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Franko's Dive Map of Oahu
The purpose of the Franko Oahu Dive Map is to provide the reader with a listing and description of every scuba and snorkeling location on Oahu. Suggestions for improvements are appreciated.
Side 1 of Franko's Dive Map of Oahu shows a view of the whole island, with its mountain ranges shown in beautiful green shaded relief, as well as its freeways and major roads, plus creeks, trails and things to see or places to go. For a complete picture of everything there is to see and do on Oahu, see also Franko's Guide Map of Oahu. See also Franko's Map of Oahu Surfing for all of the surfing locations on the island along with descriptions for each.
Beyond the island, the ocean waters are shown in beautiful shades of tropical ocean blue, indicating ocean depth contours. All about the island there are descriptions of its fabulous scuba and snorkeling spots, famous surfing spots, and great places to visit. Favorite dive spots include Hanauma Bay, possibly the most snorkeled spot on earth, and also Magic Island right next to Waikiki, the wreck of the Y0-257, which is visited by the Atlantis tourist submarine right out of Waikiki, the M. V Mahi on Oahu's west where eagle rays soar by, Turtles, where numerous green sea turtles can been seen on almost any day, U'lua Cave, or Black Rock, where white tip reef sharks guard a big cave, and many more. The North Shore not only features dive spots like Shark's Cove, Snagles, Turtle Street and Hale'iwa Trench, but also great surfing spots like Sunset Beach, Banzai Pipeline, Waimea Bay, Chun's Reef, Laniakea, and Hale'iwa. Follow Franko's map to Laniakea and check out the old, 300-pound green sea turtles grazing on the algae right at the beach, or even resting on the beach there, as they have for thousands of years. The East Shore shows the map owner where to find the Polynesian Cultural Center (the PCC to the locals), the Mormon Hawaii Temple, which is probably the most beautiful edifice in the State of Hawaii, and Sandy Beach, famous for it's body-whomping heavy shorebreak, which commonly ruins a few unwary tourists' vacations, as they find out just how powerful the beautiful ocean can be. Around the map there is a collection of artwork of tropical fish, which are named in Hawaiian and English, and depicted in a reef environment with photos by Franko.
Side one descriptions of dive spots (and some surf spots and things to see and do) are as follows:
KAHUKU LEDGE 70' + (21m+) Adv.Boat dive. Deep ledge 3. 4 Mi. (1.2 Km) Offshore. Almost always too rough for dive boat visit. Pristine. Turtles. Reef fish. Lobsters. Shells. Yellowfin tuna. Pelagic
SUNSET BEACH Great break for swells from all directions in Winter. Personality changes with swell. Great rights. Point closes out at 6' + (2m+) then shifts to middle reef. Crowded.Dangerous rip current handy for getting out when big
BANZAI PIPELINE Unforgiving waves in Winter WNW swell. One of world's great left breaks. Shallow & sharp bottom. Several reefs outside create break when big
SHARK'S (PUPUKEA) COVE 20' - 60' (6 - 18m) Beg. - Adv.Named for shape of rocks. Beach entry. Calm May - Oct.. Best N shore dive. Excellent diving outside cove. Many caves. Night diving. Colorful corals. Crabs. Nudibranchs.Shells. Children snorkel in tidepools
SNAGLE'S (FIRE STATION) 25' - 50' (8 - 15m) Int. - Adv.Beach entry by fire station. 1000'-(300m) long wall. Lava tubes. Arches. Lobsters. Moray eels. Parrotfish
THREE TABLES 20' - 60' (6 - 18m) Int. - Adv.Beach dive. Named for 3 seaward rock ledges. Arches, overhangs & crevases. N side is best
WAIMEA BAY World's most famous big-wave break. Advanced & experts only. Best on WNW swell to 30' (9m). Waimea shorebreak is especially wicked & dangerous
WAIMEA BAY 10' - 30' (3 - 9m) Beg.Summer beach dive at beautiful bay. Best visibility out at 20'+ (6m+) depth. Volcanic boulders. Small tropical fish. Excellent novice snorkeling. Caution: Winter surf
WAIMEA WALLS 25' - 60' (8 - 18m) Int. - Adv.Shore access or boat dive. 3 lava fingers line up seaward from 25' (8m) depth. Lava tube. Encrusted with coral
CHUN'S REEF Four different peaks according to conditions make nice right tubes & short lefts. Best at knee-high to just overhead. Good hotdog scene
LANIAKEA Two surf breaks - bigger outside shoulder ride sometimes connects to inside screaming right tube. Watch out for board-busting clean-out sets
HALE'IWA Fast & hollow. Best in NW winter swells, knee-high to double-overhead. Best surf lessons spot
TURTLE STREET 25' - 35' (8 - 11m) Beg. - Int.Boat dive. Half-mi. off Kaiaka Bay. Coral. Arches. Overhangs. Turtles in 150' wide by 300' long crack
HALE'IWA TRENCH 35' - 100'+ (11 - 30m+) Int. - Adv.Beach accessible from Hale'iwa Boat Harbor. 1. 4 Mi (400m) off Kaiaka Bay. Fissure 300' (90m) wide by 100' (30m) deep. Arches. Coral. Whitetips. Hammerheads
WAIALUA WALL 10' - 80' (3 - 24m) Beg. - Adv.Boat dive. 3 Mi. (5 Km) long ledge. Coral covered. Cracks & caves. Reef fish. Turtles. Lobsters. Moray eels
DEVIL'S ROCK 0' - 90' (0 - 27m) Int. - Adv.Boat dive. Rock sticks out 5' (1.5m). 1. 2 Mi. (.8 Km) off E end of airfield. Rock drops to sandy bottom. Coral. Reef fish. Sea shells
KAHUNA CANYON 35' - 100' (11 - 30m) Int. - Adv.Boat dive. Bowl formation with 500' (150m) long canyon on Eastern side toward shore. Coral. Moray eels. Shells. Large pelagics. Crabs. Lobsters
KA'ENA POINT 20' - 100'+ (6 - 30m+) Int. - Adv.Boat dive. Rarely visited due to strong currents, high surf & location. Pelagic species. Lots of reef fish
YOKOHAMA BAY Shortboard surfing on quick pitching, thick left tubes & mean rightpeaks in S & W swells. Crunching shorebreak
YOKOHAMA BAY 0' - 40' (0 - 12m) Beg. - Adv.Aka: PRAY FOR SEX BEACH Beach or rocky entry. Great snorkeling. Coralformations. Plentiful reef fish. Caution: Strong currents. High surf
MAKUA VALLEY RIDGE 30' - 45' (9 - 14m) Beg. - Adv.Beach dive. Great visibility. Collapsed lava tube dhannel 250' (75m) out. Ridge extends due W. Many shells incl. snakehead cowries, mitre shells, helmet shells
KEA'AU CORNERS 35' - 70' (11 - 21m) Beg. - Adv.Beach dive to 1 Mile (1.6 Km) long ledge. Archways. Overhangs. Lobsters. Octopuses. Turtles. Palaegic fish
LAND OF OZ 20' - 70' (6 - 21m) Beg. - Adv.Beach or boat dive. Rugged lava reef with tubes, arches & caves. Lobster. Reef fish. Octopuses. Whitetips. Site also called KEALOA STARS
MAKAHA CAVERNS 20' - 40' (6 - 12m) Beg. - Int.Beach or boat entry. Swim-thru lava Caves. Ledges. Overhangs. ”Tripod”, the 3-Finned Turtle. Triggerfish. Sqirrelfish. Whitetip reef sharks. Moray eels. Octopuses.Coral. Spinner dolphins. Occasional manta tays
MAKAHA Famous semi-reef point break. Variable surf lineup in S, NW or wrapping N swells, 3' - 30' (1 - 9m) High. giant bowl during big surf. Heavy local crowd. Fab sunsets
TURTLE REEF 20' - 45' (3 - 14m) Beg. - IntBoat dive near cabanas. Good morning dive. Trench with reef life. Sanctuary for turtles. Tons of tropical fish
U'LUA CAVE (BLACK ROCK) 40' - 86' (12 - 26m) Int. - Adv.Boat dive. Descend along wall to cavernous room at bottom. Squirrelfish. Octopuses. Tubastrae coral on cave ceiling. Many invertebrates. ”Franz” the yellowmargin moray - largest one around. Whitetip reef sharks may block cave entry. Bring dive light
AIRPLANE 65' - 95' Int. - Adv. (22 - 29m)Boat dive 1 Mi. (1.6 Km) off Wai'inae Boat Harbor. Upside down Beech twin engine seaplane sunk in 1986, then moved by Hurricane Iniki in 1992. Surrounding reef rises to 65' (20m).Humpback whales pass by in season
TURTLES 15' - 35' (5 - 11m) Beg. - Int.Boat dive. Good second dive right off harbor entry. Coral-encrusted rock bottom. Sandy areas. Swim throughs. lots of turtles. All kinds of moray eels. Trumpet fish. Urchins
M. V MAHI 50' - 92' (15 - 28m) Int. - Adv.Popular boat dive 1 Mi. (1.6 Km) off Ma'ali Pt.. 165', 800-ton navy cable-layer sunken intact in 1982. 90' (27m) avg. depth. Sandy bottom'. Wheelhouse @ 60' (18m). Sponges &corals encrust wreck. Puffers. Butterflyfish. Moray eels. Lionfish. Turtles. Passing humpback whales in season. Resident eagle rays. Caution: Ship is too corroded to enter
ELECTRIC BEACH (KAHE PT.) 0' - 30' (0 - 9m) Beg. - Int.Usually calm beach entry at Kahe Pt. Beach Park. White sand. Patches of coral. Powerplant discharge forms artificial reef. Sea turtles. Moorish idols. Butterflyfish. Eagle rays. Spinner dolphins. Excellent snorkeling when calm Note: A 15' (4.5m) female Tiger Shark frequents this area
TECH REEF 10' - 20' (3 - 6m) Beg.Beach entry @ end of old sugar cane railroad past campsites. Shallow. Great snorkeling . Much cauliflower coral. Tiger cowries. Baby turtles. Baby Whitetip reef sharks. Many small fish
PINNACLE 10' - 40' (3 - 12m) Beg. - Int.Boat or beach dive to row of big columns of an old dock. All kinds of fish. Some sharks. Caution: Currents
PEARL HARBOR Home of the U.S. Navy in Hawaii. The USS ARIZONA MEMORIAL honors over 1100 men who died aboard the ship in the infamous attack on Pearl Harboron December 7, 1941, which drew the U.S. into World War II.
“POINT PANIC” West of Ala Moana Park - body surfing only on beautiful right barrel when surf is over chest high
ALA MOANA BEACH Best surf on south shore of Oahu
MAGIC ISLAND 0' - 70' (0 - 21m) Beg. - Int.Easy access makes site popular. Entry at sheltered beach & swim area of Magic Is. Cove at Ala Moana Beach Park. Rock bottom to 300' (90m) from breakwater with small caves. Coral& sand beyond. Excellent for beginners. Excellent snorkeling
YO-257 40' - 100' (12 - 30m) Int. - Adv.Boat dive. 1943 Navy oiler sunk for reef in 1989. Access holes cut in upright ship. Moored descent lines. Reef fish inhabit. Moray eels. Green sea turtles. "Atlantis" submarine tour visits site. The “SAN PEDRO” was sunk next to “YO-257” 1996
DIAMOND HEAD STATE MONUMENT "Le'ahi" in Hawaiian, is Hawaii's most famous landmark. It is a 100,000 year-old volcanic tuff cone.
HANAUMA BAY STATE UNDERWATER PARKFabulouslybeautiful beach with calm ”Inner Reef” with tame tropical fish. ”Outer Reef” slopes to 70' with coral gardens, green sea turtles, & reef fish. On the bluff above the bay there is a great new visitors center to educate visitors about reef life.
NU'UANU PALI LOOKOUT Site where King Kamehameha defeated Oahu ChiefKalanikupuli, forcing the opponents off the cliff, beginning the uniting of the Hawaiian Islands
MOKOLEA 35' - 70' (11 - 21m) Int. - Adv.Boat dive. Excellent coral. Many reef fish. Whitetip reef sharks. Caution: “MolokaiExpress” current
MOKU MANU 15' - 90' (5 - 27m) Int. - Adv.Boat dive at seaward side of two islets. Not often visited. National Seabird Sanctuarty. Coral surrounds islands . Surgeonfish. Parrotfish. Jacks. Turtles. Moray eels.Lobsters. Caution: Strong current between islets & peninsula makes diving there prohibitive
HE'EIA STATE PARK Coastal picnic & beach site. Party hall rentals
KAHANA VALLEY STATE PARK Scenic wild valley. Beach activities. Pinicking. Camping. Hiking. Pig hunting
POLYNESIAN CULTURAL CENTER Authentic Hawaiian luau amongst genuine Polynesian villages from Tonga, Fiji, Tahiti, Samoa, the Marquesas, New Zealand, and Hawaii. Wonderful canoe pageant. Marketplace. IMAX theater
MORMON HAWAII TEMPLE Beautiful garden grounds surround this white coral temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Visitor center features breathtakingreplica of "The Christus" statue
MOKU'AUIA 6' - 40' (2 - 12m) Beg. - Int.Beach entry. Shallow dive. Small holes in lava with cowries, lobsters, crabs & octopuses. Reef fish everywhere. Caution: North swell degrades conditions
MALAEKAHANA STATE RECREATION AREA Wooded Beach Park. Camping. Lodging. Fishing
Side 2 shows Franko's Map of Waikiki & Oahu South Shore Details. The entire South Shore from Honolulu to Makapu'u Head, Oahu's easternmost point, is shown so that the viewer can get a close-up view of the island topography, including Diamond Head Crater. More things to do, places to visit, dive and diving sites are shown. The highlight of this side of the map is the superbly detailed map of Waikiki, which shows where everything is, including most of the hotels, Kapiolani Park, Ala Moana Beach Park, Waikiki Beach, the Ala Moana Shopping Center, the International Market Place, over 200 buildings, the DFS Galleria, the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center, Ala Wai Harbor, Ala Wai Canal, Ala Wai Golf Course, and much more. Local well known surfing, snorkeling and diving spots are shown with descriptions as well. This map of Waikiki is the very best there is, except for the one that appears on Franko's Guide Map of Oahu, With Things to See and Do.
Side two descriptions of dive spots (and some surf spots and things to see and do) are as follows:
KEWALOS (SHARK'S HOLE) Long hollow left barrels dump into channel, short hollow rights. Cooks in summer S, SE & SW swells
CONCESSIONS Shortboards & Bodyboarding. Quick tubes. Rights & lefts in Summer S swell, knee to head high
TURTLE REEF 0' - 40' (0 - 12m)Turtles in pockets in sides of reef. Lobster. Shrimp. Trumpetfish. Sergeant majors. Moorish idols
TENNIS COURTS Straight off tennis courts. Surfboards & bodyboards. Long rights sometimes hollow. Short lefts. Best in Summer SE & S swells
ALA MOANA BEACH PARK 1. 2 mile of sandy beach with protective coral reef. Picnic areas. Softball field. Tennis courts. World class surfing. Snorkeling. Scuba diving. Swimming. Concessions
BABY HALE'IWA Breaks right when chest high+. When head high+ produces thick short lefts called BIG LEFTS
RAINBOW REEF 0' - 40' (0 - 12m) Beg.Beach Dive from Ala Moana Beach Park
BAMBURAS Shortboards & longboards. Long, heavy lefts to head high in S swells. SECRETS is same spot further out
MAGIC ISLAND 0' - 50'+ (0 - 15m+) Beg. - Int.Easy access makes site popular. Entry @ sheltered beach & swim area of Magic Is. Cove @ Ala Moana Beach Park. Rock bottom to 300' (90m) from shore with caves, coral & sand
SHOPPING: The Waikiki area is covered with magical shops with products from Hawaii, the Pacific and Asia. Major shopping centers near Waikiki include Ala Moana Shopping Center, The Ward Centres, Aloha Tower Marketplace and Kahala Mall. Free Buses will take you to the Hilo Hattie Flagship Store and the Maui Divers Jewelry Design Center.
TheBus (808) 848-5555 - Oahu's transit system is one of the best in the world. Go anywhere in Waikiki, Honolulu, or around the island at a bargain rate.
ALA MOANA SHOPPING CENTER Largest open-air mall in America, with allkinds of great stores and a giant food court.
BOWLS (ALA MOANA) Section has famous hollow left break in S swell knee to double-overhead. Surf early to avoid crowds
KAISERS In front of Hilton Village. Hot right tube. Mushy, easy lefts in S Swell. Best at thigh to overhead high. Big summer crowds
ROYAL HAWAIIAN SHOPPING CENTER Great shopping, daily Polynesian music & dance events, fine dining & fast foods. Main stop for the WAIKIKI TROLLEY, which goes all around Waikiki & Honolulu & beyond (808) 596-2199.
ALA WAI GOLF COURSE The busiest golf course in the world. Over 180,000 rounds of golf per year!
INTERNATIONAL MARKET PLACE Open air bazaar amongst tropical trees in heart of Waikiki. International food court.
THREES Fabulous long right wall on a juicy summer south swell. Paddle out in channel
POPS Off Sheraton Waikiki. Long hollow rights, poor mushy lefts. Best at chest to head high. Fast inside section for shortboards
FIRST BREAK Needs overhead surf to show. Easy riding lefts and rights for longboards
QUEENS Great first Hawaiian surfing experience. Best in S & SW Summer swells at waist to shoulder high
CANOES Waikiki's main surf break. Outrigger surfing. Easy, slow waves. Best in Summer in all southerly swells
DUKE KAHANAMOKU STATUE Father of modern surfing, and the Ambassador of the Aloha Spirit
WAIKIKI BEACH CENTER Free evening Hawaiian concerts
KUHIO BEACH, WAIKIKI 0' - 10' (0 - 3m) Beg.Excellent snorkeling for beginners, tourists & children. Tropical fish. Moray eels in breakwater
THE WALL,Bodysurfing break. Needs chest high to show
CUNHA'S Easy lefts and faster inside rights outside
PUBLICS Mostly bodyboarding. Long lefts, hollow at low tide. Best in S swell, waist high+
WAIKIKI AQUARIUM Hawaii's tropical sea life on display. Rare Hawaiian monk seals, green sea turtles, sharks, & living corals are also on display.
HONOLULU ZOO Great zoo with fabulous botanical display.Special concerts & events.
WAIKIKI SHELL Acoustically great amphitheater for concerts.
KAPIOLANI PARK & BEACH A sandy beach with protective coral reef for snorkeling and swimming. Park has picnicking, softball, tennis, soccer, rugby, trails for jogging and bicycling.
SAND ISLAND STATE RECREATION AREA End of Sand Island Access Rd.. Coastal Park. Picnicking. Camping. Small beach. Boat ramp
ALOHA TOWER MARKETPLACE Landmark with waterfront shopping & entertainment
HAWAII MARITIME CENTER Ancient & modern Hawaiian maritime & surfing history & the "Falls of Clyde" 4-masted schooner tour
'IOLANI PALACE STATE MONUMENT Royal Palace of Hawaiian Monarchy Since 1882. Nat'l Historic Landmark. Tours. Friday concerts
KAKA'AKO WATERFRONT PARK Beach activities. Bodysurfing. Promenade. Picnic. Amphitheater
MISSION HOUSES MUSEUM Original headquarters of Hawaii's first Christian mission (1821 to 1840).
KEWALO BASIN Next to Ala Moana Beach Park. Promenade. Trellised picnic Area. Showers
SEA TIGER 80' - 100'+ (24 - 30m+) Adv.Boat dive. Korean fishing boat sunk for reef in 1998. Lots of turtles. Tropical fish everywhere
YO-257 35' - 100' (20 - 30m) Int. - Adv.Atlantis Submarine Tour visits site. Scuba divers visit via boat. The YO-257 was a 1943 110' (33m) Navy oiler sunk for reef in 1989. Access holes cut in upright ship. Moored descent lines. Reef fish inhabit. The “SAN PEDRO” was sunk next to “YO-257” in 1996
DIAMOND HEAD STATE MONUMENTOahu's most famous landmark. Steep trail inside crater to 760' summit. Waikiki views are fabulous.
100' HOLE 70' - 90' (21 - 27m) Int. - AdvBoat dive. Named by exagerating fishermen. Tumbled lava rocks form caves. Cauliflower coral. Crabs. Lobsters. Octopuses. Moray eels. Turtles. Whitetip reef sharks
SUICIDES Long lefts, short rights. Breaks all year. Caution: Coral heads, pier pilings
CLIFFS Below cliffs. Often blown out, but that makes it perfect for windsurfers
PU'U 'UALAKA'A STATE WAYSIDE View of Diamond Head, Pearl Harbor, Honolulu, & Manoa Valley. Picnicking. Hiking
WA'AHILA RIDGE STATE RECREATION Area - Wildland. Starpine Forest. Picnicking. Views. Hiking
TURTLE CANYON 30' - 40' Beg. - Int.Common boat dive site. Calm, protected. Coral. Many friendly turtles. Moray eels. Octopuses. Moorish idols. Butterflyfish
CORSAIR 107' (34m) Adv.Boat dive. 1946 Corsair airplane ditched due to running out of fuel. Sits on white sand at 107' (32m). Orange sponge on aft landing hook. Antler coral by cockpit
SIX FINGERS 35 - 50' (11 - 15m) Beg. -Adv.Boat or beach dive. Six lava fingers rise to 10' (3m) high out of sand. Coral. All kinds of reef fish. Invertebrates. ANGLEFISH REEF is just west. Known for frogfish & corals
FANTASY REEF & KAHALA BARGE 50' - 70' (15 - 21m) Int. - Adv.Reef is a boat dive inshore of Kahala Barge. Large reef. Lave fingers undercut. Moray eels. Turtles. Whitetip reef sharks. Eagle rays. Manta rays. Barge is 200' (60m) & upright. Sunk for reef. Caution: Sharp edges
DOMINIQUE'S WALL 35' - 95' (11 - 29m) Adv.Boat dive. Drift dive starts @ 95' (29m), then goes W along wall near Portlock. Large moray eels. Octopuses. Turtles. Palagics such as mahimahi & yellowfin tuna. Ulua (jacks). Eagle rays. Caution: Current makes this a drift dive only
HANAUMA BAY STATE UNDERWATER PARK 0' - 70' (0 - 21m) Beg. - Adv.Fabulously beautiful beach snorkeling. Calm ”Inner Reef” depth is < 6' (2m) with tame buttlerflyfish, sargeant majors, & parrotfish. ”Outer Reef” slopes to 70' (21m) with coral gardens, turtles & all kinds of reef fish. “Witch's Brew” @ SW Cornerhas turbulent surge. “The Slot” is a passage thru inner barrier reef on SW side of bay. Caution: Strong outflow current thru passages when returning to Inner Reef. Wonderful visitors center by parking lot above bay
HANAUMA BAY PINNACLE 20' - 70' (6 - 21m) Adv.Boat dive. Side walls of pinnacle have sponges, seastars & nudibranchs. Sea shells. Corals. Moorish idols. Whitetip reef sharks. Caution: Strong “Molokai Express” current
LANA'I LOOKOUT 30' - 90'+ (9 - 27m+) Int. - Adv.Boat entry (some daring divers leap in off 5' (1.5m) ledge). Deep dive. Reef fish. Eagle rays. Whitetip reef sharks. Non-boaters exit toward blowhole
BLOWHOLE 10' - 60' (3 - 18m) Int. - Adv.When flat only, beach or boat dive @ blowhole cove. Rocky. Coral patches. Lavender octocorals. Sandy areas. Full of reef fish. Caution: “Molokai Express” current is strong in the Ka'iwi Channel. Surge & waves slam undercut rock wall
HALONA BLOWHOLE - The "Peering Place" is a lava tube that turns ocean swells into a spectacular natural geyser.
SANDY BEACH 50' - 90' (15 - 27m) Int. - Adv.Boat dive only. Offshore ledge. Caves. Drop-offs. Plentiful lemon butterflyfish. Parrotfish. Moorish idols. Caution: Heavy surf common near shore
SANDY BEACH Bodysurfing, bodyboarding, skim-boarding. Pounding, neck-busting shorebreak. Best in Winter, but good all year with any S swell. Caution: Very advanced, tourists should stay out
MAKAPU'U LIGHTHOUSE Great hiking trails to spectacular views
SEA LIFE PARK Dolphin shows. Family fun. Dedicated to marine conservation & education
MAKAPU'U BEACH0' - 40' (0 - 12m) Int.Beach Entry. Good Night Dive. Sand & Coral. All Kinds of Reef Fish. Caution: Tidal Currents
MANANA ISLAND20' - 100'+ (6 - 30m+) Int. - Adv.Manana & Kaohikaipu Is. accessible by boat. Seaward side has shells. Plentiful tropical fish. Whitetip reef sharks. Caution: “Molokai Express” sweeps divers out to sea

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