via a pebbly beach entry. It is usually a calm bay in the summer, but from October to April there can be a heavy right surf break at the point over a hazardous sharp coral bottom.
JAWS (PEAHI) - THE big wave spot of Maui competes with Oahu for fame with some of the largest waves ever ridden by surfers towed in by a waverunner. Sorry, but there is zero public beach access.
WINDMILLS Winter NW swells make super hollow left barrels, to 20'+ similar to Pipeline. Lefts called "Razor Reef", rights called "The Rock” because of killer razor coral bottom, and rocks. This is dangerous surfing for experts only!
THE ROAD TO HANA - Maui's most famous scenic highway is called "The world's most beautiful drive". This is a very long, curvy road that demands many stops to enjoy the fabulous Hawaiian scenery. It takes all day to go both ways. Hana Highway is an adventure through tropical rainforests, with the ocean on one side and thundering waterfalls, fragrant ginger and fruit laden guava trees on the other side. Take your time, stop and swim in the cool mountain stream pools and take lots of pictures of what Maui looked like before urbanization.
HALEAKALA DOWNHILL 37 miles of downhilling from 10,000 feet elevation to sea level. Make sure you have good brakes!
PI'ILANI HWY is not paved from KA'EHO'EHO to NU'U and is sometimes impassible. But this is a fabulously scenic route from The Pools of O'heo to Kahului.
KAHEKILI HIGHWAY Off the beaten track, this narrow road takes you to a different side of Maui where the ocean charges into the shore and the old Hawaiian village of KAHAKULOA looks much as it did a century ago. This picturesque village is nestled between two hills with colorful old houses surrounding a white church with red-tiled roof and vibrant green taro patches in the distance. The road is paved, but very narrow.
LAHAINA TOWN Take a walk back in history to the 1800s when whalers roamed the streets and missionaries labored to “save” the Hawaiians by bringing them the Word. Well preserved historical sites, thanks to the Lahaina Restoration Society. Side map side 2 for details.
HOP OVER TO LANA'I Take a day excursion to Lana'i, once the world's largest pineapple plantation, now home to two swank resorts, via the 45-minute Lahaina-Lana'i Passenger Ferry, which leaves Lahaina Harbor to Manele Bay for the 9-mile crossing five times a day. (800) 695-2624 or (808) 661-3756
TRAVEL TO MOLOKA'I FOR THE DAY The 100-foot Molokai Princess, with gyro stabilizers for a smooth ride, has daily passenger ferry service from the Lahaina Harbor to Kaunakakai Wharf. The Maui to Moloka'i ride takes about 90 minutes. (800) 275-6969 or (808) 667-6165
HO'OKIPA PARK The windsurfing capital of the world. Windsurfer watching is great from the grassy bluff next door. Ho'okipa is also Maui's most consistent surf spot year-round, with miles of lava and reefs for numerous great surf breaks.
FAVORITE HIKES: Hiking in Haleakala The weather at 10,000 feet changes suddenly. Come prepared for cool temperatures (27 degrees Fahrenheit lower than at sea level), high winds, rain and even snow in winter.
Haleakala National Park: The easiest hike is the short Hosmer Grove Nature Trail, just inside Haleakala National Park. For a challenge, hike into the Haleakala Crater a mile or two down the Sliding Sands Trail. The Halemau'u Trail to Holua Cabin and back is 16 miles round trip.
Kipahulu: There are great trails in the Kipahulu end of Haleakala National Park. An easy family hike is the half-mile loop Kaloa Point Trail, which leads toward the ocean along pools and waterfalls from the ranger station. An adventurous 4-mile hike takes you to the 181-foot Makahiku Falls and the 400-foot Waimoku Falls. Beware of flash-floods.
Polipoli Springs State Recreation Area: An easy 5-mile well-marked trail winds through the trees in the high altitude in the crisp air of upper Kula.
Hana - Waianapanapa Coastal Trail: An easy 6-mile hike along a shore-line trail. Go early before the sun heats up the black lava.
Keanae Arboretum: An easy 2-mile hike through well marked wonderland of botanicals and forest. Bring a swim suit and mosquito repellent.
Guided Hikes: For a guided adventure, contact Hike Maui at (808) 879-5270 Or contact Latatudes and Adatudes at (808) 661-7720
HORSEBACK RIDING Numerous places to saddle up and ride on Maui, include inside Haleakala crater via Pony Express Tours. (808) 667-2200 or (808) 878-6698 At the edge of the Upcountry rainforest near Makawao your family can ride at adventurous Pi'iholo Ranch. Call (808) 367-5544. At Ulupalakua Ranch you can enjoy the quiet beauty of Maui and leave the crowds behind at Makena Stables. (808) 879-0244
'IAO VALLEY Just outside of Wailuku lies this steep and beautiful valley. A basalt monolith called the 'Iao Needle juts straight up like a skyscraper. Running through the lush valley, the 'Iao Stream, is the scene of one of the bloodiest battles in Hawaiian history: in 1790, King Kamehameha the Great and his warriors defeated the Maui warriors.
HAWAII NATURE CENTER Take the kids to this hands-on exploratorium on Hawaii's natural history, and enjoy a picnic at Kepaniwai Heritage Park next door. (808) 244-6500
ALEXANDER & BALDWIN SUGAR MUSEUM Former sugar-mill superintendent's home focuses on the history of sugar farming on Maui.
HALEAKALA NATIONAL PARK The “biggest” visitor attraction on Maui is this 10,023-foot “dormant” (not extinct) volcano. The drive up through the green Upcountry is worth it alone, but to peer into the inside of a volcano, which is big enough to hold Manhattan, at 3,000 ft. deep 7.5 miles long and 2.5 miles wide, is an otherworldly experience.
SUNRISE ATOP HALEAKALA Some claim a spiritual experience watching the first light come across the Pacific to the top of the volcano. Bring plenty of warm clothes as morning temps in the 30s and 40s are common.
THE POOLS OF OHE'O (locally named the "Seven Sacred Pools",in the late 1940's by a Hotel Hana-Maui social director), are now a part of Haleakala National Park. This wonderful rest-and-play stop, a few miles beyond Hana, is THE destination of many who travel the Road to Hana. The pools are a scenic and fun stop before turning around and driving back, or before continuing on via the Pi'ilani Highway. Hike to the famous waterfalls or climb over slippery rock to huge swimming holes with cliff jumps, where the brave make a big, cool splash. After the long drive to Hana, make sure to visit this wonderful place. Be aware of a flash flood danger.
MAUI TROPICAL PLANTATION This working plantation, located near Waikapu, grows the tropical fruits which have made Maui famous, including pineapple, sugar cane and papaya. The best way to view the plantation is via a 40-minute narrated tram ride around fields. (808) 451-6805
PARASAILING For a bird's eye view of the Maui coast line, sign up for parasailing, a hybrid of parachuting and water-skiing, where you float through the air, suspended under a large parachute attached by a towline to a speedboat. Parasailing tours are usually suspended during whale season, which is December through April.
BIG GAME SPORTFISHING Marlin (as big as 1200 lb.), tuna, ono, and mahi mahi are caught in the waters surrounding Maui. Maui has some of the best big game fishing in the world. For a private or shared charter with the best of the Maui skippers, call Capt. Kevin Hogan at 874-8633 out of Ma'alaea, or Capt. Dave Hudson at 661-0338 out of Lahaina Harbor.
WHALE WATCHING Hawaii's favorite visitors, the humpback whales, start arriving in the islands as early as November, but you'll most likely see them between December and late April. A great place for spotting the giant leviathans is Papawai Point, along the Honoapi'ilani Highway (Route 30), just outside Ma'alaea in West Maui. Snorkeling tours from Kihei to Molokini or from Lahaina to Lana'i almost always spot humpbacks during whale season.
SEE MAUI FROM A HELICOPTER For an experience that will live with you forever, see Maui from the air in a helicopter. Not only will you glide over inaccessible remote canyons and waterfalls but you'll come away with a real appreciation of the geology and geography of "The Valley Isle". Check out “Blue Hawaiian” (800) 745-2583 or
MOLOKINI ISLAND Tour boats take snorkelers and scuba divers to one of the world's most fabulous dive spots inside this 1/4 Mi wide (400m) crater. Contact any tour desk on Maui.
MAUI ATV TOURS Kick up some Maui dirt while enjoying acres of scenic Upcountry Ranchland. At Ulupalakua Ranch call Maui ATV Tour at (808) 878-2889 For Haleakala Ranch, contact Haleakala ATV Tours (808) 661-0288
TEDESCHI VINEYARDS AND WINERY On the grounds of Ulupalakua Ranch you will find Maui's only commercial winery. Stop by the tasting room to sample an array of locally grown wines. (808) 878-6058 or
KO'OLAU FOREST RESERVE This lush rainforest gets 70 inches of rain per year along the coast and up to 300 inches a year up in the mountains.
HUELO On a blind curve on mile marker 4 on the Hana Highway is the turn off for the almost forgotten community of Huelo. Once sporting a huge population, today only a few hundred live in the handful of homes and bed and breakfast places overlooking the windswept ocean. One reason to visit this remote region is the historic 1853 Kaulanapueo Church, an excellent preserved sample of New England architecture transferred to Hawaii.
KA'AIEA BRIDGE As you approach mile marker 7, a grove of tall, graceful bamboo will knock your socks off. Wait until after the 7 mile marker where a pull-out area will allow you to get out, pull up your socks, and take photos.
WAIKAMOI RIDGE TRAIL This tiny state “wayside” area, at the 9-mile marker, not only has restrooms, picnic tables, a pavilion and a barbecue area, but also an easy _ mile round trip walk.
KAUMAHINA STATE WAYSIDE If you need a pit stop around the 12 mile marker, this park has restrooms and a picnic area and some great views of the dramatic coastline.
HONOMANU BAY BEACH If the waves are pumping, turn off at mile marker 14 into this black-sand beach and watch the surfers. Note: Strong currents offshore.
KEANAE ARBORETUM Shortly after mile marker 16 is a cornucopia of Hawaii's botanical world. Hike along the trail into the valley or swim in the pools of the Pi'ina'au Stream.
KE'ANAE PENINSULA Picture-postcard old Hawaiian village, with great ocean lookout, an 1860 stone church, and acres of green taro, a Hawaiian staple, which is pounded into poi.
WAILUA VALLEY STATE WAYSIDE PARK For a great photo opportunity of Ke'anae Valley and the Wailua Peninsula, stop here just before mile marker 19. If you are lucky, the clouds will part and give you a spectacular view up the mountain to the Ko'olau Gap.
PUA'A KA'A STATE WAYSIDE PARK Between mile markers 22 and 23, pull into this park (with restrooms, phone and picnic area) for a quick walk to the waterfall and swimming hole.
WAIANAPANAPA STATE PARK At mile marker 32, a lush tropical park appears with a black sand beach, sea cliffs, lava tubes, hiking trails, camping picnicking, and cabins.
TWIN FALLS The first of many hikes on the Hana Highway. Banana bread and fruits from the labors of the locals can be purchased at a little stand at the start of the trail.
MAUI CAVE ADVENTURES Walk-thru Ka'eleku Caves, naturally ornate lava tubes. (808) 248-7308
KAHANU GARDENS The biggest draw to this tropical botanical garden is the PI'ILANIHALE HEIAU, Hawaii's largest ancient Heiau (temple) at 340 feet by 415 feet, with 50 feet tall walls, to 10 feet thick, dating to the 1500's. (808) 248-8912
LINDBERGH'S GRAVE A mile past The Pools of 'Ohe'o, in the quaint graveyard of the Palapala Ho'omau Church, is the resting place of aviator Charles Lindbergh (1902-1974), the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean (1927).
KAUPO STORE Literally in the middle of nowhere lies this tiny general store. Great place to stop for cold drinks and snacks. (808) 248-8054.
SAIL TO LANA'I Numerous snorkeling tours depart from Lahaina Harbor and head to Lanai's beautiful reefs. Trilogy offers an all-day catamaran sail from Lahaina with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Snorkel, swim and beach comb at Hulopoe Beach, or take optional Jeep safaris, zodiac rides or eco-adventure kayaking. Children's programs available. Dolphin encounters and whale watching in season. Contact Trilogy at (808) 661-4734 or
SNORKELING The number 1 activity on Maui is snorkeling. Maui's best snorkeling beaches include Olowalu, Fleming Beach, Kapalua Beach, Black Rock, Ka'anapali Beach (in front of the Sheraton), along the whole Kihei coastline, especially at Kamaole 3 Beach Park, along the Wailea coastline, particularly at Ulua Beach, Ahihi Cove, La Perouse Bay, and Molokini Island. Mornings are best.
SURFING & BODYBOARDING Depending on the time of the year, and the direction of the waves, some of Maui's best surfing and bodyboarding beaches are Mokule'ia, Lahaina, Ma'alaea, La Perouse, Paukukalo, Sprecklesville, Baldwin, Kuau, Hookipa, Jaws (only for the top tow-in experts), Hana and Hamoa. If you want to try this ancient Hawaiian sport of he'e nalu (wave sliding), try Nancy Emerson School of Surfing in Lahaina, (808) 244-SURF or
SCUBA DIVING Maui is so full of world-class diving that Franko's Dive & Surf Map of Maui is devoted to describing dozens of dive sites. Molokini, a marine-life park, is one of Hawaii's top dive spots. This 1/4-mile crescent-shaped crater has all levels of diving inside the crater, plus advanced drift diving along a sheer wall on the outside of the crater that drops to 350 feet. Water visibility at Molokini often exceeds 200 feet.
WINDSURFING Maui has Hawaii's best windsurfing beaches. In winter Ho'okipa Beach is the site of several world championship contests. Kanaha, west of Kahului Airport, also has dependable trade winds. In the summer, Kihei is the spot to be. Contact: Hawaiian Island Surf and Sport in Kahului at (800) 231-6958 or (808) 871-4981, or see
OCEAN KAYAKING Silently glide through Maui's waters, paddling with ocean kayaks to areas you otherwise can't get to up-close and personal. If you are a beginner, the guy to see is Dino Ventura at Makena Kayak Tours, who loves introducing neophytes to this easy sport during his 2-1/2 hour tour to his favorite spots off Makena Landing. (877) 879-8426 or (808) 879-8426.
BICYCLING Maui is known for its famous “downhill cruise,” a 37 mile all downhill ride from the top of 10,000 foot Haleakala to sea level. Plenty of tour operators offer this exciting adventure. A favorite sunrise tour is by Maui Downhill (800) 535-BIKE or (808) 871-2155. Road Riding on the Highway 30 bike path is excellent, especially on the West side.
PA'IA Formerly a bustling sugar mill town, now filled with chic eateries, trendy shops and buff windsurfers who take advantage of the tradewinds at Ho'okipa Park. Last chance to shop before Hana.
HANA The destination of the famous Road to Hana is the most isolated town in Hawaii. Its location gives Hana a true "Old Hawaii" feel.
HAMOA BEACH A beautiful black sand beach with facilities run by the Hotel Hana-Maui.
HANA BAY A local beach park with boat shelter and fabulous plate lunches.
ALII KULA LAVENDER GARDEN Sip delicious Lavender Tea and enjoy Upcountry panorama and special tours. (808) 878-8090
UPCOUNTRY MAUI A Hawaii like you can't imagine lies on the slopes of Haleakala, where cowboys, farmers, ranchers, and other country people make their homes in neighborly communities like Makawao, Kula, and Ulupalakua. Maui's vegetable patch, you'll see a lush landscape of lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, and flowers.
MAKAWAO An authentic and old Hawaiian cowboy town. Here you will find urban yuppie boutiques, healthy restaurants & new-age services, right next door to a country store with hitching posts for your pony. Home of the Makawao rodeo on the 4th of July.
ZIPLINE ADVENTURE Hike through the forest, then sail through the trees on ziplines with Skyline Eco Adventures. (808) 878-8400 Haleakala ATV Tours is located here.
ENCHANTING FLORAL GARDENS Enchanting 8 acres at 2500 feet elevation with 2000 species of exotic plants and flowers.
MAUI GOLF COURSESKAPALUA Three championship courses include the Bay Course, the Village Course, & the Plantation Course, home of the PGA Mercedes Championship. (808) 669-8044KA'ANAPALI The Ka'anapali Golf Club has two championship courses, including the Ka'anapali North Course and the Ka'anapali South Course. (808) 661-3691SANDALWOOD Located in central Maui, the Sandalwood Golf Course has fabulous Haleakala views and a great clubhouse. (808) 242-4653WAIEHU Located in central Maui, the Waiehu Golf Course is a public municipal course with superb ocean and mountain views. (808) 243-7400MAUI COUNTRY CLUB Located in Central Maui, the Maui Country Club is a private course with ocean and mountain views. (808) 877-0616PUKALANI Located in Maui's Upcountry, the Pukalani County Club is a scenic course with great local style food in its clubhouse. (808) 572-1314ELLAIR Located in South Maui, Ellair (formerly called Silversword), is the choice for golfers seeking relief from high-price golfing. (808) 874-0777WAILEA Three spectacular golf courses at Wailea Golf Club include the Blue Course (808) 875-5155, the Gold Course and the Emerald Course, (808) 875-5111THE DUNES AT MAUI LANI Located on the Kuihelani Hwy (380) just outside of Kahului, this is a wonderful public golf course. (808) 873-0422MAKENA Two gorgeous championship golf courses are at the Makena Golf Club, including the South Course and the North Course (808) 879-3344
Side two of Franko's Guide Map of Maui depicts Maui's things to see and do in a series of four beautiful close-ups. These Maui zoom-ins include Lahaina to Kapalua Detail, Kahului and Airport Area, Ma'alaea to Makena Detail, and Lahaina Town. The details were actually traced from high resolution government aerial phots, so they are extremely accurate depictions of the coast and towns, and even the hotels and buildings. The Lahaina to Kapalua Detail includes the resorts and places of interest from Honolua Bay, with its notably wonderful snorkeling, scuba diving and surfing, all the way down the coast through Kapalua, Napili, Kahana, Honokowai, Ka'anapali, and Lahaina. Each golf course is also shown. Even the scenic and fun Lahaina to Ka'anapali Sugar Cane Train is shown. This map detail within Franko's Guide Map of Maui shows the viewer a complete guide to this area, also known as “West Maui”. The captions of this detail include the following:
HONOLUA BAY Classic hollow right point surfbreak peels into bay on west or north swells Oct. thru April. In summer, beach is great for scuba diving and snorkeling to 30' (9m) depth or just for hanging out. Scuba north side of bay, snorkel on south side. Marine Reserve.
MOKULE'IA BAY Snorkel or beginner scuba diving to 40' (12m) depth. Best diving on south side of bay at small reef and across sand. Marine Reserve.
HONOLUA STORE Within the Kapalua Resort, is the last of the old time plantation stores on Maui. Today it is known for its fabulous plate lunches, picnic provisions, resort products and postcards. Say "Hi!" to Lani.
KAPALUA BAY & BEACH Certainly one of the World's nicest beaches. Good snorkeling and scuba diving spot, especially on the northeast reefs. Many tropical fishes and turtles. Caution: Strong currents offshore.
AIR TOURS Daily departures from Kapalua West Maui Airport and Kahului Airport. Tour Maui or circumnavigate the Big Island to see the active volcano, Kilauea. Maui Air has airplanes and helicopters. (808) 877-5500 or
S-TURNS - Mellow coral reef break is a superb surf spot for beginners and longboarders from Oct. - Apr., but it is flat in summer. Popular for non-hardcore surfers.
KAHEKILI BEACH (OLD AIRPORT BEACH) Easy beach dive is popular scuba lessons site. Excellent snorkeling over big, shallow reef to 20 ft. deep. All facilities available.
BLACK ROCK Shallow easy beach dive with an amazing array of fish, and green sea turtles. Beach is convenient to the Sheraton Hotel and Royal Lahaina. Free torch lighting and cliff dive in front of Sheraton each evening. All kinds of amenities and conveniences are available.
KA'ANAPALI BEACH The pride of Maui's very first world class resort. Snorkeling, swimming, sunning, and beach combing at "America's Best Beach". To see Ka'anapali from the ocean, sail right from the beach aboard Trilogy. Day sailing adventures offer breakfast and lunch, with visits to two snorkeling sites. Afternoon sunset sails also available. (808) 661-4734 or
WHALER'S VILLAGE Nightlife spot with open air mall and fine dining. Fabulous beach. Free Whaler's Village Museum has artifacts and history related to 1800's Lahaina whalers.
KA'ANAPALI PT. (KP's) Beginner and tourist surfspot with waves that break in north, south or big west swell. Rentals of boogeyboards and surf boards at the Hyatt Hotel.
CEMETERY Excellent beginner snorkeling spot loaded with colorful fish. Calm swimming area.
ATLANTIS SUBMARINE Explore the underwater world - Jules Verne style - in a genuine submarine that plunges beneath the waves, while you stay dry in air conditioned comfort. Departs from Lahaina Harbor. (808) 667-2224
SNORKEL TOURS Lahaina Harbor is the home port for many tour boats to take snorkelers and scuba divers to fabulous reefs along Lana'i, to Molokini's rich waters, and to Olowalu, where sighting green sea turtles is almost a 100% guarantee.
SUNSET DINNER CRUISE Departures from Lahaina Harbor for romantic sailing and brilliant Maui sunsets. Spirit of Lahaina (808)662-4477
LAHAINA BREAK WALL SURFING Beautiful long left break in front of jetty when summer south swells roll in. Inside break is perfect for beginners on longboards.
LAHAINALUNA Hawaii's first missionary seminary (1834), and later Hawaii's first high school. Hale Pali became printing press for Hawaii's first newspaper & also printed currency in 1834.
THE LAHAINA KA'ANAPALI & PACIFIC RAILROAD The "SUGAR CANE TRAIN" is a reconstructed narrow gauge train track running from Victorian style train stations at Lahaina and Ka'anapali. The conductor tells stories and describes the sites and sings as the open-sided train chugs six miles past cane fields and over trestles. There is also an evening dinner train. (808) 667-6851
The second detail on Franko's Guide Map of Maui side two is that of Kahului and the Airport Area. Kahului is Maui's biggest town, but it is not the hottest for tourism. However, nearly all who come to Maui come through Kahului via its international airport. Kahului is like the hub of a spoked wheel in that the spokes radially go out to all other locations in Maui. The Road to Hana starts here, as do the routes to Lahaina, Kihei, Iao Valley, Haleakala and Kahakuloa Village all head out of Kahului.
This map also locates the Maui Mall, which locates Longs Drugs, Star Market, and the Paper Airplane Museum. You can also find the Maui Marketplace, which has Lowes, Borders Books, The Sports Authority, Office Max, and many other familiar and necessary big stores. Nearby, you can find K-Mart and Costco. A pair of well-known golf courses may be found on this detail of Kahului, and they are the Dunes at Maui Lani and the Waiehu Golf Course. Museums in the area that appear on the Kahului map are the Bailey House Museum, and the A&B Sugar Museum. This map also focuses on Kahului Bay and Kahului Harbor, which is the location of a major curise ship pier.
The third detail on Franko's Guide Map of Maui side two is the Ma'alaea to Makena Detail, which shows a close-up from just beyond the Maui Ocean Center all the way down the west-facing south shore of Maui to the lovely La Perouse Bay. At La Perouse, you will note the at in 1795 this flank of the great Haleakala volcano awoke form its dormancy a spewed hundreds of acres of lava down to the sea. This eruption created a few acres of new land, similar to what is continuously going on at Kilauea on the Big Island at this time. All of the resorts and hotels and tourist spots are shown on this detailed map. The golf courses shown include many famous ones, such as the Makena Golf Courses, and the Wailea Golf Courses. Of course, a sourth Maui map must also detail the wonderful and favorite snorkeling and scuba diving site of Molokini Island. Molokini is a must-do experience. The details on this map include descriptions of favorite things to see and do including the following:
MAUI OCEAN CENTER Not to be missed, the largest aquarium in Hawaii features a walk-thru aquarium where fish swim all around you. See graceful eagle-rays, butterflyfishes, surgeonfish, triggerfish, colorful corals, and many other wonders of the sea. Call (808) 270-7000, or
MA'ALAEA HARBOR Many whale watching cruises, sportfishing charters and Molokini snorkeling tours depart from this harbor.
PACIFIC WHALE FOUNDATION Humpback whale watching begins before Christmas and goes to early May. The area between Maui and Lana'i is called "Humpback Highway". The Pacific Whale Foundation at Ma'alaea Harbor Village offers whale watching cruises from Ma'alaea and Lahaina Harbors. (808) 249-8811 or
KAMAOLE BEACH PARKS Beach entries at either of 3 beaches for excellent beginner scuba and snorkeling. Coral covered lava outcroppings separate the 3 beaches Beaches have facilities, lifeguards and picnicking. Nice beaches for sunning.
WAILEA COAST NATURE TRAIL A 1 _-mile paved shoreline path from the Wailea Marriott to just beyond the Fairmont Kea Lani takes you by native plants, old Hawaiian habitats, and a billion dollars worth of luxury hotels. You can pick up the trail at any of the resorts or from clearly marked “SHORELINE ACCESS” points along the coast.
KIHEI SMALL BOAT LAUNCH RAMP Boats depart for Molokini trips from this launch ramp.
ULUA BEACH & MOKAPU BEACH Fabulous scuba or snorkeling via beach entry at either beach. Shallow inner reef for snorkeling, outer reef for scuba. Notably good night diving. This may be Maui's best reef for fish viewing, and the best beginner site.
WAILEA BEACH & POLO BEACH Beach entry at either beach. Large reef at Polo to 30' (9m) deep, best for snorkelers, Wailea goes to 50' (15m) deep, for scuba.
TURTLE TOWN Rocky entry at Nahuna Point (below gravesite) for experienced divers, or easy entry at Makena Bay (by restrooms). This is a common second dive spot for tour boats taking people to Molokini. There are many caves and coral heads with lots of reef fish, eels, octopi and of course, green sea turtles.
MAKENA LANDING Hard to believe that this tiny beach park with boat launch, showers, toilet and picnic tables was once the site where cattle were tied to boats and swum to ships offshore. The generally calm waters are terrific for kayaking and snorkeling.
MAKENA BEACH One of Maui's most famous beaches, Big Beach has bodysurfing on a hard shorepound, but when calm it has superb snorkeling, plus acres of sandy beach for tanning. Caution: Makena Beach is prone to strong currents and big south swells in summer. Little Beach is notable for all-over tanning (yes, the sunbathers get naked there). Mahus like Onouli.
MOLOKINI ISLAND Tour boats take snorkelers and scuba divers to one of the world's most fabulous dive spots inside this _ Mi wide (400m) crater. Inside crater swarms with fish like a huge, crystal clear aquarium. Divers can hear the whales singing in the winter and spring.
AHIHI COVE Rocky beach entry in calm, protected cove for some of Maui's best snorkeling. Corals, fishes, moray eels, starfish, urchins, sea shells. Within Marine Reserve.
LA PEROUSE BAY Diving from rocky shore to 50 ft. (15m) deep. Lava and corals protrude from white sandy bottom. Spinner dolphins tease divers. Surfing at the point in summer south swells creates fast, hollow left barrels that can go double overhead. Experts surfers only!
KO'IE'IE LOKO I'A The fishpond of South Maui's "Ali'i" (Royals). Dates to 150 AD. Good snorkeling in calm water even for youngsters.
KEALIA POND NATURAL WILDLIFE SANCTUARY Self-guided tour of 700- acre U.S. Fish and Wildlife wetland preserve. Home to endangered Hawaiian stilts, coots, ducks, this is the place to see the hawksbill turtle, from July to Dec., when they come ashore to lay their eggs.(808) 875-1582.
The fourth close-up detail on side 2 of Franko's Guide Map of Maui is actually the main focus of this side of the map, because it shows a zoom-in on everyone's favorite spot - Laihaina Town. As of 2005 there are 62 numbered Lahaina Historical Sites to look out for on your walks or excursions around Lahaina Town. This map lists them all, and gives details of many of them, with a brief description and a locating number from 1 to 62 on the map itself, so that you can find them. Lahaina Town's favorite shopping / walking is shown in detail so that you can find everything from the Lahaina Cannery Mall to the grand and stately Banyan Tree, which shades over 1 acres of park, to all of the shopping centers and theaters in Lahaina Town. The detailed descriptions include the following:
LAHAINA CANNERY MALL Air conditioned mall features over 50 stores full of Hawaiian gifts, souvenirs, clothing, plus a grocery store, dive shop and a convenience shop. Delicious pineapple juice and hula shows are free. Pineapple Court has quality restaurants.
OLD LAHAINA LUAU Authentic entertainment, Hawaii's favorite dishes including mahi mahi, kalua pig, chicken long rice, as well as other options for picky eaters. The atmosphere is pure Aloha, and the shows are nearly as spectacular as Maui's sunsets. Reservations are required! (808) 667-1998
Jodo Mission & Buddha Statue: Statue marks 100th anniversary of Japanese plantation laborers arrival (1868). Has largest Buddha outside of Japan.
HILO HATTIE Largest retailer of Hawaiian and island lifestyle products. A "Fun-One-Stop-Hawaiian-Shopping-Experience".
HALE KAHIKO Outdoor exhibit of ancient Hawaiian culture and lifestyle. Free!
LAHAINA CENTER Shopping center features excellent restaurants, ABC Store, a dive shop, coffee, clothing, jewelry and gift and souvenir shops.
U.S. Seamen's Hospital (1830's): Spot where Kamehameha befriended sailors. Became hospital for sick and injured seamen in 1844, and then a school from 1864 until 1884.
LAHAINA ART GALLERIES Fine art galleries are found throughout Maui. Lahaina Town has many of Maui's best.
Sugar Cane Train Lahaina Station (location shown)
Wo Hing Temple Museum: Taoist temple resembles Victorian house. Served as clubhouse for Chinese.
LAHAINA YACHT CLUB This private club is reciprocal with all of the finest yacht clubs in the world. Great bar & galley.
SHOP FRONT STREET LAHAINA The best blocks of shopping fun anywhere in the state of Hawaii. Lots of places to get a great meal as well.
Master's Reading Room (1834): Reconstructed "Officer's Club" for whaling vessel masters.
Baldwin Home (1834): Remnant of medical missionary Dwight Baldwin's home.
Reverend Richard's House (1830's): Lahaina's 1st Protestant missionary, worked with Kamehameha III.
Hauola Stone: This stone was used as a healing place by ancient Hawaiians.
Brick Palace (1798): British-built as commanded by Kamehameha I. First western building in Hawaii.
King's Taro Patch: Old Lahaina waterways to grow taro.
Hale Pa'i (1831): Printing house of Lahainaluna Seminary. Now a public high school.
Maria Lanakila Church: First Roman Catholic mass in Hawaii. Built it 1846, rebuilt 1928.
Seamen's Cemetery: Herman Melville's cousin and shipmates buried here. Graves have eroded.
Hale Aloha (1853: "House of Love" in commemoration of God's causing Lahaina to escape the smallpox.
The Old Prison / Hale Pa'ahao (1850's): "Stuck-in-irons-house" is now a park setting.
Episcopal Cemetery: Burial sites of early Angelican Church after Queen Emma invited their missionaries.
Buddhist Church of the Shingon Sect: Japanese sugar plantation laborers.
The Lahaina Courthouse (1858): Former customs house, post office and police court with basement jail. Now houses Lahaina Visitors Center and gift shop.
Lahaina Arts Center in down-stairs, Lahaina Heritage Museum upstairs.
Banyan Tree (planted 1873): Shade of immense Indian tree covers over one acre.
Carthaginian Berth Pioneer Inn (1901): Once visited by sailors from whaling boats. Maui's only hotel until late 1950's. Pioneer Inn Bar & Grill
LAHAINA HARBOR At the activity booths you can sign up for snorkeling, "snuba" diving, scuba diving, sunset trips, sailing, dinner trips, underwater viewing, Lana'i ferry services, dolphin & whale watching. See
LAHAINA SAILING ADVENTURE Private or share, enjoy a six guest maximum sail off Lahaina with Capt. David and his 48 foot "Wahine Ra". (808) 661-3256
Fort on the Canal: Was a holding cell for rowdy sailors objecting to ban on native women visiting ships.
Government Market: Trade spot between early 1800's sailors and natives. Once called "Rotten Row."
Whaler's Canal: Once served to bring small boats safely to Lahaina. Filled in since 1913.
Episcopal Church (Founded in 1862, present building 1927): Altar painting of Hawaiian Madonna.
Luakini Street (1837) Funeral procession route of Princess Nahi'ena'ena after her tragic death.
David Malo's Home: Home of first Hawaiian scholar / philosopher who wrote "Hawaiian Antiquities".
Lahaina Aquatic & Recreation Center (location shown)
In addition to these four superb details of Maui's most important areas, Franko's Guide Map of Maui has one more detail, but it is a zoom-out, rather than a zoom-in. The chain of Hawaiian Islands is shown in a mini map right in the middle of side 2. It depicts Maui and the Kahului Airport as the hub of world travel, with distances to other Hawaiian islands, plus to the mainland USA, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Canada.
Warning: Studying Franko's Guide Map of Maui will cause you to go to Maui and enjoy yourself thoroughly. In some cases, it causes the viewer to return to Maui again and again.
Franko's Oahu Guide Map
Franko's Oahu Guide Map, With Things to See and Do is a guide and a map of the island of Oahu all in one! Side two features Waikiki and the Oahu South Shore. The guide map contains loads of information telling you what there is to see and do on Oahu and in Waikiki.
SIDE ONE of Franko's Oahu Guide Map With a view of the whole island, it's mountain ranges shown in beautiful green shaded relief, as well as it's freeways and major roads, plus creeks, trails and things to see or places to go, this map captures the very essence of Oahu. If you love Oahu, eant to go there or want the best souvenir, you have to have this map! The colors are absolutely inspiring! Beyond the greens of the Island of Oahu, the ocean waters are shown in beautiful shades of tropical ocean blue, indicating ocean depth contours. All around the island there are descriptions of wonderful things to see and do. This includes Oahu's fabulous ocean sports, especially its world famous surfing spots. Favorite places to visit include Hanauma Bay, possibly the most snorkeled spot on earth, and also Magic Island right next to Waikiki, where one of America's best fireworks shows happen on July 4th, and all of the great places to stop all around the island of Oahu. The map will call your attention to fine details, such as Laniakea on the north shore. When you stop and park across the highway, go to the beach there and check out the old, 300-pound green sea turtles grazing on the algae right at the beach, or even resting on the beach there, as they have for thousands of years. When you go to the windward side of Oahu, or the East Shore, Franko's Oahu guide map will guide you to the Polynesian Cultural Center (the PCC to the locals) and the Mormon Hawaii Temple, which is probably the most beautiful edifice in the State of Hawaii. To the southeast corner of the island, near Hanauma Bay, the map student will find Sandy Beach, famous for it's body-whomping heavy shorebreak, which commonly ruins a few unwary tourists' vacations, as they find out just how powerful the beautiful ocean can be. That's right, even though the map shows this attractive Oahu beach, you might want to stay out of the water! Around the map there are several photos showing the beauty that is Oahu. My favorite is the Waimea Bay surf photo, but I also like the view of Waikiki from atop Diamond Head. You've seen a thousand pictures of Diamond Head. It must be the most photographed mountain this side of Mt. Fuji. However, when have you seen a picture of Waikiki from the top of Diamond Head? I took this photo right after sunrise. There is also a photo of Yokohama Bay at the very end of the road on the Waianae side of Oahu. This area is seldom visited by tourists. Question: Why is Yokohama Bay referred top by the locals as “Pray for Sex Beach?” Oahu has so much to offer. It is like a whole country on one little island. It took 8380 words to fully describe everything on Oahu on Franko's Guide Map of Oahu! On side one the detailed descriptions are as follows:
FAVORITE OAHU HIKINGDIAMOND HEAD: Steep, but short hike up the inner wall of Diamond Head Crater, through a dark tunnel, and out to a postcard-pretty view of Waikiki's skyline, the ocean below.MANOA FALLS: Starting at the top of Manoa Drive, this trail winds far above the Waikiki skyline and Diamond Head through a lush rain forest amid tropical flora and birds. 1.5 mi. ahead is a waterfall and a pond to put your feet in.MAKAPU'U LOOKOUT: Where the windward side of Oahu begins, you will find the Makapu'u Lighthouse. A trail leads up to the top of a 750 ft. (229m) volcanic peak withviews up the windward coast and to distant outer islands.TANTALUS and ROUNDTOP TRAILS: The drive around Tantalus and Roundtop goes to a dozen or more trails above Makiki Valley overlooking Waikiki, Honolulu, and DiamondHead. The views are unbelievable and the feel and fragrance of the rain forest is unforgettable.KA'ENA POINT: Far from civilization, the Ka'ena Trail begins at the end of Farrington Hwy. beyond Yokohama Bay, as well as at the end of Farrington Hwy. in Mokule'ia. Fromeither trailhead to the point is a round trip of 5 miles (8.1 km).GUIDED HIKES: For professional insight into Hawaiian nature and history, tour companies and nature clubs offer guided hikes in the diverse trails of Oahu.
SCENIC DRIVES THROUGH KO'OLAU MOUNTAINS:Oahu has threespectacular drives, which go through tunnels in the mountains. The H-3 freeway is one of the most spectacular pieces of freeway on earth. It traverses the island by ascending through the rain forest, tunneling for a mile through the near vertical pali, then descending on amazing mountainside bridges into Kaneohe. Similarly, LIKELIKE HIGHWAY (Hwy. 63) also goes from Honolulu to Kaneohe. The PALI HIGHWAY (Hwy. 61) goes past the spectacular Nu'uanu Pali Lookout, through two Pali tunnels and then descends into Kailua. All three have to be seen from both directions. Make sure to stop at the Nu'uanu Pali Lookout off the PALI HIGHWAY
MOKU'AUIA Shallow snorkeling and scuba diving amongst small holes in lava with cowries, lobsters, crabs, octopuses, and all kinds of reef fish. Caution: N swell degrades conditions.
LA'IE POINT Unbelievable view point!
MORMON TEMPLE AT LA'IE Beautiful manicured gardens surround this striking coral-white temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which has been a La'ie landmark since 1919. Visitor center features a breathtaking replica of Thorvaldsen's "Christus" statue.
POLYNESIAN CULTURAL CENTER Authentic Hawaiian lu'au with a spectacular Polynesian show. Explore genuine Polynesian villages from Tonga, Fiji, Tahiti, Samoa, the Marquesas, New Zealand, and Hawaii. The Center has a marketplace with souvenirs, gifts and crafts, plus an IMAX theater. This is one of Oahu's top attractions. Closed Sundays. For reservations and infomation call: 293-3333
DOLE PLANTATION On Kamehameha Highway just 10 minutes from the North Shore. Wander through the "World's Largest Maze" as recognized by the 2001 Guinness Book of Records, take a ride on the Pineapple Express Train, stroll through the Plantation Garden, and then stop in the country store for a refreshing Pineapple Dole Whip or pick up a unique gift.
WAHIAWA BOTANICAL GARDEN Right in the middle of Oahu, these gardens have 26 acres of lovely ferns, trees and flowers.
KUALOA RANCH is a genuine working cattle ranch in an unbelievably beautiful setting. Enjoy horseback and ATV riding, mountain and ocean views, or tours through lush gardens, ancient fish ponds and a variety of movie sets. Kualoa is Oahu's "biggest" attraction, at 4000 acres. For information call 237-8515.
TROPICAL FARMS For a one-of-a-kind experience, visit Oahu's only macadamia nut farm outlet. Enjoy true Hawaiian hospitality with free samples of freshly roasted mac nuts, dried fruits, and Kona coffee from a deck overlooking an 800 year-old fish pond ina lush tropical setting.
VALLEY OF THE TEMPLES The Byodo-In Temple sits up against the steep and beautiful pali (vertical cliffs) of the Ko'olau Mountains. This replica of a 900 year-old Japanesetemple features a huge Buddha. Valley of the Temples Memorial Park has beautiful grounds and fish ponds with koi.
HE'EIA STATE PARK Coastal picnic and beach site. Party hall rentals.
TheBus: Information Line: 848-5555 See Oahu as a relaxed passenger instead of as a driver. Get around the island in a most economical way. Take TheBus. A quarter of a million riders use TheBus every day traveling to and from it's 4000 stops on almost 6dozen lines. To circumnavigate the island you can take off from Ala Moana Shopping Center and return after an all-day adventure. TheBus is so efficient that many tourists don't even bother to rent a car.
OAHU STATE PARKS WITH CAMPING Information: 587-0300KEA'IWA HEIAU STATE RECREATION AREA: Top of A'iea Heights Drive, Aiea. Forested camping, picnicking and hiking. Remains of Healing Temple, Heiau Ho'olo.KAHANA VALLEY STATE PARK: Off Kamehameha Highway in Kahana. Scenic wild valley, beach activities, picnicking, camping, hiking, and pig hunting.MALAEKAHANA STATE RECREATION AREA: At Kamehameha Highway north of La'ie. Wooded beach park, camping and lodging.SAND ISLAND STATE RECREATION AREA: At the end of Sand Island Access Road near Honolulu Harbor entrance. Beach park, camping and fishing.COUNTY PARKS: There are 15 County parks that allow camping with a permit. For permit information call: 523-4525.
HO'OMALUHIA PARK 400 acres of natural preserve on the windward side of Oahu. Worldwide collection of tropical trees and plants. Nature hikes and weekend-only camping.
KAILUA BEACH & PARK One of the world's top-rated beaches. Sailboards and kayaks can be rented on the spot. Lessons available. Turquoise waters are protected from big waves by outer reef and shallow water. Trade winds prevail to make for perfect windsurfing as well as kite sailing. The beach is great for family fun.
ENCHANTED LAKE BIRD SANCTUARY One of Oahu's best places to enjoy birdwatching. Includes red-footed boobies, great frigate birds, red-tailed tropic birds, hawaiian duck, and plover.
NU'UANU PALI LOOKOUT The views of Oahu's windward side and the spectacular Pali (near-vertical cliffs) are absolutely breathtaking. The lookout is the site where King Kamehameha defeated Oahu Chief Kalanikupule by forcing his opponents off the cliff. This battle was pivotal in uniting the Hawaiian Islands under Kamehameha. Nu'uanu Pali State Wayside has a dense rain forest.
WAIMANALO BAY Oahu's longest sandy beach. Snorkeling amongst tropical fish and colorful corals in a shallow, reef-protected bay.
SEA LIFE PARK Dolphin shows, sea lions that like to ham it up for the audience, penquins, a huge reef tank full of fish, and learning programs. Various marine animal encounters available. Phone 259-7933 Dedicated to marine preservation and education.
HANAUMA BAY STATE UNDERWATER PARK Fabulously beautiful beach with a calm inner reef and tame tropical fish. The outer reef has coral gardens, green sea turtles, and reef fish. The bluff above the bay has a great new visitor center which educates visitors about reef life. Closed Tuesdays.
AERIAL TOUR Thrilling and beautiful tours via HELICOPTER, BIPLANE, and SEAPLANE are available. Contact: Makani Kai Helicopters at 834-5813; Stearman Biplanes Rides at 637-4461; Island Seaplane Service at 836-6273. Or ask a tour coordinator at any activity center.
WATER SPORTS Jetskiing, parasailing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, banana boats and bumper tubes, glass bottom & scuba dive boats are all available at Koko Marina.
LYON ARBORETUM At the end of Manoa Road above Waikiki, on 194 acres is a world-famous collection of over 5000 species of tropical plants. This academic resource conducts regular classes.
UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII The Manoa Campus is the flagship of the UH System. It is the home of the Rainbow Warriors and the East-West Center, and is famous for marine biology.
PUNCHBOWL CRATER The National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific is the resting place for over 38,000 casualties from WWII, the Korean and Vietnam Wars. A shrine commemorates the missing-in-action. The rim of this crater provides an incredible view of the city of Honolulu. For further information call: 532-3720.
QUEEN EMMA SUMMER PALACE Formerly a summer retreat for Hawaiian royalty in the cool, rainy hills of Nu'uanu Valley. The palace has King Kamehameha IV and Queen Emma's family belongings. Managed by the daughters of Hawaii. For info. call: 595-3167.
BISHOP MUSEUM The premier exhibitor and guardian over the natural and cultural history of Hawaii and the Pacific Islands. Artifacts of Hawaiian culture on display include royal clothing, weapons, and much more. There is also a Planetarium. A "Must See" for museum buffs. For information call: 847-3511.
ALOHA STADIUM Home of the University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors, the annual NFL Pro Bowl, and Oahu's largest swap meet (6a.m. - 3p.m. Wed., Sat., Sun.).
PEARL HARBOR, a naturally formed safe haven, is the home of the U.S. Navy in Hawaii. The USS ARIZONA MEMORIAL honors the more than 1100 men who died aboard the ship in the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. This attack drew the United States into the conflict of World War II. The memorial spans like a bridge across the mid-section of the sunken battleship. For info call: 422-2771. The battleship USS MISSOURI, also known as "THE MIGHTY MO", is now a museum and memorial berthed at Ford Island. It was right here upon the decks of the Mighty Mo that the WWII surrender was signed in 1945. Reservations: Tel. 973-2494. Next to the U.S.S. Arizona Visitor Center and theater, be sure to visit the USS BOWFIN SUBMARINE MUSEUM and PARK, which is a tribute to its service distinction and to submariners. For info call: 423-1341.
OAHU GOLF:There are about 36 golf courses on the beautiful island of Oahu. The following are open to the public:Ala Wai Golf Course 18 holes, municipal course right next to Waikiki 293-2000Bayview Golf Park, 18 holes, par 60, in Kaneohe 247-0451Coral Creek Golf Course 18 holes, public course in Ewa Beach 441-4653Ewa Village Golf Course 18 holes, par 73, municipal course 293-2000Hawaii Country Club short 18 holes, public course in Kunia 621-5654Hawaii Kai Golf Course 18 holes, plus executive (short) course 395-2358Hawaii Prince Golf Club 27 holes in Ewa Beach, designed by Arnold Palmer 944-4567Kahuku Golf Course 9 holes, municipal course on the North Shore 293-2000Kapolei Golf Course 18 holes, public course in Kapolei 674-2227Ko 'Olina Golf Club 18 holes, resort course at Kapolei 676-5300Ko'olau Golf Club 18 holes, public championship course in Kaneohe 236-4653Luana Hills Country Club 18 holes, championship course in Kailua 262-2139Makaha Resort Golf Club 18 holes, resort course 695-7519Makaha Valley Country Club 18 holes, public course 695-9578Mililani Golf Club 18 holes, public course 623-2222Moana Lua Golf Club 9 holes, open to public after 1 p.m. 839-2411New 'Ewa Beach Golf Club 18 holes, semi-private course 689-8351Olomana Golf Links 18 holes, public course, just past Sea Life Park 259-7926Pali Golf Course 18 holes, municipal course in Kaneohe 293-2000Pearl Country Club 18 holes, public course with Pearl Harbor overlook 487-3802Royal Kunia Country Club 18 holes, semi-private course 688-9222Ted Makalena Golf Course 18 holes, municipal course in Waipahu 293-2000Turtle Bay Resort Golf Club Resort on the North Shore with two courses:"The Palmer Course", 18 holes; "The Fazio Course", 9 holes 293-8574Waikele Golf Club 18 holes, public course in Waipahu 676-9000West Loch Golf Course 18 holes, muncipal course at Ewa Beach 293-2000
HAWAIIAN RAILWAY SOCIETY Educational operating railway museum. Sunday train rides Tel. 681-5461
KO 'OLINA RESORT 640 acre all-inclusive resort. Beautiful blue lagoons, catamaran rides, snorkeling, golf, wedding chapel, swimming, and dining around a master-planned community. Marriott Hotel, marina, time share condos, shopping center, and more.
PARADISE COVE ("Luau Village") Home of the Paradise Cove Luau features a private beach setting with "backyard-style" all-you-can-eat luau, Polynesian pageantry and show with song and dance from Hawaii, Tahiti, Fiji, Samoa, and New Zealand. Tel. 842-5911
HAWAIIAN WATERS ADVENTURE PARK 25 acres of water rides, slides and cool fun. For information call: 674-9283
ELECTRIC BEACH (KAHE PT.) Beach park entry for snorkeling and scuba diving to 30'deep in usually calm water. Patches of coral and an artificial reef fed by warm power plant discharge creates an aquarium-like home for green sea turtles, all kinds of tropical reef fish, eagle rays, and spinner dolphins.
HAWAII'S PLANTATION VILLAGE at WAIPAHU CULTURAL GARDEN Museum that preserves and interprets Hawaii's unique plantation history, architecture, and heritage. Tel. 677-0110
M/V MAHI Popular scuba dive on 165', 800-ton navy cable-layer sunken intact in 1982 at 90' (27m) depth. Sponges and corals encrust decaying wreck. Puffers, butterflyfish, moray eels, lionfish, turtles, humpback whales in season, and eagle rays "fly" past in clear water.
WAI'ANAE SCENERY: The Wai'anae side of Oahu is full of spectacular scenery. The turquoise ocean shimmers in offshore breezes while afternoon rains produce rainbows set against the green Wai'anae Range. This part of Oahu seems so distant from Waikiki that it is another world. There are numerous excellent scuba sites offshore, and great snorkeling along the shore. One of the world's premier surf spots is Makaha.
MAKAHA Fabulous advanced surfing on famous semi-reef point break. Variable surf lineup in swells which wrap around the island. Surfing is good anywhere from knee-high to 30' (1 - 9m) high. Giant bowl during big surf. Famous for longboarding surfing contests and brilliant sunsets.
MAKAHA CAVERNS Scuba diving and snorkeling amongst swim-through lava caves just beyond famous Makaha surf break. Dive over ledges and under overhangs surrounded bytropical fishes, moray eels, spinner dolphins, white-tip reef sharks, ”Tripod”, the 3-finned turtle and occasional manta rays.
YOKOHAMA BAY ("PRAY FOR SEX BEACH") Sandy beach with great scenery and superb snorkeling amongst coral formations, with plentiful reef fish in clear water. Caution: Strong currents offshore and high surf can pound shoreline. Good fishing from beach. End of the road here is the trailhead for hiking to Ka'ena Point. Warning: Very secluded.
DILLINGHAM AIRFIELD This airfield is the home of some of Oahu's most extreme adventures: Tandem skydiving from 13,000 feet (4000m) above the North Shore with 50 seconds of freefall. Call Skydive Hawaii at 637-9700; Soaring in a glider for unsurpassed views of the North Shore, valleys, mountains and passing humpback whales in season. Call Mr. Bill at 677-3404. Ask for pilot "Tall Don"; Scenic aerobatic rides in an open-cockpit biplane. Call Mr. Bill at 677-3404.
NORTH SHORE SURF and CULTURAL MUSEUM In the North Shore Market Place in Hale'iwa.
HALE'IWA Ali'i Beach Park features world class surfing on hollow waves in winter swells. This is also a perfect surf lessons spot. Ask any local at Ali'i Beach Park to introduce you to Oahu's best surf teacher, known as "Hawaiian". Tell him that Peter Papaya sent you!
SHAVE ICE When in Oahu's North Shore, you must have a cold, delicious Shave Ice - one of Hawaii's favorite treats!
HISTORIC HALE'IWA TOWN The real "Surf City U.S.A." is a century-old plantation town full of interesting tourist shops, surf shops, scuba dive shops, galleries, fantasticfood, the North Shore Surf and Cultural Museum and wonderful beaches. Visit the North Shore Market Place and enjoy a meal at "Cholos", the best fresh homestyle Mexican food outside of Mexico. Hale'iwa is a must see destination for any visitor who leaves Waikiki.
WAIMEA BAY World's most famous big-wave break for advanced and expert surfers only. Winter waves to 30' (9m) high. Waimea's heavy shorebreak is especially wicked and dangerous. Summertime conditions are often flat and suitable for snorkeling and kayaking.
WAIMEA VALLEY 1800 acres of tropical rainforest, botanical garden, arboretum and ancient Hawaiian sites. Walking tours to Waimea Falls, a lush nature park with bird and wildlife habitat. Kayaking on the estruary.
SHARK'S COVE Part of marine life conservation district. One of the best North Shore summer snorkeling and scuba spots with caves, colorful corals, reef fish, and invertebrates. Notable for night diving. Children can snorkel in the tide pools.
BANZAI PIPELINE Unforgiving waves in winter swell. One of world's greatest left breaks. There is a shallow and creviced bottom. Outside reefs create a fast, hollow break when big. Advanced surfers only! Easy viewing access from Ehukai Beach Park.
SUNSET BEACH Great surfing on winter swells. Personality changes with swell. Great rights, but point closes out at head-high, then shifts to middle reef. Dangerous rip handy for getting out when big. Advanced surfers only. Great viewing.
THE NORTH SHORE World's most famous winter surfing spots, summer snorkeling, fabulous rural scenery, ranches, flower farms, banana plantations, amazing sunsets, and sandy beaches. Home of Hale'iwa, "Surf City, U.S.A."
SURFING & BODY BOARDINGNORTH SHORE: The the world-renowned North Shore deserves a map all by itself. That's why you should own a copy of Franko's Map of Oahu Surfing. For SURF LESSONS, check with the North Shore Surf and Cultural Museum in Hale'iwa's North Shore Marketplace Tel. 637-8888.SOUTH SHORE: Waikiki is famous for it's surfing and the South Shore is full of good surf spots. To take surf lessons, inquire at any surf rental spot on Waikiki Beach. The local beach boys will set you up.
SNORKELING & SCUBA DIVINGSNORKELING: Hanauma Bay is one of the most snorkeled place on earth for good reason. It is spectacular in or out of the water. It is easy to get to via bus or rental car. Snorkeling gear is available to rent right on the beach. If you are experienced, get out beyond the Inner Reef where it is not crowded. Lots of of good snorkeling can also be found on the North Shore, but not during the winter surf! For tours with snorkeling adventures check with activities centers or dive shops. Waikiki itself and Magic Island can have surprisingly good snorkeling too.SCUBA DIVING: There are dozens of fantastic places to enjoy the underwater scenery of Oahu. For details, you should own a copy of Franko's Dive Map of Oahu. There are reefs, wrecks, caverns, walls, overhangs, and every kind of diving you could want in clear, warm, tropical waters. Check dive shops and activity centers for boat and beach dives.
WINDSURFING, OCEAN KAYAKING, JETSKIINGLESSONS & RENTALS: The hottest spot for windsurfing is Kailua Beach, right where the sport was invented. Hale'iwa, Waikiki and other spots offer lessons and rentals as well. Sit-on-top ocean kayaking is growing in popularity so fast that it has become available all around Oahu. Guided tours are available via activities centers. Jetskis are available in Koko Marina.
HORSEBACK RIDINGRENTALS: Several great places to ride with a rented equine friend including the beach at the Hotel at Turtle Bay, tel. 293-8811; Kualoa Ranch Horses, tel. 237-7321; and Happy Trails Hawaii in Pupukea, tel. 638-7433.
MOUNTAIN BIKING & CRUISING BIKESRENTALS & TOURS: There are many places in Waikiki and around Oahu to rent mountain bikes or to go with guided tours into the island interior. There are numerous beach cruisers and road bikes for rent for those who would like to simply cruise around Waikiki or down the coast past Diamond Head.
SIDE 2 of Franko's Guide Map of OahuSide 2 is actually the original side 1 of this map, because Waikiki, which is mapped and detailed here, is such an important and huge part of Oahu tourism and activity. This side of the map includes Franko's Map of Waikiki and Oahu South Shore Details. The entire South Shore from Honolulu to Makapu'u Head, Oahu's easternmost point, is shown so that the viewer can get a close-up view of the island topography, including Diamond Head Crater. The highlight of this side of the map is the superbly detailed map of Waikiki, which shows where everything is, including most of the hotels, Kapiolani Park, Ala Moana Beach Park, Waikiki Beach, the Ala Moana Shopping Center, the International Market Place, over 200 buildings, the DFS Galleria, the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center, Ala Wai Harbor, Ala Wai Canal, Ala Wai Golf Course, and much more. This map of Waikiki is the very best there is. On the Oahu South Shore detail there is a needed bonus - exactly how to get to Waikiki from the freeway. Just in case the picture does not suffice, beneath the side 2 title block is the caption “Directions In & Out of Waikiki.” That ought to help! If you look closely, you will also find that the South Shore of Oahu has a number of trails for the hikers. This is true with side 1 of the map as well. There are something like 5 dozen captions informing you about what there is to see and do in Waikiki and on Oahu's South Shore on side 2 of this map. There are about that many again on side 1 of the map. With all of this information, and with such a fabulous island to explore, the map reader may find it necessary to book a very, very long trip to Oahu - like a year! Oahu is so wonderful that is was not that hard to find a lot to put on this map. Refining is and narrowing it down was the hard part. In the end, it appears that I've written a book on things to see and do in Oahu. But it is still a map, the best that I know of for Oahu or perhaps any island. I love Oahu and I think this map is fantastic for exploring Oahu. Below are the captions for side 2 of the map. Get a map asap so you can follow the captions along.
DIAMOND HEAD STATE MONUMENT "Le'ahi" in Hawaiian is Hawaii's most famous landmark. It is a100,000 year-old volcanic tuff cone. A steep trail up the inside wall of crater leads to spectacular view of Waikiki and outer islands from it's summit on a clear day.
ATLANTIS SUBMARINE TOUR View coral reefs, marine life and sunken wrecks aboard a real submarine that descends up to 100 feet (30m) deep in Waikiki waters near a popular scuba diving area. For reservations call 973-9811.
WAIKIKI BEACH The most famous beach in the world. Wonderful place for vacationers from everywhere. Shows, restaurants, shops, activities, and a mile of people watching and relaxing along the spectacular beach.
KEWALO BASIN For a big game fishing charter, "Walk the dock" in the evening hours or call Sport Fishing Hawaii at 396-2607.
MISSION HOUSES MUSEUM Oldest frame house in Hawaii (1821). Home of Hawaii's first Christian missionaries. Open Tues. thru Sat.
KAKA'AKO WATERFRONT PARK World class bodysurfing site, promenade, picnicking, and amphitheater.
HONOLULU HARBOR Cruise ship terminal for all passenger lines at piers 10 & 11 by Aloha Tower. Catamaran & dinner cruises at pier 8.
ALOHA TOWER MARKETPLACE Landmark at pier 9 with waterfront shopping, outdoor dining, enter- tainment, and Honolulu Harbor views.
HAWAII MARITIME CENTER Ancient & modern Hawaiian maritime and surfing history. Features the ocean canoe "Hokulea", & the 4-masted schooner "Falls of Clyde". Site was once Kamehameha IV's boathouse.
'IOLANI PALACE The Royal Palace of Hawaii's Monarchy. This is the only royal palace in the United States. Royal Hawaiian Band free concerts every Fri. at noon. Guided tours available Tues.-Sat. Reservations recommended - tel. 522-0832
CHINATOWN Lei shops, open air markets, "pake" stores, fish auction, Chinese culture.
HILO HATTIE Flagship store. Largest retailer of Hawaiian and island lifestyle products. A "Fun-One-Stop-Hawaiian-Shopping-Experience".
PAIKO LAGOON STATE WILDLIFE SANCTUARY Ideal native wetland bird watching.
HANAUMA BAY STATE UNDERWATER PARK Beautiful crescent beach formed when the sea eroded one side of a volcanic tuff cone. Snorkeling in calm, shallow ”Inner Reef” with tame tropical reef fishes. ”Outer Reef” slopes to 70' (21m) depth with coral gardens & green sea turtles. Educational visitor center overlooks Hanauma Bay. Closed Tuesdays.
HALONA BLOW HOLE Ocean swells surge into lava tube & spout up 50 ft. (16 m) high.Whale watching in season. Next to "From Here to Eternity" Beach at Halona Cove.
SANDY BEACH PARK Bodysurfing, bodyboarding in neck-busting shore-break. Caution: Advanced surfers only. Tourists should stay out!
MAKAPU'U LIGHTHOUSE Great hiking trails to spectacular views, tide pools, Kaupo lava flow, Oahu's most recent (25,000 years new).
MAKAPU'U BEACH Good bodysurfing, popular fishing.
SEA LIFE PARK Dolphin shows, family fun. Dedicated to marine conservation.
Franko's Guide Map of WAIKIKI
ALA MOANA SHOPPING CENTER Largest open-air mall in America, with allkinds of great stores and a giant food court.
HONOLULU ACADEMY OF THE ARTS Italian Renaissance, Japanese, & AmericanArt exhibits. This is the center of fine arts in Hawaii.
MAUI DIVERS JEWELRY DESIGN CENTER Visit Hawaii's largest fine jewelry manufacturer. Educational tour with movie and priceless exhibits.
WARD SHOPPING AREA Stores, Books, Food and Souvenirs.
WAIKIKI'S BEST POLYNESIAN DINNER SHOW: Visit Kalo's South Seas Review in the Hawaiian Hut at the Ala Moana Hotel. Reservations: 941-5205
WAIKIKI TROLLEY - Fun & easy transportation in & around Waikiki & Honolulu. Main stop is at the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center.
Ala Wai Golf Course: The busiest golf course in the world. Over 180,000 rounds of golf per year!
HONOLULU ZOO Great zoo with fabulous botanical display. Special concerts & events.
WAIKIKI SHELL Acoustically great amphitheater for concerts.
KAPIOLANI PARK & BEACH A sandy beach with protective coral reef for snorkeling and swimming. Park has picnicking, softball, tennis, soccer, rugby, trails for jogging and bicycling.
WAIKIKI AQUARIUM Hawaii's tropical sea life in beautiful, natural settings. RareHawaiian monk seals, green sea turtles, sharks, and living corals are also on display.
KUHIO BEACH, WAIKIKI Swimming in warm, calm water. Excellent snorkeling for beginners, tourists & children. Tropical fish and moray eels in breakwater.
WAIKIKI BEACH CENTER Free evening Hawaiian concerts.
OCEANARIUM 280,000 gallons of seawater, 70 species.
CANOES Surf in an outrigger canoe at Waikiki's main surf break on easy, slow waves. Surfboard and bodyboard rentals and lessons available on Waikiki Beach. Best in Summer's southerly swells.
DUKE KAHANAMOKU STATUE Father of modern surfing, Ambassador of ALOHA.
KINGS GUARD RIFLE TEAM retires Hawaiian Colors at 6 p.m. daily at King's Village.
INTERNATIONAL MARKET PLACE Open air bazaar amongst tropical trees in heart of Waikiki. International food court.
ROYAL HAWAIIAN SHOPPING CENTER Great shopping, daily Polynesian music anddance events, fine dining and fast foods. Main stop for the WAIKIKI TROLLEY.
BEACH CAT Ride one of Waikiki's beach catamarans.
U.S. ARMY MUSEUM Coastal defense battery with military memorabilia from early Hawaiian period through Vietnam War.
HILTON PIER Atlantis Submarine tour departure. Catamaran sailing.
ALA MOANA BOWLS Famous hollow left surf break in Southerly swells knee todouble-overhead high.
FRIDAY NIGHT SAIL BOAT RACES HYC, 5:15 p.m. staggered start. Race fromAla Wai Harbor to Honolulu Harbor and back. Best viewed from Magic Island.
MAGIC ISLAND Easy entry at sheltered cove for snorkeling and scuba diving.Lots of tropical fish, rock bottom beyond breakwater with caves & corals. Watch out for surfers.
ALA MOANA BEACH PARK 1/2 mile of sandy beach with protective coral reef. Picnic areas, softball field, tennis courts, world class surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, and concessions.
SUNSET DINNER CRUISES See Waikiki from offshore. Plan a romantic evening adventure at any activities desk. Cruises leave from Kewalo Basin and Honolulu Harbor.
KEWALO BASIN Home of sunset dinner cruises, and big game fishing charters.
KEWALO BASIN PARK Promenade, trellised picnic area, & showers.
Frankos Hawaiian Islands Reef Creatures Guide

Side 1 is alike the other fish cards of the Hawaiian Islands in Frankos repertoire except that rather than depicting an individual island it shows the whole island chain in a mini map. The eight islands of Kauai Oahu Maui Hawaii Lanai Molokai Niihau and Kahoolawe string out across the deep Pacific like jewels. One can envision the island chain being formed island-by-island over multiple-millions of years as they arc across the middle of the North Pacific Ocean. A few of Frankos favorite snorkeling spots are shown near the islands as well. They include the likes of Hanauma Bay on Oahu to Kealakekua on the Big Island. The map is a taken from Frankos Map of Hawaii The Big Island which also shows all of the main Hawaiian Islands. The ocean blue has humpback whales spinner dolphins and a Hawaiian monk seal depicted on the blue ocean. The State of Hawaiis main towns are shown and if you look really close you might even notice the roads. Hawaii visitors to any island are likely to go snorkeling. This is possibly Hawaiis number one activity. This little map is representative of The State of Hawaiis unequaled beauty both land and at sea.Side 2 shows the wonderful reef life of the Hawaiian Islands. Even though there are six other fish cards representing the individual islands of Hawaii so many people have asked for a picture of the whole island chain like this that I simply had to make it. The fish shown include over 80 species including a dozen or so that are found nowhere else on earth. The Hawaiian fish shown are selected from about 435 species that exist in Hawaii and are based on Frankos personal exploration. The colors and the means of showing them are based on personal observation. The naming of the fish in Hawaiian as well as English is helped by the experts at the Maui Ocean Center The Pacific Whale Foundation Hanauma Bay rangers The Waikiki Aquarium and local knowledge. The fish card which measure 6" x 9" is printed on plastic and then laminated so that it is stiff shiny and waterproof. It has a hole for a lanyard so you can actually take it diving or snorkeling. I use a thick rubber band from a one-use underwater camera as an effective lanyard for mine.

- Identification Cards