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Orange County Coast

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Side 1 Franko's Map of Orange County Coast is the best dive map of Orange County ever made. Besides Orange County dive spots, the map also features a nice shaded relief map of Orange County from Seal Beach to San Clemente, with the major roads and freeways to help you get to your favorite coastal spot. The ocean is shown in pleasing blue shades, which indicate descending depths, according to NOAA charts. Newport Canyon, which tends to focus southerly swells into big surf near Newport Pier, can be easily recognized. Franko's Kelp Forest Creatures shows the viewer what might be encountered offshore when snorkeling or scuba diving. Dive spots all along the coast are noted and described. A few of Franko's favorite surf sites are also noted. Details of all of the surf spots are featured on another map, of course - Franko's Map of Orange County Surfing.

Side 2 of Franko's Map of Orange County Coast is a zoom in of the middle of Orange County, which are its best and favorite diving areas. This includes Corona Del Mar and Crystal Cove State Underwater Park on the North, and goes all the way through Laguna Beach to South Laguna. The most notable dive sites, especially those around Laguna Beach, are shown and described per Franko's 35 years of personal visits and dives there. They include Irvine Cove, Crescent Bay & Seal Rock, Shaw's Cove, Diver's Cove, Picnic Beach, Rocky Beach, Main Beach, Cleo Street Barge, Cress Street, Wood's Cove, Moss Street, Victoria Street, and Treasure Island. The detailed coastal map is also handy for fishing or kayaking. The notable trails of Crystal Cove State Park are also shown as they follow the ridges and canyons from Moro Beach inland. Crystal Cove's trails are detailed on Franko's Map of South Coast Wilderness, and the sea life and layout of the Crystal Cove Underwater Park are depicted on Franko's fish card of Crystal Cove Underwater Park.

Side one captions are as follows:
SEAL BEACH - N side mushy waves good for beginners surfing. S side rarely breaks, but can be great when head high or above on SW swell. Winter is best time with Santa Ana winds blowing offshore
ANAHEIM BAY BREAKWATER Beg - Int 10' - 25'Sandy beach entry. Heavy surf mainly in summer. Lobsters and halibut in and around breakwater
HUNTINGTON HARBORGreat kayaking with entry right along PCH. Kayak rentals
BOLSA CHICA STATE BEACHScattered peaks best to surf in W swell with E wind. Best when almost head high in winter. Sandy bottom
BOLSA CHICA STATE BEACH 5' - 30' Beg - IntEntry in surf line of sandy beach. Sandy bottom. Halibut. Thornback rays. Surf perch. Corbina. Clams
HUNTINGTON CLIFFS - As good as Orange County surfing gets in fall and winter. Good inSW, W & NW swell, shoulder to head high. Sandy bottom
HUNTINGTON BEACH - Earned it's nickname, "Surf City, U.S.A." with most consistent surf break on the Orange Co. coast year-round. Best in fall and winter. Best when shoulder to head high in E wind. Sandy bottom
HUNTINGTON BEACH 5' - 20' Beg - IntEntry in surf line of sandy beach. Sandy plains. Halibut. Octopi. Surf Perch. Corbina. Pismo clams. Sand dollars
RIVER JETTIES - Juicier surfing that Huntington in good SW swell to head high. All seasons. Sandy bottom
UPPER NEWPORT BAYFabulous, serene kayaking in ecological preserve. Bird watching. Launch at North Star Beach or from where the bay goes under PCH. Kayak rentals available in both launches
NEWPORT HARBORBoating and kayaking in one of the world's busiest small boat harbors. Fabulous waterfront estates and yachts
NEWPORT PIER 5' - 25' Beg - IntEntry in sand and surf. Best in winter. Near submarine canyon. Pier pilings full of life. Invertebrates. Game fish. Bat rays. Sand sharks. Barracuda. Halibut. Sole.Caution: Fishermen casting lines from pier
NEWPORT POINT - Big left break during S & SE Baja hurricane swells. Best when overhead+ late summer or fall. Sandy bottom
TREASURE ISLAND (GOFF ISLAND) 10 - 25' BegNorth end of Aliso Beach Sand entry. Private beach Next to dive area. Patchy reefs. Lobsters. Photogenic
ALISO BEACH 10' -25' Beg - IntSand entry at south end of beach. Reefs. Rocks. Ledges. Surgy surf. Lobsters. Garibaldi. Moray eels
THOUSAND STEPS BEACH 5' - 30' Beg - IntActually just 220 stair steps to beach. Reefs. Kelp. 20' wide by 8' high arch on north side, 300' from beach amongst rocks which break surface
SALT CREEK - Great barrels on days when the surf is 2' overhead in a SW, W or NW swell. Preferred in E Santa Ana wind. All seasons, but fall and spring are best. Bottom is sand and rock in places
SAN JUAN ROCKS 10' - 25' AdvRocky shore entry off Dana Point. Dolphins. Migrating gray whales near. Lobsters. Scallops.Kelp bass. Opaleye. Garibaldi. Caution: Usually poor visibility. Currents. Boats
DANA POINT HARBORBoating and kayaking in beautiful harbor and outside harbor to Dana Point. Easy kayak launch for dive trip to San Juan Rocks
HOLE-IN-THE-FENCE 20' - 50' IntBeach entry. Scattered reefs. Sand. game fish. Halibut. Sheephead
NORTH SAN CLEMENTE BEACH 10' - 40' IntBeach entry. Scattered rocky reefs offshore. Game fish. Halibut. Bat rays
SOUTH SAN CLEMENTE ROCKS 5' - 40' IntBoat or kayak entry over 1 miles offshore (visible from pier). Rocky reef breaks surface. Game fish. Halibut. Bat rays. Lobsters deep in their holes
Captions from side two:
Crystal Cove State Underwater Park (see also Franko's fish card. map of Crystal Cove State Underwater Park):
Tide pool life & shells protected (take nothing). Recreational fishing permitted per California Fish & Game 10664 (certain fish species & lobsters in season).
HISTORIC ANCHOR 10' - 18' Beg.1000 pound anchor from 1850's schooner found in Newport Harbor
CORSAIR Adv.WWII Navy F4-U Corsair crash site (1947). All features protected.
REEF POINT & SCOTCHMAN'S COVE 10' - 60' Beg - AdvSandy beach entry to extensive reefs to 1000'+ offshore.
ROCKY BIGHT & CRYSTAL COVE10' - 45' Beg - AdvPath from Los Trancos parking to sandy beach south of Historic District. Excellent snorkeling.
HISTORIC ANCHOR 10' - 18' Beg.1000 pound anchor from 1850's schooner found in San Francisco Bay
PELICAN PT. & TREASURE COVE 10' - 60' Beg - IntSandy beach entry. Kelp sometimes to 1000' offshore. Snorkeling northward to Cameo Shores.
Best Tide Pools:North End of Treasure CovePelican PointRocky BightReef Point Area
Greater Laguna Beach:
WEST JETTY “THE WEDGE” 5' - 25' Int - AdvEntry in sand and surf. Best in winter with no surf. Jetty rocks. Sand bottom. Kelp forest. Lobsters. Octopi. Nudibranchs. Shoals of fish. Caution: "The Wedge" isinfamous for neck-breaking surf
CORONA DEL MAR (BIG CORONA) 5' - 35' Beg - IntEntry off east jetty or sandy beach at either end of beach. Jetty good for lobster hunting. Night diving. Bat rays. Octopi. Garibaldi. Leopard sharks. Good beginnertraining dive site. Good snorkeling to south
ROBERT BADHAM MARINE ECOLOGICAL RESERVECorona Del Mar State Beach to Crystal Cove State Park to 600' seaward no marine plants, marine life, geological formations (rocks), archaeological artifacts may be taken. Anchorage only in daylight
LITTLE CORONA 5' - 60' Beg - IntPaved path to sandy beach. Tidepools. Reefs on both sides of beach. Gorgonians. Starfish.Featherworms. Lobsters. Scallops. Game fish. Opaleye. Garibaldi. Octopi. Huge sheephead has been there since the 1970's. Excellent snorkeling, especially at high tide
HORSE RANCH (It's Gone) 10' - 60' Beg - IntPart of Crystal Cove State Park. Sandy beach entry. Reefs. Kelp to 1000' offshore. Sheephead. Calico bass. Opaleye. Lobsters. Anemones. Starfish. Good snorkeling to north and Cameo Shores
CRYSTAL COVE UNDERWATER PARK 10' - 60' Beg - AdvPaths to beach from parking lots. Sandy beach entries in north half of Irvine Coast Underwater Park. Numerous finger reefs. Gorgonians. Lobsters. Moray eels. Garibaldi.Halibut. Sheephead. Good snorkeling in shallows
CRYSTAL COVE 10' - 45' Beg - AdvPath from Los Trancos Parking to Sandy Beach in Front of 1940's-Style Cottage Community. Rocky. Kelp. White Sea Bass. Halibut. Bat Rays. Excellent Snorkeling & Spearing
REEF POINT & SCOTCHMAN'S COVE 10' - 60' Beg - AdvSandy beach entry. Reefs break surface just offshore. Extensive reefs to 1000'+ offshore. Word record 481 lb. giant seabass was caught here in 1961 (they are now off-limits to fishing). Record 70 lb. white seabass was caught here in 1963. Game fish still abound. Rock walls with gorgonians. Starfish. Scallops
IRVINE COAST UNDERWATER PARK & REFUGECameo Shores to El Moro Beach to 60' depth no marine plants, marine life, geological formations (rocks), archaeological artifacts may be taken. Anchorage only in daylight
IRVINE COVE 10' - 40' Int - AdvGood kayak entry. Private beach. Reefs. Kelp. Sand. Garibaldi. Senorita. Lobsters. Sea Hares. Starfish. Scallops
EMERALD BAY 5' - 60' Beg - AdvSandy Beach or Rock Entry. Sand & Rock Bottom. Kelp. Sting Ray. Lobster. Garibaldi. Calico Bass. Excellent Snorkeling
CRESCENT BAY (SEAL ROCK) 10' - 70' Beg - IntSandy beach entry. Sand and rock bottom. Dead Man's Reef 600' offshore. Sea lions rest and play at Seal Rock. Halibut. Garibaldi. Octopi. Bat rays. Lobsters. Gorgonians. Good snorkeling
SHAW'S COVE 10' - 40' Beg - AdvSandy beach entry. Sand and rock bottom. Reefs from shoreline to 40' depth. Tunnels and caves. “The Crevice” on west side. Reef 450' offshore. Senorita. Garialdi. Many fish. Octopi. Excellent snorkeling. Common dive instruction and checkout spot
GLEN E. VEDDER (HEISLER PARK) ECOLOGICAL RESERVEDivers Cove to Bird Rock to 600' seaward no marine plants, marine life, geological formations (rocks), archaeological artifacts may be taken. Anchorage only in daylight
DIVER'S COVE 10' - 50' Beg - AdvSandy beach entry. Sand and rock bottom. Reefs on south side to 1000' offshore. Reefs on north side 150' from beach to 1000' out. Halibut. Scallops. Moray eels. Lobsters. Good snorkeling near shore. Student dive spot
PICNIC BEACH 10' - 50' Beg - AdvEasy path to beach. Easy beach entry. Rocks protruding from sand. Shallow reefs to 300' seaward. Lobsters. Game fish. Garibaldi. Many swimmers and snorkelers in summer
ROCKY BEACH 10' - 50' Beg - Adv77 stairs to sandy and rocky beach. Reefs. Kelp. Yellowtail. Halibut. Many fish. Photogenic. Good snorkeling near beach
MAIN BEACH 10' - 50' Beg - AdvPartially within Ecological Reserve. Beach entry by Lifeguard HQ. Kelp from Bird Rock seaward. Reefs to 600' out. Halibut and corbina over sandy areas. Lobsters in rocks tosouth. Good snorkeling at Bird Rock
CLEO STREET BARGE 10' - 40' Adv70 stairs to beach. Rocky sand entry. Ribbon kelp. Small reefs. Deteriorating 130' sunken barge (1958) 750' offshore at 40' depth. Lobsters. Halibut. Sand Bass
CRESS STREET 10' - 70' Int - AdvSandy and rocky beach entry. Large protruding boulders to 300' out at 30' - 40' depths.Extensive reefs at 900'+ offshore at 60' - 70' depths. Lobsters. Gamefish on west side reefs
WOOD'S COVE 10' - 40' Beg - IntStairs at Diamond St.. Rocky sand entry. Boulder reef on east side. 30' deep reef on west side with a huge boulder rising almost to surface. Garibaldi. Nudibranchs. Anemones.Gorgonians. Excellent Snorkeling
MOSS STREET 10' - 35' Beg - IntStairs at Moss St.. Sandy beach entry. Reefs and rocks. Crevices. Small caves. Best on Southwest side. Large reef 300 - 400' offshore. Golden gorgonians. Lobsters. Kelp Bass. Sheephead. Halibut
VICTORIA STREET 20' - 40' Int82 stairs to beach at Sunset Terrace. Sandy beach entry. Sandy with few reefs. Halibut. Corbina
TREASURE ISLAND to ALISO BEACH 15' - 25' Beg - IntPark at Aliso Beach. Sandy beach entry. North reefs off private beach at Treasure Island. South reefs have abundant marine life. Large calico bass. Rocky ledgeswith invertebrates

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