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Printed on Waterproof, rip-proof plastic. Map size: 14" x 21"

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Side 1 shows Franko’s Map of Orange County Trails.  Paved bike paths, bike lanes and off-road trails of Orange County, California are depicted on a color-coded map.  Orange County’s Class I bikeways, which are paved and off the highway, are red, Class II bikeways, which are on the road, striped lanes, are blue, and Class III bikeways, which are signed bike routes along the road, are yellow.  All of Orange County’s main roads and freeways are also show, so this is a favorite driving map as well.  This map shows all of Orange County’s 700 square miles of land area, all of its hundreds of miles of freeways (one can even see the on- and off-ramps), and all of Orange County’s thousands of miles of main roads.  On all of these main roads the best for bicycling is indicated by the color coding.  Even expert road riders with dozens of years of experience, such as Franko, refer to this map to traverse Orange County or to pick a route for a Saturday ride.  However, always remember Franko’s three top rules for riding on the road: 1.  Pretend you are invisible!  Car drivers just don’t pay close attention to the presence of bicyclists.  2.  Wear a helmet, unless your head is harder than the curb.  3.  Keep the rubber side down!   

Side 2 shows Franko’s Map of Santa Ana River Bike Trail & Favorite Orange County Bike Trails.  The popular Santa Ana River trail is shown in detail from Huntington State Beach, right where it begins and ends at Brookhurst St. and Pacific Coast Highway, all the way to the Green River Golf Course just before the city of Corona, 28.8 miles away.  Mileage and critical roads which have access to the trail are shown all along the way.  The map also connects the trails along the beaches of Orange County, plus Upper Newport Bay.  This map isn’t strictly for road riders though.  On a separate inset, the ever-popular route known to mountain bikers and horsemen as The Fullerton Loop is detailed.  Also detailed are the fun, trail-filled parks of Peter’s Canyon, Santiago Oaks and Caspers Wilderness Park, where the mountain biker might even get a glimpse of a mountain lion.  Whiting Range Wilderness Park is amongst Orange County’s favorite places to mountain bike, and is the infamous location of two mountain lion attacks in one day.  Perhaps riding in a group would be a good idea!  Not only is Whiting Ranch depicted on Franko’s Map of Orange County Trails, it is such a favorite that it is also depicted on Franko’s Map of Santa Ana Mountains Trails.  The fireroads and singletracks of these regional parks are shown, and topo lines give the elevations. 

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