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Franko's fish cards are stiff, laminated plastic, with a hole for a lanyard. Take it snorkeling or scuba diving with you! Size of Fish Cards: 5.5" x 8.5"

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Franko’s HMCS Yukon Deck Plan & Fish Identifier

Side 1 shows Franko’s HMCS Yukon Deck Plan as provided by the Canadian navy, and as modified by Franko, to correctly show the ship as she lies on her port side facing almost due North in 102' of water.  This is not just a good dive, it is about 20 good dives.  It is no wonder that the Yukon has become a dive destination for thousands of people from everywhere.  The 366 feet long ship was prepared for intentional sinking in July 2000, but accidently went down a day early, and unintentionally landed on her port side.  Most divers think it is better and more interesting this way.  It short order she has become victim of mother nature, in that she now hosts millions of living things, and has thousands of tons of sand and silt in her, via the openings that were originally cut for divers and fish to go in and out of.  Although it is unlikely that a diver will encounter one there, a lone gray whale is depicted by the ship to give a perspective of her size.  The ship is detailed with the locations of the ins and outs of the ship for divers, as well as the names of many of the compartments, per the Canadian Incident Board drawing.

Side 2 shows Franko’s Yukon Fish Identifier, which is largely based on personal observation of what is there.  Sure there are other creatures that come and go, and some of these creatures may not show themselves when you are there, but this will give you an idea of what to look for, and if you take this card along, it may also help you to know where you are.  Fish shown include the white sea bass, for which this structure is intended to provide a home and breeding ground.  Lots of common big and little fish of the local waters and kelp forests swim in and out of the Yukon.  Unlike the divers, they don’t seem to be confused by the ship’s sideways orientation.  Scuba diving the Yukon ranks high on the interest meter.  Lots of dive classes have used this fish card for it’s naval architectural layout of the ship as they discuss wreck diving.  In additional to local sales, I’ve sold them in places such as Texas, Oregon, Hawaii and the Caribbean.

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