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Santa Catalina Island Guide & Dive Map

Printed on waterproof, rip-proof plastic. Available folded  Map size: 14" x 21"

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Santa Catalina Island Guide & Dive Map

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Side 1 shows Franko’s Map of Santa Catalina Island featuring the most amazing, beautiful and perfectly accurate shaded relief of the Island, with it’s surrounding waters depicted in descending hues of ocean blues to indicate actual ocean bathymetry and depth contours.  Shaded relief accuracy is derived from USGS digital elevation models, as interpreted by ArcView, a geographic computer program from ESRI.  The ocean depth contours are a direct trace of the local NOAA charts, and thus, in addition to being beautiful, are also accurate.  Catalina Island’s miles of dirt roads are shown criss-crossing the island interior and along it’s coast, with mileages indicated.  

All of the “main roads” can actually be driven (or mountain biked, in my case).  By the definition of the Santa Catalina Island Company which governs such matters, these main roads include Old Stage Road (which becomes Airport Road in the middle of the Catalina Island), Middle Ranch Road (which leads to El Rancho Escondido, where equestrian shows can be watched), Escondido Rd., Tow Harbors Roads and West End Road.  Also shown are the lesser roads, which are more than just trails, but which the Santa Catalina Island Company forbids mountain biking for safety and insurance reasons.  However, hiking is permitted just about everywhere at Catalina, although you need to get a permit from the Catalina Conservancy to hike into the Catalina Island hinterlands. 

Catalina’s major peaks, names of valley’s, points, beaches, and other island features are shown in perfect accuracy.  Over 70 dive sites are located and briefly described so that the scuba diver or free diver has an excellent, authoritative reference.  The list is long, but it includes famous sites such as Avalon Underwater Park, The wrecks of the Sue-Jac and the Valiant, Toyon Bay, Torqua Springs, Henrock Reef, Long Point, Italian Gardens (where you’ll likely see giant sea bass), Ripper’s Cove, Rock Quarry, Sea Fan Grotto, Bird Rock, Ship Rock, Eagle Reef, Indian Rocks, and Johnson’s Landing.  And that’s just a start on the leeward side!  The windward side includes the famous and fabulous Farnsworth Banks, as well as less-visited sites like Pin Rock, Little Harbor, Lobster Bay, and Iron-Bound Cove.  If you have a boat and want to moor it at Catalina, this map shows every mooring area around the island.  If you want to do some boat-in primative camping at Catalina Island, that is there too.  So is the general camping at Catalina Island’s five fabulous campgrounds.  This map is like an adventure guide book on Catalina for all of the information it provides. 

Side 2 shows Franko’s Maps of Avalon and Two Harbors.  Franko’s details of Avalon are shown including roads, trails, camping, hotels, beaches, dive spots (Avalon Underwater Park and Lover’s Cove), tours and The Casino.  Avalon’s famous Green Pleasure Pier is shown jutting out into Avalon Bay, where the location of the moorings, boat terminals, Casino Point, the Cabrillo Mole, and every swim area are shown.  The exact location for every hotel in Avalon is shown and numerically listed.  Franko’s Two Harbors detail shows the local dirt roads and trails, dive sites including favorites such as Ship Rock and Bird Rock, where to kayak, the Two Harbors Campground, and the popular Boy Scout Camp at Cherry Cove.  Beside the full list of hotels found on Catalina Island, there is also a full list of transportation options to the island, as well as on the island, dive and ocean recreation services on the island, and Franko’s favorite feature: Kelp Forest Creatures, is beautiful hand. Computer drawn color picture, which is equivalent in itself to one of Franko’s famous fish cards.  Just in case the viewer would like to embark on one of Catalina’s many wonderful tours and adventures, there is a listing of the two major tour companies.  They include submarine rides, night-time flying fish watching, inland motor tours to the Airport-In-The-Sky and Escondido Ranch, Seal Rocks Tours, Avalon Tours, Casino Tours, and much more.
Side one dive site descriptions are as follows:
AVALON BAY 0’ - 30’ Beg.315 moorings. Sunny beach. Scuba by permit only.LOVER’S COVE 0’ - 40’ Beg.47 Moorings within preserve. Good snorkeling, but no scuba allowed. Glassbottom boat & submarine tour site. Feeding produces friendly fish & lobsters.PINNACLE ROCK(LITTLE FARNSWORTH) 65’ - 115’+ Adv100+ yds offshore from Edison plant dive for abalone, lobsters & gamefish.Caution: Currents & boat traffic.JEWFISH POINT 20’ - 130’ Int. - Adv.Named for 500 lb Black Sea Bass caught here, back when it was legal to fish for"Jewfish". Caution: Strong currents, & boat traffic.SEAL ROCKS 0’ - 60’ Beg. - Adv.California Sea lion colony. Generally poor visibility. Pelagic fishes.CHURCH ROCK 0’ - 80’ Int. - Adv. Huge rocks, kelp, swim-thru caves here to Binnacle Rock. Lobsters & abalone abound. Caution: Often turbid. Poor radio to Ben Weston Point.BINNACLE ROCK 0’ -80’ Int. - Adv.Rocky with lots of kelp. Abalone, lobsters, pelagic species of fish.PALISADES 0’ - 40’ AdvRemote 4-mile long area with kelp forest & pristine condition. Pelagic gamefish.SILVER CANYON LANDING 10’ - 50’ IntKelp in rocky area, with lobsters & giant black seabass.SALTA VERDE POINT 15’ - 80’ Int. - Adv.Rocky with kelp at 100 yds offshore. Sandy at 50’ +. Halibut, sheephead, yellowtail,protected black seabass.CHINA POINT 10’ - 80’ Int. - Adv.Once used by smugglers of illegal Chinese human cargo. Rocky reefs with kelp. ”Bull”lobsters, scallops & abalone. Sea lions. Caution: Heavy surf, surge, currents, poorvisibility.FARNSWORTH BANKS 54’ - 135’+ Adv.Ecological preserve with spectacular walls, canyons, caves, & purple hydorcoral (bestover 100’). Blue rockfish, white seabass, yellowtail, calico bass. Caution: Surge,currents, deep, torpedo rays.BEN WESTON POINT 10’ - 80’ Int. - Adv.Rocky kelp forest with good exposure for gamefish. Caution: Surge. Difficult radiotransmission from Ben Weston Point to Church Rock.SENTINEL ROCK 0’ - 100’ Int. - Adv.Kelp forest with lobsters, abalone, scallops & gamefish. Photogenic. Caution: Exposedto Westerlies, surge, poor visibility at times.RAGGERS POINT 10’ - 80’ Int. - Adv.Around corner from shark harbor is a kelp forest with rocks & pelagic gamefish.LITTLE HARBOR & SHARK HARBOR 0’ - 60’ Beg. - Adv.Shore dives. The Northwest side is rocky with kelp. The West side is good for halibut. Abalone & lobster also abound. This is one of the island's outstanding harbors, with accessto camping and hiking. Showers & toilets are available. No moorings, but good anchorage for up to 15 boats.FRED ROCK 15’ - 70’ Int. - Adv.Pinnacle 150 yds off small beach has rocky reefs with white seabass, calicos, yellowtail,lobsters & scallops.PEDESTAL ROCK 15 - 100’ Int. - Adv.Pinnacle 200 yds off boulder slide has a cave at 90’ depth on south side.Gorgonians, pelagic gamefish, & lobsters.PIN ROCK 0’ - 60’ Int. - Adv.Kelp amongst numberless rocks. Good snorkeling. Caution: Surge & boat traffic.CATALINA HARBOR & WELL’S BEACH 0’ - 40’ Beg. - Adv.99 Moorings, & anchorage for up to 200. Poor visibility, but sometimes good for snorkeling. Scant remnants of 200 year-old Chinese pirate ship near Ballast Point. Caution: Boat traffic. Cat Harbor is 14 sea miles from Isthmus Cove.CATALINA HEAD 0’ - 45’ Beg. - Adv.Lots of kelp near shore, with sheephead, halibut, & calico bass. Caution: Boat trafficLOBSTER BAY 30’ - 100’ Int. - Adv.Steep wall to East with lobsters, scallops, big calico bass, & garibaldi. Caution: Surge & currents.CAPE CORTES 20’ - 100’ Int. - Adv.Steep slope with kelp & lobsters. Caution: Surge, currents.KELP POINT (& KELP BAY) 15’ - 100’ Int. - Adv.Kelp forest amongst numerous rocks. Caution: Surge.WHALE ROCK 0’ - 100’+ Adv.Whale rock spouts. Cliffs descend into sea. Black gorgonian coral at 60’ - 80’, lobsters, scallops, white seabass.RIBBON ROCK 0’ - 60’ Int. - Adv.Pink, green & black abalone, plus sheephead & white seabass. Caution: Surge.IRON-BOUND COVE (BAY) 10’ - 65’ IntSandy for halibut & bat rays. Photogenic.BULL ROCK 0’ - 90’ AdvKelp forest with gamefish & lobsters. Caution: Surge, currents, exposed to Westerlies.EAGLE ROCK 0’ - 60’ Int. - Adv.Formerly a bald eagle nesting spot, the underwater has black gorgonians, abalone,rockfish & lobsters. Caution: Surge, currents, exposed to Westerlies.LAND’S END (WEST END) 0’ - 135’ AdvPelagics, abalone, lots of garibaldi, black sea bass, mackeral, lobsters, scallops, & gorgonian fans. Caution: Most exposed spot on island. Steep & deep. The light is conspicuous at 76 feet elevation.JOHNSON’S ROCKS 30’ - 100’ Int. - Adv.Kelp forest. Abalone, anemones, bat rays, & angel sharks.BLACK POINT (COVE ROCK) 10’ - 100’ Beg. - Adv.Calm, protected cove is rocky. Lobsters & scallops.PARSON’S LANDING (SMUGGLER’S DEN) 0’ - 50’ Beg. - Int.Calm, sandy bottom & rocks. Sanddabs & kelp bass. Camping withBBQ, toilets, access to west end trails. No moorings, anchorage for 10.EMERALD BAY & SANDY BEACH 0’ - 35’ Beg. - Int.100 Moorings. Corsair Yacht Club. Scouts. Super snorkeling.INDIAN ROCKS 0’ - 135’+ Beg. - Adv.Snorkeling. Calm & clear. Reef to WNW/PhotogenicJOHNSON’S LANDING 0’ - 35’ Beg.Calm & protected cove for snorkeling. Johnson planted eucalyptus here.ARROW POINT 0’ - 60’ Int. - Adv.Diving East & West for lobsters & halibut. Caution: Surge & currents.HOWLAND’S LANDING 0’ - 20’ Beg. - Int.40 moorings. L.A. Yacht Club. Calm snorkeling.BIG GEIGER 0’ - 25’ Beg.Anchorage for 10 boats. Preserve. Beautiful snorkeling.LITTLE GEIGER 0’ - 25’ Beg.Preserve. 1 mooring. Lobsters & abalone.EAGLE REEF 3’ - 135’+ Int. - Adv.4 reefs W to E at 8’, 3’, 35’, & 45’-135’+ depths respectively. Kelp forest with lobsters, many fish. Caution: Boat traffic.EEL COVE 0’ - 75’ Beg. - Int.Preserve. Nice snorkeling. Morays, halibut, bat raysJAKE'S BEACH 0' - 30' Beg. - Int.Cobblestone beach entry, or great kayak-in snorkeling.LION HEAD 0’ - 50’ Beg. - Int.Snorkeling amongst kelp & caves. Garibaldi rule.CHERRY COVE 0’ - 20’ Beg.Private beach with 103 moorings. CIMI camp. Native cherry trees.4th OF JULY COVE 0’ - 30’ Beg.Private beach with 42 moorings. Banning 4th of July spot.SHIP ROCK 0’ - 135’+ Adv.E slope is a steep wall. Kelp SSE with lobsters & gamefish.ISTHMUS COVE 0’ - 60’ Beg. - Int.249 moorings. Calm. Lobsters, sheepcrabs. Photogenic.ISTHMUS HIGH SPOT 70’ - 135’+ AdvLobsters & numerous fish. Caution: Strong currents.BIRD ROCK 0’ - 135’+ Int. - Adv.NW 3 Fathom Spot is photogenic. North side to 100 yds out: Kelp, gamefish, seastars, sea lions.HARBOR REEF 0’ - 120’ Int. - Adv.Kelp, sheephead, seabass. Photogenic. Caution: CurrentsBIG FISHERMAN’S COVE 5’ - 85’ Beg. - Adv.USC Marine Science Center location. Marine Refuge to Blue CavernPoint. Excellent snorkeling. Caves. Leopard sharks. Restricted scuba.BLUE CAVERN POINT 0’ - 135’+ Beg. - Adv.Clear, caves, coves. Preserve to NW. Caution: Currents.SEA FAN GROTTO 15’ - 100+’ Beg. - Adv.Small caves & undercuts covered with gorgonians. Popular boat dive area.ROCK QUARRY 10’ - 95’ Beg. - Adv.Steep drop-off with lots of kelp. Abalone.YELLOWTAIL POINT (HALF-WAY REEF) 0’ - 45’ Beg. - Int.Bull kelp streaming in current. Yellowtail. Lobsters.EMPIRE LANDING 0’ -30’ Beg. - Int.Anchorage for 20 boats. Kelp. Green & white abalone.RIPPER’S COVE 0’ -30’ Beg. - Int.Anchorage for up to 10 boats. Calm, sandy flats with scenic coves.SEAL POINT & PARADISE COVE 0’ - 60’ Beg. - Int.Small harbor. Rocky & sandy. Harbor seals & sea Lions.LITTLE GIBRALTAR POINT 0’ - 40’ Beg. - Int.Anchorage for 7 or 8. Sandy beaches, caves, & red rock lava.EEL LAND & GOAT HARBOR 0’ - 80’ Beg. - Int.Anchorage for 10. Snorkeling at two Beaches. Rocky, kelp, moray eels.TWIN ROCKS 0’ - 100’ Beg. - Adv.Rocks, sand, kelp. Halibut & lobsters below, bald eagles nesting above.LITTLE GOAT 0’ - 95’ Beg. - Adv.Rocks, sand, kelp. Halibut & moray eels.ITALIAN GARDENS 20’ - 90’ Beg .- Adv.Favorite leeward side dive spot. Famous as best spot for black sea bass.LONG POINT 0’ - 135’+ Int. - Adv.Steep & deep. Caves in cliffs. Caution: Boat traffic, currents.PIRATES COVE & BUTTONSHELL BEACH 0’ - 60’ Beg. - Adv.7 moorings. Rocky. Great visibility. Photogenic. Leopard sharks. Camp Fox site. Plenty of anchorage.HENROCK REEF 0’ - 90’ Int. - Adv.Wreck of 35’ Seafarer. Caves, gorgonians, hornsharks. Caution: Currents & boat traffic.HENROCK COVE 0’ - 60’ Beg. - Int.25 moorings. Good snorkeling. Eel grass, halibut. Photogenic.WHITE’S LANDING 0’ - 35’ Beg.17 Moorings. Good snorkeling. Best area for halibut.MOONSTONE BEACH (COVE) 0’ - 35’ Beg.39 moorings. Volcanic rounded rocks (moonstones) on beach. Good halibut spot.TORQUA SPRINGS 0’ - 90’ Beg. - Adv.Rocks with kelp. Lobsters, abalone, gamefish, & bat rays.TOYON BAY 0’ - 50’ Beg. - Int.Private beach with 9 moorings. Rocks, kelp & all kinds of kelp forest creatures. Diving from here to Frog Rock. CIMI Science Center camp site.FROG ROCK 0’ - 60’ Beg. - Int.Rocks & kelp. Photogenic underwater. Often poor visibility.Good 1-hour Descanso Beach kayak rental destination.HAMILTON COVE 0’ - 50’ Beg. - Adv.52 moorings. Sandy with kelp. Airplane at 30’ on NW. No spearfishing.DESCANSO BEACH 0’ - 50’ Beg.47 moorings. Semi- private beach club. Snorkeling. SCUBA by permit.VALIANT 80’ - 120’ Adv.Wreck of 163’ yacht. Scuba by harbormaster permit only.AVALON UNDERWATER PARK 10’ - 90’ Beg. - Adv.Fabulous preserve. Rocks, kelp, wrecks, friendly fish.SUE-JAC 60’ - 90’ Int. - Adv.Wreck of 70’ concrete-hull schooner sits on steep slope at SE corner of park. Morays hide in crevices.
Other descriptions and information on side 1 of Franko’s Map of Santa Catalina Island include mooring information as follows:MOORINGSAVALON (310) 510-0535 Harbormaster governs 400 moorings at Avalon. Fee required. Shoreboat available.ISTHMUS COVE (310) 510-0303 249 moorings at a privately owned facility, with fuel, H2O, groceries, restaurant, & dive shop.CATALINA HARBOR The harbor opposite Isthmus Cove is the best protected cove at Catalina year round. Nearest facilities are at Two Harbors. Fee required. 96 moorings.EMERALD BAY Leased by Corsair Yacht Club. 100 Moorings.HOWLAND’S LANDING Land leased by Tocoloma Club for summer camp. Adjacent cove leased by Los Angeles Yacht Club. 40 Moorings.CHERRY COVE Land leased by San Gabriel Council of the Boy Scouts of America for use as Summer Camp. 103 Moorings.FOURTH OF JULY COVE Leased by the July Yacht Club. 42 Moorings.BUTTONSHELL BEACH Camp Fox at Beach is leased by the Glendale Family YMCA for year-round camp use. 7 Moorings.WHITE’S LANDING & HENROCK COVE Camp leased by Los Angeles Council of the Girl Scouts of America for Summer Camp. Balboa Yacht Club leases cove. 17 Moorings at White’s Landing, 25 Moorings at Hen Rock Cove.MOONSTONE COVE Leased by Newport Harbor Yacht Club. 39 Moorings.
Camping Information of Franko’s Map of Santa Catalina Island:CATALINA ISLAND CAMPING(310) 510-2800 GULCH Teepee, tent & camping equipment rental. Flush toilets, hot showers, BBQ, picnic area. Just over 1 mile from Avalon.TWO HARBORS Tent huts, tent and equipment rental. Flush toilets, showers, 0.25 mile from Two Harbors Village up dirt path.PARSON’S LANDING Beach camping. Easy access to West End trails. 6.5 mi. hike to Two Harbors. Bottled water available.BLACKJACK Between Catalina’s two highest peaks at 1600 ft. 9 miles to Avalon, 15.5 miles to Two Harbors, Shuttle stops 1.5 mi. away.LITTLE HARBOR Scenic south shore with palms. 16 miles to Avalon, 7 miles to Two Harbors. BBQ, showers. Charter bus available.CONSERVANCY COVE CAMPS Primitive camping at pristine boat accessible coves. Reservations at’S LANDING YOUTH CAMP Independent youth camp & retreat for ages 7-15. Jean-Michel Cousteau family camp. info & reservations at (800) 696-CAMPCATALINA SEA CAMP Toyon Bay Summer Camp for ages 8-17. Environmental studies, scuba, snorkeling, & sailing. (800) 645-1423Side two dive site descriptions:Avalon:VALIANT 80’ - 120’ Adv.163’, 444 ton yacht burned for 4 days and sank in 1932. $75,000 jewelry has never been found. Scuba dive by harbormaster permit only (free).AVALON UNDERWATER PARK 10’ - 90’ Beg. - Adv.Preserve. Entry off of jetty steps. Scuba or snorkel in rocky kelp forest with good visibility. Friendly fish, lobsters, morays, bat rays, black sea bass, & ”Oscar” the huge sheephead, who has been here for 20+ years. Wrecks in & around preserve.SUE-JAC 60’ - 90’ Int. - Adv.70’ concrete schooner wreck faces down slope at SE corner of Avalon Underwater Park. Morays hide within.LOVER’S COVE 0’ - 40’ Beg.Preserve for snorkeling. No scuba. Glass bottom boat & submarine tour site. Kelp,friendly fish, invertebrates. 47 moorings.Two Harbors:HOWLAND’S LANDING 0’ - 20’ Beg. - Int.40 Moorings. Leased by L.A. Yacht Club. Catalina Island Camp. Calm snorkeling atprivate beach.EAGLE REEF 3’ - 135’+ Int. - Adv.4 reefs W to E at 8’, 3’, 35’, & 45’-135’+ respectively for all kinds of great diving. Kelp forest hosts many fishes & invertebrates. Caution: Boats.LITTLE GEIGER 0’ - 25’ Beg.1 Mooring. Snorkeling and scuba in calm area. Lobsters & sheephead.WEST BATHTUB (JUICY REEF) 15’ - 40’ Beg. - Int.Rocky with lots of kelp. Calicos, yellowtail & shovelnose guitarfishBATHTUB COVE (JUICY REEF) 15’ - 45’ Beg. - Int.Excellent kelp bed with lobsters & calico bass. Great viz.EEL COVE 0’ - 75’ Beg. - Int.Preserve is excellent for snorkeling. Morays, halibut & bat raysJAKE'S BEACH 0' - 30' Beg. - Int.Cobblestone beach entry or great kayak-in snorkeling. Kelp patch with garibaldi, lobsters, horn sharks & sheephead.LION HEAD 0’ - 50’ Beg. - Int.Snorkeling & scuba in kelp & small caves.BIRD ROCK 0’ - 135’+ Int. - Adv.From NW 3 fathom spot Northward to 100 yds out: Kelp, gamefish, seastars.HARBOR REEF 70’ - 135’+ AdvGreat beginners check-out dive. Garibaldi, señoritas & lobsters.CHERRY COVE 0’ - 20’ Beg.103 Moorings, but no anchorage. Boy Scout camp. Native Catalina cherry trees in canyon. Private beach.4th OF JULY COVE0’ - 30’ Beg. 42 moorings, but zero anchorage. This was the Banning family 4th of Julybeach. The beach is private.ISTHMUS COVE0’ - 60’ Beg. - Int.249 Moorings. Calm snorkeling on west side around to 4th of July Cove. Photogenic withtons of fish. Restricted anchorage. Currents.SHIP ROCK 0’ - 135’+ AdvEast slope has steep wall, SSE side has kelp forest. Lobsters & invertebrates abound, as do pelagic species. Sea lions may tease divers.ISTHMUS HIGH SPOT70’ to 120’ Adv. Kelp patch with pelagic fishes. White seabass. Caution: CurrentsBIG FISHERMAN’S COVE 0’ - 85’ Beg. - Adv.Marine Refuge to BLUE CAVERN POINT Great snorkeling swimming from Little Fisherman’s Cove. Restricted scuba. Ashore is USC’s Wrigley Marine Science Center. Snorkel amongst rocks & caves along shore. Morays & invertebrates.SEA FAN GROTTO15’ to 100’ Int. - Adv.Small caves and undercuts at base of sea cliff are covered with colorful gorgonians. Big rocks,& kelp hide sheephead, calico bass and a few stray tropical butterflyfish. Great viz. 4th OF JULY COVE 0’ - 30’ Beg42 Moorings. Banning 4th of July spot. Private beachISTHMUS COVE 0’ - 60’ Beg - Int249 Moorings. Calm. Lobsters. Many fish. Photogenic. Restricted anchorageHARBOR REEF 70’ - 135’+ AdvGreat beginners check-out dive. Garibaldi. Señoritas. LobstersBIRD ROCK 0’ - 135’+ Int - AdvNW 3 fathom spot. N to 100 yds out: Kelp. Game fish. Seastars. Sea lionsISTHMUS HIGH SPOT 33027.29'N 118029.39'W70’ to 120’ Adv Kelp. Sheephead. Bass. Caution: CurrentsBIG FISHERMAN’S COVE 0’ - 85’ Beg - AdvMarine Refuge to BLUE CAVERN POINTGreat snorkeling. Restricted scuba. Sand. Rocks. Caves. Octopuses. Numerous fish. MoraysSEA FAN GROTTO 15’ to 100’ Int. - AdvSmall caves and undercuts at base of sea cliff are covered with colorful gorgonians. Kelp. Rocks. Sheephead. Calico Bass. Stray tropical fish. Great vizSHIP ROCK 0’ - 135’+ AdvE slope steep wall. SSE side has kelp. Lobsters. Gamefish. Sea lions.
Side 2 of Franko’s Map of Santa Catalin also included adventurous touring information as follows:DISCOVERY TOURS:UNDERSEA TOUR - Year-round, underwater, day and nighttime tours of Lover's Cove kelp forest aboard semi-submersibles. At the Avalon pier.GLASS BOTTOM BOAT TOUR - Year-round, day and nighttime marine life viewing of Lover's Cove Marine Preserve. At the Avalon pier.AVALON SCENIC TOUR - Year-round nine-mile narrated tour in and around Avalon with Catalina highlights, insights and history.CASINO TOUR - Year-round Avalon theater and ballroom tour, historic slide show, art deco murals, Casino balcony, Catalina Island Museum.SKYLINE DRIVE - Year-round tour to the top of Catalina Island for ocean vistas, canyons, coves and Catalina Nature Center at Airport-in-the-Sky.INLAND MOTOR TOUR - 28-Mile narrated excursion to Catalina Nature Center, Little Harbor, and El Rancho Escondido Arabian Horse Show.BOTANICAL GARDEN TOUR - Year-round guided tour to Wrigley Memorial and Botanical Garden, See plants which grow only on Catalina Is.FLYING FISH BOAT TRIP - Nighttime seasonal cruise aboard the "Blanche W." to see Catalina's spectacular flying fish perform their aerial feats.SEAL ROCKS CRUISE - See the "Showmen of the Sea" in their east coast habitat in cruise aboard the "Blanche W." Look for bald eagles above.SUNDOWN ISTHMUS CRUISE - 14-miles of stunning, Catalina Island from Avalon to Two Harbors. Flying fish highlight return trip on the "Blanche W."CAPE CANYON TOUR - Off-road jeep tour into island interior. See bald eagle habitat, American bison, lunch at Catalina Nature Center at Airport.CATALINAADVENTURE TOURS:CITY PASSPORT - 50 min. seasonal bus tour of California's only island resort city (Avalon). Departs from the Cabrillo Mole area.THE SEA VIEW - Glass Bottom boat tour of day and nighttime marine life viewing of Lover's Cove Marine Preserve. At the Green Pleasure Pier.AVALON EXPLORER TOUR - Historical highlights tour of Avalon, including Casino and Wrigley mansion.VILLAGE WALKING TOUR - 1.5 hours seasonal close-up of beautiful Avalon scenery with local knowledgable tourguide. Casino balcony, Catalina Island Museum, and more.INSIDE ADVENTURE TOUR - Comprehensive eco-land excursion of canyons, scenic coastline, and countryside. Airport nature center stop.SCENIC HARBOR CRUISE - Seasonal cruise of Avalon Harbor, with views of Casino, yachts, and Catalina's mountains and valleys. From the pier.THE NAUTILUS, AN UNDERSEA ADVENTURE - 1000 Leagues beyond your imagination aboard a semi-submersible touring Lover's Cove, day and night.SEAL ROCKS EXPLORER - Seasonal hour-long mission to east end of Catalina to see seal lion rookery. Departs from the Green Pleasure Pier.CITY/BOTANICAL GARDEN - Tour of Avalon plus the Botanical Garden and Wrigley Memorial. Departs from the Cabrillo Mole. Tours available upon request.SING ALONG BY BUS - Music, songs and laughter while touring Avalon by night. Seasonal.
Travel information provided by Franko’s Map of Santa Catalina Island is as follows:TRANSPORTATION TO CATALINA ISLAND:CATALINA EXPRESS (800) 618-5533 or (310) 519-1212 Year-round daily from San Pedro Berth 95, from Catalina Landing at 320 Golden Shore, Long Beach, out of Dana Point Harbor, plus seasonally from the Long Beach Queen Mary Parking Lot - Camper and diver friendly. Call (800) 338-8767 or see Service to AVALON& TWO HARBORS.CATALINA FLYER (949) 673-5245 Year-round daily AVALON trip from Newport Beach Balboa Pavilion - Camper and diver friendly, golf, camping and overnight package deals. www.catalinainfo.comCATALINA EXPLORER (877) 432-6276 Year-round AVALON service from the Pine Ave. Pier in Long Beach. www.catalinaferry.comCATALINA-MARINA DEL REY FLYER (310) 305-7250 Year-round to passenger service to AVALON & TWO HARBORS from Fisherman's Village on Fiji Way, Marina del Rey. SERENADE Cruise Ship out of Los Angeles Harbor stops at Avalon on way to Mexico.AVALON SHORE BOAT/ISLAND NAVIGATION (310) 510-0409 or VHF Radio Ch 9 Water taxi in Avalon Harbor and surrounding areas.ISLAND EXPRESS (800) 2AVALON Helicopter in 15 minutes from San Pedro, plus chartered helicoptor tours of Island.
TRANSPORTATION ON THE ISLAND:CATALINA ADVENTURE TOURS (310) 510-2888 Executive-style charter bus, group rates scheduled between Avalon and Two Harbors, stops at campgrounds, airport, picnic spots, beaches, and trails.ISLAND RENTALS (310) 510-1456 Year-round golf cart rentals to get around Avalon at 125 Pebbly Beach Road.CARTOPIA RENTALS (310) 510-2493 Year-round golf cart rentals to get around Avalon at 615 Crescent Ave., Near Green Pleasure Pier.CATALINA AUTO and BIKE RENTAL (310) 510-0111 Year-round golf cart and bicycle rentals, at corner of Metropole and Crescent.TRAM CHARTER (310) 510-2000 x 223 Open air trams for charter.CATALINA SAFARI BUS (888) 510-7979 Year -round between Avalon and Two Harbors.BROWN’S BIKES (310) 510-0986 Year-round bicycle rentals at 107 Pebbly Beach road.AIRPORT BUS (310) 510-0143 Year-round round-trip, or one-way Avalon to Airport Service.
Franko’s Map of Santa Catalina Island also provides the reader with a list of diving, snorkeling, and other adventurous vendors:SCUBA, SNORKELING & KAYAKING:CATALINA DIVERS SUPPLY - Year-round full service dive shop, scuba and snorkeling gear rentals, air, tours, beg. - adv. classes, boat “Cat Dive" charters, located on the Green Pleasure Pier and AvalonUnderwater Park. (800) 353-0330 www.catalinadiverssupply.comCATALINA SCUBA LUV - Year-round full service dive shop, scuba and snorkeling gear rentals and sales, air, Nitrox, tours, beg. - adv. classes, instructor program, dive videos, boat “King Neptune”, located at 126 Catalina Ave., Avalon. (800) 262-DIVE or (310) 510-2350 www.scubaluv.bizTWO HARBORS DIVE and RECREATION CENTER - Year-round full service dive shop, snorkeling rentals, kayak rentals, tours, classes, dive boat “Garibaldi”. (310) 510 4272 www.visittwoharbors.comDESCANSO BEACH OCEAN SPORTS - Year-round sit-on-top kayak rentals, guided kayak natural history tours, moonlight paddles, kids classes, kayak camping, scuba kayak trips, remote-site paddles, corporate programs, and snorkeling gear rentals. (310) 510-1226 www.kayakcatalinaisland.comWET SPOT RENTAL - Seasonal kayak rentals, daytrips to Little Harbor, snorkeling gear rentals, located next to the passenger boat terminals. (310) 510-2229 www.catalinakayaks.comCATALINA SNORKEL & SCUBA - Year-round at 101 Pebbly Beach Rd., June - Oct. at Lover's Cove. Snorkeling and scuba tours, plus gear rentals. (877) SNORKEL www.catalinascubasnorkeling.comCATALINA OCEAN RAFTING - Whale watching, snorkeling, land and sea expeditions, and tours to explore Two Harbors. (310) 510-0211 or (800) 990-RAFT www.catalinaoceanrafting.comSNORKELING CATALINA - Snorkeling trips aboard pontoon boat at 107 Pebbly Beach Rd., plus dolphin and seal watching trips, charters, and Two Harbors trips. (310) 510-3175 www.snorkelingcatalina.comHIGH TIDE TRADERS - Fishing license, fishing gear, and a store at 415 Crescent Ave. (310) 510 1612JOE'S RENT-A-BOAT - Year-round boat and kayak rentals from the Green Pleasure Pier since 1927. Fishing tackle sales and rental. (310) 510-0455

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